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Updated: Oct 12, 2023
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MetaQuotes makes the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.
3.769 • 6 REVIEWS

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Jul 29, 2022,
Registered user

Nice platform, but stay away from the market

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been using MT4 and MT5 for years. Through the years I have purchased many of the indicators from their website. I can say (and my wallet will testify) that many of the indicators are junk.

Lipstick on a pig is the best way to say it. In other words, the Vendors simply take existing indicators and add bells and whistles to them and give them a different appearance. Hardly any of the indicators are original ideas with creativity.

It does not do any good to trust the reviews because many of the reviews are manipulated. The Vendor will offer something free if you leave a review.

Many of the reviews are generic and often times say nothing about the indicator quality. In fact, I had even read one that said "Five Stars. I cant wait to see how well it works."

Often times, if you leave a review on the Vendor, they will remove it by removing the product. So the next customer has no idea of the poor quality.

The website collects a 2% fee from their indicator sales and they have no worries that you get junk as they get paid.

If you decide to purchase an indicator, be careful. Read the reviews when considering. Read the details written by the Vendor. Does he/she offer something free? Do they dangle a carrot in front of you to distract you? If they have to give you something free, then that is a red flag.

Look for generic statements that say nothing about the quality and performance. What about the price and the activations?

Do they charge 150 dollars with five only five activations? Many of the Vendors will lie to you and say "I can only provide five activations as set out by the rules". If that were true then ALL the Vendors would comply with this statement, but if you do your homework, you will find many decent Vendors provide 50 and even 1000 activations. If an indicator works they should have no worries about numerous activations.

Look for other products sold by the same Vendor and read the reviews. Often times, the same quality in one indicator is passed on to another indicator. Different indicator, but same poor quality.

Look for responses by the Vendor. Do they respond to your criticism? Do they attack your character in their response? I am providing one response so you can see the attitude of the Vendor when responding to a 1 Star review. (In this case, it is a $200 indicator with five activations.)

""You must have me confused with someone else. Your accusations are not true. This is how all mql5 products work. Therefore write to Metaquotes, not to me. The MQL5 license gives you the possibility to use the indicator for all (unlimited) MT4 accounts on your computer. For this you need only 1 activation. It is practical and simple. About the break of zones: yes zones break, this is the market, especially when there is a strong trend as we have it now with the Ukraine crisis.........""

As you can read, not a customer service "spirit" is it?

If the people who ran the market genuinely cared about us, there would be more safeguards in place. I have sent in complaints with no success. Why should they care when they collect a 2% fee on all sales? YOU should care because it is YOUR money that pays the 2%.

I think you get the point. Just be careful when you want something from this market. And most importantly if you do buy junk, LEAVE A REVIEW and warn others.
Klaus Junker
Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
Jul 9, 2021,

A mobile terminal for MT4

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
For a year now I have been using a mobile terminal for MT4 from my broker, and if everything is in order with the Internet, then the program itself has never failed. Maybe there is less comfort in mobile trading, but there is absolutely no time to hang around at the computer. I can say that the application has helped out many times! I respect the company at least for its high-quality software access!
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