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2.994 · 17 REVIEWS
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texas, USA,
Oct 30, 2017,
Registered user

agree with frank been a member there since around 2010 until peachy the litle dictator took control of it ,banned me for a stupidity ,i guess he that he has mental isues
Brisbane, Australia,
Jun 11, 2015,

Yea Peachy your doing something right its called taking sales from hard working people to run a commercial pirate forum.

hardly a testament to hard work and honesty... not to mention when someone has something legit to help people they get no help because the source wont be shared. what a joke.

WWI is a joke just like indo investasi... pirates wanting stuff for free and crying about it when they dont get it.

feel free to remove my account from wwi as the sites a joke and should be removed from the internet for piracy theft and general poor attitude of the mods and users.

you provide no services other than a forum for people to steal.
Georgia, USA,
Apr 13, 2015,

It is funny, Frank and Tim talk about censorship. WwI has grown in members and traffic since June 2014. When myself and a group of other moderators banned together with the ownership, we had a goal, Open discussion, No attacking other members, and please follow the rules. It seems that sense Tim and Frank are from the USA, they do not like to be told or confined to follow rules. The traffic is up 30 percent to day and we have gain over 9000 members in the last 6 months. We do still have room to grow and improve. But we must be doing something right.

Editor and Chief

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, USA,
Jan 7, 2015,

Have to agree with Frank, it's sad to see a forum that had so much potential go to next to is a sin to make any decent contributions and with so many inexperienced traders there, they need all the help they can get! Not censorship!!!
, USA,
Dec 5, 2014,

It use to be a great place until the new Mods took over (Peachy and Freddieforex). You don't dare post without feeling you are going to get banned!. You had better read all the rules and know them or you will hear about it with a final warning! As soon as the Gestapo gets taken down a notch, it might be good again. Remember, look don't post
, Australia,
Mar 20, 2014,

Excellent site for new ideas in forex trading! Hard to find a more active site than this.

I recommend this site for anyone interested in forex trading. I use this site a lot for research.

Mods do EXCELLENT JOB of keeping the site CLEAN from spammers / scammers and malware. So many forums are littered with c***, but WWI has managed to CUT THE C*** and give GENUINE INFORMATION AND SUPPORT!

That is why I find WWI Forum the VERY BEST ON THE WEB!
Lagos, Nigeria,
Nov 14, 2013,

WWi is my #1 forum when it comes to Forex Trading information. Always up to date.. nothing going on in the FX world that you will not find there.. It is far more useful to me than any FX review site (fact) you get pure live reviews on anything from real members who have tested and testing... we tweak together, learn together and grow together.. WWi is absolutely awesome!
Oct 14, 2013,

A forum full of consistently losing traders looking for the holy grail. Keep sharing and testing systems failing miserably blaming it on every other thing but themselves. A forum for losers basically, but its ok we have all been there, but unfortunately that is what it is.
Tamilnadu, India,
Sep 3, 2013,

WWI is a great place to learn, They are discussing each subject in a branch. From beginners to advance trader, forex tader to stocks, options trader, fundamental analyst to technical analyst, astro analyst to elliott, gann analyst every one have one forum to discuss their domain, There are plenty of masters sharing their views wholeheartedly . In fact all your doubts are already answered there. you just need to search and find it. Past two years if I need anything about trading, I just go to WWI and search it, It is All under one roof , Long live WWI


Ajay (aenigma),
Mumbai, India,
Aug 31, 2013,

WWI is one of the Best forums available for all round subjects Primarily Trading & includes everything like News Review, General Discussion etc with cutting edge technology.

Forum comprises of Good Admin, Mods ,Experienced Members,Senior members & my other fellow Members.

Proud to be a Member ... Will Encourage everyone to Join & Enjoy the Pleasurable Ride ..... Ensure you would be welcomed with a Warm Heart..

Wish You a Great time ahead....Enjoy !!!