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Updated: Nov 1, 2018
3.961 · 21 REVIEWS
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WARNING:  It has come to the attention of the FPA that a customer is being denied access to a product he paid for.  Trade The Turn's representative (Anthony DiMarcello III) has demanded that his client's review be removed and refuses to either give the customer a refund or restore access unless this is done.  The FPA considers this to be pure and simple blackmail designed to remove a customer's personal assessment of TTT's services.

The last word from Anthony on this issue was that he would continue to deny his client either access to services that had been paid for or to give a refund.

The FPA strongly recommends AGAINST doing business with people and companies that try to blackmail their clients.

There is an NFA disciplinary action regarding Charles Carroll Navies.  CLICK HERE for details.

There is a CFTC reparations case involving Dennis M Durham.  CLICK HERE for details.

If anyone has submitted a review to this service and it wasn't approved within 5 business days, do not complain to Anthony DiMarcello.  Instead, read the "Hey Dude, where's my review?" FAQ item here and follow the simple instructions.

The FPA explained this to Anthony many times, but he could not seem to understand.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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3.961 · 21 REVIEWS
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Orange County CA, USA,
Jul 2, 2014,

I have been with Trade the Turn for over 3 years. Anthony and Dennis have spent 4 + hours educating traders on how to see the trades live and in real time. I have been trading currencies and gold and having consistent results as long as you follow rules. Recently I acquired the stock trading platform and it has also been working well, Over the 3 past years I have received multiple updates and improvements at No Extra Charge, I am glad I have the Trade the Turn System because now they are closed to the public and a private trading group.

2014-02-04 5 Stars I have been with Trade The Turn and Dennis Durham for over 2 years. The trading suite has gotten better and better over time as well as the daily online webinars that teaches you rules. In addition I have never been asked to pay any additional money for new indicators or training. So inclusion if it did not work then why would I get up early everyday. Do your own research before you believe what you read online.

2013-09-02 5 Stars Hello, My name is Stefen and I have owned the Trade the Turn trading suites for over 1 ½ years now with great results. I have days where I make my 30 pip goal and others that I don’t, but at the end of the week and month I am net up. Since my initial purchase I have had many additional indicators added to my trading platform without any additional cost. The most valuable part of the suite is that Dennis and Anthony hold 4-5 hour webinars daily to so you can see the market live and see the turn. Just like any product or service out in the market, you get what you put into it which means that if you do not follow rules you will lose money plain and simple. It takes time, discipline, and patience to find the right trade to get into and make money regardless of what system you use. But that being said trading is not for everyone. Trade the turn puts all the pieces together in 1 simple to use trading suite. I would recommend Trade the Turn to anyone serious about trading. Go to the webinar and ask your questions while the market is live so you can see if it’s for you. Good luck and happy trading.

2013-09-02 "over 1 ½ years"
2014-02-04 "over 2 years"
2014-07-04 "over 3 years"

California, USA,
Jul 1, 2014,

I'm very satisfied with TradeTheTurn.com. Every time, I asked questions to Dennis. He always answered my questions without a doubt. Also, he encourages us to ask him all kind of questions. His morning training on the webinar is very informative, precise and to the point. He is the man if you want to be taught how to trade forex.
joseph alexander,
fort hood,tx, USA,
May 19, 2014,

I purchased TTT black box march/april of 2012 and have been kicked out of the site since may 2013. I was promised help once I purchased the platform which Dennis said he created , which was a lie, and never got help! I paid 4500 dollars for the black box and 60 dollars a month for cloud fees, but they took my money and then said screw me. I know im not the only person that got scammed by TTT and their false claims. I even un submitted to there emails but I still get them. one email stated that they will me 1000 dollars to bring people in to buy this black box which is free on the internet!!! how are these people still in business, they need to be on a episode of American greed. I do want my refund back, but if not, if anything please stop these people from scamming other people. thanks for hearing my story!!!!
Tony Hanan,
New Jersey, USA,
May 18, 2014,

