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Updated: Oct 3, 2017
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Wake Forest, NC, USA,
Oct 3, 2017,
Registered user

Problem getting money from Payza (transferred from TradersWay)

Let start by apologizing this is so long... just wanted to make sure I shared all the facts! This review is for TradersWay AND Payza. On September 4, 2017 I decided to close my account with TradersWay (TW) and open a new account with Oanda. TW didn't give many options of how to get my money back and I wound up choosing the wrong one (maybe they were all wrong options...). The money is no longer in the TW account; they sent it to Payza within two days but I still do not have my money back. I keep getting the run around from Payza.

At first, I requested that Payza send my funds directly to my bank; they told me I had send in the back of my driver’s license, which I did; then they said my social security number was incorrect when in fact it was correct. I get an email a few days later saying it would be two weeks before it would be reviewed. I emailed asking why it would take two week and they just replied that it would be faster to request a prepaid credit card… so, I did. It cost $19.95!?! I asked how long it would take to get it and they said 8-10 weeks AFTER they mail it out!!! WHAT!??!? That is quicker!?! Once I receive the card it would take 10 business days for the funds to be loaded onto the card! Then they wouldn’t respond to my emails. They finally responded after me sending multiple emails saying in the US it would take 3-4 week AFTER they mail it out… they would not tell me how long it would take for it to get mailed… just that they will email me when it is mailed! Nor would they tell me why it takes so long. I assume it is so that they can collect interest on people’s money for a month.

It is very disheartening that they do this sort of thing; it's not like it is a ton of money they are stealing from me!! It's only $711 (now down to $670). At this point I'd be happy with $670. Unfortunately, $700 is a large sum of money for me. I only have $300 to trade with currently. At trading 2% per trade that means I can only trade for $6 on each trade. I know it could grow over time but $1000 would have me in a much better situation to grow my account, obviously!!

I am including TW in this review simply because they are in cahoots with Payza as a trusted source of sending money to. I did contact TW and ask them if they could help me and their reply was, “it’s out of our hands”… thanks for nothing!

They don't have an English speaking phone number to call even though it does say it is for U.S. residents! Their website says they are “headquartered in London, uses an acquiring bank located in Moscow, and has made significant recent gains in the Bangladesh payment market” (sure, by stealing people’s money!). I wish I would have read that before I chose them, but, I trusted that TW uses reputable sources. I was so excited when Payza has my money from TW within two days. At this point, I’m just extremely frustrated because that's all the money I have at this time to trade on. What a scam I've gotten mixed in!! I probably will never see that money again! :(

I was hoping someone here from the U.S. would have some suggestions of what I should do, if there is anything! Fingers crossed!:) Has anyone here received their money using Payza? Do I have any recourse to get my money?
alex dahmen,
eu, Germany,
Sep 5, 2012,

i personally have very bad experiances with them
especially with verification & withdrawl fees

additional : the customer service is 0 from 10 stars