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2.994 · 17 REVIEWS
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Georgia, USA,
Apr 13, 2015,

It is funny, Frank and Tim talk about censorship. WwI has grown in members and traffic since June 2014. When myself and a group of other moderators banned together with the ownership, we had a goal, Open discussion, No attacking other members, and please follow the rules. It seems that sense Tim and Frank are from the USA, they do not like to be told or confined to follow rules. The traffic is up 30 percent to day and we have gain over 9000 members in the last 6 months. We do still have room to grow and improve. But we must be doing something right.

Editor and Chief

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Ohrid, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of,
Nov 15, 2012,

It's normal to get untrue bad review from banned members in WWI forum, in this case "CTGUY, Alabama/Tennessee, USA" that kind of people are not trade forex , just staying all day 24/7 and gives bad replays to other members with talk of hate, and far away from thread theme's.
I suggest to FPA team to join on WWI forum for short time and give self review and thoughts about quality of forum.
You are very welcome, like we are always give best reviews for FPA !

Best regards!
Romania, Romania (really Syria),
Nov 6, 2012,

one of the best Forex site I know , helpful information , very friendly member and very professional mod,s , I like it

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Brisbane, Australia,
Jun 11, 2015,

Yea Peachy your doing something right its called taking sales from hard working people to run a commercial pirate forum.

hardly a testament to hard work and honesty... not to mention when someone has something legit to help people they get no help because the source wont be shared. what a joke.

WWI is a joke just like indo investasi... pirates wanting stuff for free and crying about it when they dont get it.

feel free to remove my account from wwi as the sites a joke and should be removed from the internet for piracy theft and general poor attitude of the mods and users.

you provide no services other than a forum for people to steal.
texas, USA,
Oct 30, 2017,
Registered user

agree with frank been a member there since around 2010 until peachy the litle dictator took control of it ,banned me for a stupidity ,i guess he that he has mental isues
Oct 14, 2013,

A forum full of consistently losing traders looking for the holy grail. Keep sharing and testing systems failing miserably blaming it on every other thing but themselves. A forum for losers basically, but its ok we have all been there, but unfortunately that is what it is.
Prague, Czech Republic,
Jun 19, 2013,

They are pirates. The site is full of hijacked copyrighted material, which makes it quite popular.
The forum admins themselves disassembled tons of commercial stuff for Metatrader, and displayed it to public in the forum, calling it "education".
If you want to get any commercial software for free, this is probably the right place to ask for.
If you are a developer, you should check their site to learn, why your sales suddenly dropped to zero. When you ask them for removing the hijacked stuff from display, nothing happens. You can read, how they treat copyright owners: "they can do nothing about it".
Alabama/Tennessee, USA,
Aug 13, 2012,

Website is greatly ignored by it's admin. The moderators were poorly chosen and post irresponsibly. Members post are all over the website in no regulated manner making the site look sloppy. The site lacks the proper categories. Site invites members to purchase a VIP Membership which is non-refundable and when one joins, they obviously see that the section is almost bare and lacks anything worthwhile. I do not recommend this site.
Reply by MJ submitted Nov 6, 2012:
CTGUY, have you been to the forum recently or at all? You must be mistaking WWI for some other forum. Come and see my posts over there in the "Trading eBooks". Is that not organized enough for you? bonnie1234
, USA,
Jan 7, 2015,

Have to agree with Frank, it's sad to see a forum that had so much potential go to next to is a sin to make any decent contributions and with so many inexperienced traders there, they need all the help they can get! Not censorship!!!
, USA,
Dec 5, 2014,

It use to be a great place until the new Mods took over (Peachy and Freddieforex). You don't dare post without feeling you are going to get banned!. You had better read all the rules and know them or you will hear about it with a final warning! As soon as the Gestapo gets taken down a notch, it might be good again. Remember, look don't post