In 2009 as a newbie trader who knew just enough... I got lucky and turned a few thousand bucks into three times as much. However, shortly thereafter I lost it all...largely because I was a newbie trader who (clearly) didn't know nearly as much as I needed to be consistently successful. That humbling loss made me stay away from trading (for all this time) for fear of repeating that nightmare. That was, of course, until being introduced to the TradeTheTurn team and their signature statistical platform. Although I'm currently only demo trading (and even though this amazing tool literally shows me the turns in real-time), I can see a big difference in my approach, discipline and respect for trading. And that's largely due to the DAILY LIVE TRAININGS and PRIVATE MENTORING that I'm getting in addition to life-time access to this premier platform. And while the entire T3 team has been great, Anthony (DiMarcello) has been especially helpful, patient and extremely accessible for one-on-one trainings and/or questions about using this robust tool. I'm feel blessed and thankful that I not only gained a cutting-edge trading tool, but also a cutting-edge team and community to help me grow into the consistent trader I'm committed to becoming by working at it both diligently & (most of all) consistently. Thanks, TradeTheTurn!
MII Inc.,
May 13, 2014,

I purchased TTT suite back in march/april of 2013. After using the suite for several months I realized the indicators being offered were common indicators that are available free of charge. Dennis, Chuck and Anthony on many occasions cancelled several webinars that were included in the product that you purchased. I asked for a refund around May of 2013 but Dennis refused. I paid almost $8k via Paypal for a product they now deny me access to. Several other people are having this same problem after they failed to hold up their end of the bargain.

Dennis made many false claims about the suite. One of them claiming that he was the designer/creator. This not true as many of the indicators can be found free of charge through FXCMs Tradingstation Development Forums.

Everything was all good before you purchase but fair warning to all that after you pay, their service ends there. The one on one education you are promised does not come through and Chuck and Anthony are not even experienced traders. In fact, Chuck Navies was prosecuted by the NFA/CFTC for acting as a CTA/Broker/Trader without a license or taking the required series tests. These fines are recorded on the NFA website. Dennis also has a lengthy rap sheet as well and as you can see from the NFA website, they have never worked for a successful institution as they claim. In fact, their clients ended up all in loss.

2013-08-23 No Rating There is no smear campaign Anthony.

Review Moderation Team Note: Trade The Turn's representative, Anthony DiMarcello, later withdrew all of his comments and rebuttals.

This is all factual information and your denying to answer anything directly of the listed concerns. From what is stated here, you can clearly see there is no question about your standing with the NFA. There is no smear campaign when your company has repeatedly left its customers in the dark.

The one thing I don't get is why your constantly bringing up competition when those guys were simply picking up the slack where you guys failed. They teach people and they don't try selling anyone anything! What you are saying is 100% irrelevant to the facts here.

I still attend your webinars everyday and I stick with the old profiles because the Newpro5 you guys released is a joke. The fact that Dennis would try and give us a new algo that he claims self developed but has been around for years for free is just beyond me.

Why don't you just be a nice guy Anthony and instead of attempting to claim slander just address our concerns? Evidently since there are more posts here with concerns from people even besides myself, there is a real problem here you guys need to address. You sold people indicators for $7500 and just left us out here to hang.

2013-08-20 No Rating 0084670 NAVIES, CHARLES CARROLL • C.R.2-29(a)(2) - HIGH PRESSURE COMM. PROHIBITED



Dennis Durham - 88-R052 For more information, contact the Commodity Futures Trading Commission at (202) 418-5508. PLEASE CALL THE CFTC AND ASK!!! THIS IS INTERESTING!!


Plain and simple! Most of your privledges through these corps were REVOKED! We should believe these people? I am not your competition! I AM A CUSTOMER! Anthony are they trying to get you revoked to? This is why they dont want anything to do with the CFTC or NFA?

