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Updated: Dec 11, 2014
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London, United Kingdom,
Jul 4, 2013,

The writer of the EA is clearly not an experienced businessman. So he is never going to win awards for marketing etc
Also, his first language isn't English so as a result unfortunately some people feel compelled to treat him like an idiot, which he clearly isn't.
He has come up with a unique system based on a high time frame which performs brilliantly. So his trading prowess is not in doubt.
It is a long term system which requires patience.
HE-Spider provides nice stable profits and I feel confident in its abilities long term.
At present it is producing a stable 2.5% monthly on normal risk and I feel confident this will only get better as these were quiet months.
The writer has been good enough to set up a Yahoo User Group to address issues.
This is what someone does when they stand behind their product. Not a lot of people would do this.
From what I can gather most people use it to have a go at him, which is out of order.
Even worse are the constant questions regarding this EA being broker dependent etc
The writer gave out a decent number of licences and has explained about a million times that the EA performs differently depending on the price feed of your broker.
Michigan, USA,
Jun 1, 2013,

I have only used spider for a month, and I understand that this is not enough time to truly validate any system, but I got enough of a taste to decide that it was not for me. I did join the yahoo user group, and the primary discussions there were who didn't get the trade the developer did and why. For some reason this system is very broker dependent, and if your GMT offset is different than the developers GMT offset, then you will not get the same trades. They say it all averages out, but my sense is that this may be a stretch. I happened to be with a recommended broker and had the same GMT offset, and my account did substantively worse than theirs in the time that I used it. Direct comparative results are that they did 22.55% during my test period while I did -5.87%. Like I said, a substantive difference.

I did ask for the refund and they did honor it, although there was a lot of condescension on his part….he’s the best…why would I not want the best system in the world…I’m a loser and he’s not responsible for my success in life. I called bullshit on him and showed him the accounts I was trading and successful with, and his retort was that they’re probably just cent accounts. I replied that they were in fact whole dollar accounts and that he was a f***cking hateful little man.

One man’s treasure is another man’s curse. Do you own due diligence.