2013-08-20 1 Star Funny how Anthony comes in here with his vague responses not caring about the people that are in fact RIPPED OFF. Everyone has tried contacting Trade the turn with their problems and it seems you all dont care unless they are posted public to keep your image clean. Maybe posting some of your NFA histories here will help. I am amazed that you dont know who I am since this is the corp name that sent you the $7500 but you sure know how to be a good bell boy coming to do Dennis's dirty laundry. Without posting your P&L Anthony why dont you bother showing us some historical trade history of Dennis Durham or you cant because every other account hes traded has bitten the dust from his huge "swing trades". Are you aware when you are working with men that have dirty NFA and CFTC records and you are the only one with a clean one, doesnt that alarm you? Funny that your excuse is competition but maybe thats what you needed besides a kick in the rear. When their records are for practically stealing from the elderly and forced sales tactics? You call that successful trading? You honestly think this man is going to make you a millionaire when you are fraudulently trying to contract traders into trading other peoples money?? How about soliciting people into paying funds for traders to trade for them? Didn't Dennis want like $1M for that? I don't see anywhere where any of you are licensed to be what you claim to be and the people you are suckering in to trade for you are going to get in trouble. Shame you will find out soon when you guys hear the knocks on your door. I also called FXCM today and spoke with someone high up in the sales department and they said that TRADE THE TURN IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED AGENT OR SERVICE PROVIDER.

2013-08-19 1Star Dennis has on many occasion forgotten to mute his mic and insult his attendees in the open. These people of Trade The Turn are 100% ego and will rip you off. The NFA has documented records of Dennis Durham, John Harrison, Chuck Navies and Anthony (is just the youngin following the false prophet). These ARE indicators and not algos as they claim. The original codes to their indicators do not even contain really any math at all. Their lies and deception to lure people into buying their product only to leave you hanging without knowledge of how to use it properly. They had a community once but the site is gone and most have left because they were cheated out of the very education they were promised. REFUND? Forget it. These guys have never traded for successful institutions. I do own your software and I do trade it everyday on your webinars you frauds. All of my friends left because you couldn't live up to your promises then you like to blame everyone else. Dennis gives his friend a hard copy then turns around and sells hard copies for $2,000.00 in their own community after we all paid $7,500.00. I told your "competitor" about this as well! I have proof! At least they are taking the time to educate the people you have left behind when you should be grilling the man who probably started the whole thing to begin with. Be honest with yourselves and get over your egos. You should be teaming up with the other guys rather than making yourselves look bad when they brought people together after you put them in the dumps. If you doubt my ownership, I have a receipt for the $7,500.00 I wired in you goons. People wouldn't be mad at you if you delivered as you promised. That will be your undoing. The problem is as always that Dennis is too arrogant to see that this will eventually lead your company to doom probably in a civil court with several claims. If you come here and lie, I will buy your friends hard copy and post the raw code here in this forum. Try me!
Omaha, USA,
Mar 19, 2014,

5 stars. What a joke. Three reviews on same day.....please. Like that wasn't made up or bought.

These guys don't return calls or answer emails to clients that paid thousands for their suite.....which Dennis didn't design. Read all the comments before you give these guys a penny.

2013-08-19 1Star I would really love to say that I had positive results with this suite. I would love to say that after over a year and half the T3 is "printing money" for me. As, for anyone who has attended a Trade the Turn webinars....they have probably heard this over and over, and over again by Dennis.

Unfortunately, I have not been successful with it. Unfortunately, many of the people I have met through T3 are experiencing the same negative results. I have spent hours upon hours in the webinars. And, spent countless hours hearing "The host has not yet arrived". I have made friends who paid thousands to this program and just walked away from their investment because they could not get positive results from it.

I purchased the system after being laid off from my job. My savings - spent/wasted on this. I was told (in writing), I would receive 5 hours of one on one training. I received 0. None. I called and left voice mails, and did not have a phone call returned. I had tons of calls before I purchased the suite....none, after. Carlos, who actually answered his phone, passed me on to Anthony. I left a voice message for him and then emails, after. Anthony, NEVER called. Header of email "Please Call". No calls from him. In webinar chats, I would message "Please call me". No calls. I emailed Chuck Navies out of frustration, and told him I was having trouble, could not get one on one help. He emailed me back that I was not forgotten that they were busy. That email to him was months and months ago. Anthony - Chuck - I have proof of these. I'll be happy to post.
What was most frustrating to me was when they started training traders for their traders program. That's when they began training people who hadn't even purchased the suite.

In May of 2012 they were advertising how this suite would not be available to the public for much longer. Same is being told today.
Daryn B,
Marina del rey,Ca, USA,
Mar 16, 2014,

To preface, I am not a professional trader. I have "hard knoocks" schooling in trading options and forex. I do not trade for a living not that I wouldn't want to. It's just a matter of getting more consistent and increasing my lot sizes. (as in anything in business, the more cash you have, the more you can make).
For some reason, I really believe it IS possible to be a trader for a living. People have done it and do it everyday. Sure the nature of trading "anything" may be riskier than selling wine or real estate or working for a salary for a living. As in anything you do, you "should" really enjoy it otherwise you will not enjoy the learning curve-and in trading-the learning curve will involve losing and making money on your money.
At any rate, I wanted to comment on my experience to date with T3 and Dennis.
While Dennis, Anthony, Chuck, and I are merely aquaintences, I have been a member for close to 2 years now (wow!)
I love the fact that I know that the training is available to me when I need it, at my pace. Now, I may not get on every morning session, and I may even go "m.i.a." for a month at a time, but when I do get back into a morning session, Dennis always welcomes me back as an old friend. I appreciate that so much.
To address the "algo's..."
Almost everything comes from somewhere. So what if Dennis uses or tweaks any algorithms out there. I believe you are paying for the bundling of these algo's together with great community training. Most professionals I know charge for training and/or consultation sessions whether it be an attorney, a business coach, or even other forex trainers. On top of that, you are paying for what I see as a convenience of having these algo's assembled for you to trade easily. (I dont think many of us could actually spend the time and have the knowledge to do it all "ala carte" on our own). I have tried to speak to FXCM about the MT4 platform and it is not easy to manipulate and they dont seem to even understand what I am talking about. In my opinion, It's ususally after learning something do you start looking around for alternatives or gaining deeper knowledge of what you are using.
People change jobs, move from company to company, etc...
I think that T3 is a good service. Learning to trade IS on you as a trader. Is it unpredictable? Yes it is. This is a business based on world events, banks, and people. What does anyone expect? A crystal ball? Not going to happen.
I think that the algo's that T3 gives you access to is a great way to navigate the markets and news. Investing in yourself, your knowledge. Consider it like paying the price of a semester or two , with materials, at a university to learn how to trade. From there you can do whatever you want with the knowledge you gain.
I will be a professional trader one day soon I hope. I learn something everyday I trade. The biggest thing I have probably learned is that News is a BIG deal in forex even more so than the charts...
I am still trying to learn how to get 25-50 pips per day, I believe Dennis and T3 can help me do this, and so until then...
Greg Lawrence,
Birmingham, USA,
Mar 16, 2014,

How can anyone not see the value in what Dennis Durham and the Trade The Turn team brings to the table? Trading live for hours each and everyday broadcast through the internet for anyone to see, watch, learn, question and gain enough information to make a wise decision for themselves. How can anyone leave a negative review of this company? Transparency and open communication. I was confident in my decision when I made the investment.
Delicious Wolf,
, USA,
Mar 3, 2014,

I've been paper-trading with TradetheTurn for about the last 5 weeks. Starting to make consistent profits now. The system and training works if you follow it. Haven't had any payment issues. Whatever the indicators may be, I think the real value isn't in the indicators, it's in the live training Monday-Friday 5+ hours a day. A team you can ask questions to and discuss with. With a trader with 30+ years trading experience on Wall Street. I've learned so much about what to do right, and more importantly what not to do. I've been trading Equities and Forex since the early 90s and haven't seen indicators anything like TradetheTurns, and definitely not the ongoing support and training live. For my money, a system that works with unlimited ongoing training is pretty hard to beat. It's hard to argue with success.
Orange County, USA,
Feb 25, 2014,

I am addicted to the Trade the Turn software. I wake up every morning excited to trade knowing that I have this software to guide me. I highly recommend Trade the Turn to anyone who is looking how to navigate and trade on Forex.