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4.086 • 26 REVIEWS
Dr. Zain Agha
Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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4.086 • 26 REVIEWS
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AB, Canada,
Apr 9, 2013,

What amuses me is that the doctor insists that those who asked for a refund are getting it for free or cheating him.

Variations of this setup can be found free on FX forums. I fail to see how it took hundreds of hours for him to develop something that simple.

Regarding the templates, anyone who can draw lines on MT4 will not need the template. It’s just there for convenience. One can easily draw lines to replace the template.

So if the setup is commonly available for free and the template unnecessary, that leaves only the indicators in his system to justify the sale. Besides the infamous one that repaints (giving a perfect view when backtesting but totally useless when live trading), the other 2 indicators can be easily replaced with any oscillators.

Therefore the only reason why anyone will keep this system is if he is too lazy to draw the lines himself and wants to use the template.

I have found similar systems with much better risk: reward for free on the internet.

Regarding the doctor’s accusation that FPA cheated him by claiming that only 5% will ask for refund, perhaps he needs some self- examination. FPA has marketed quite a number of course but none generates this sort of refund levels or anger at the seller. Instead of blaming others or hiding behind his giving to charities, he should examine where it has gone wrong. Perhaps the problem is with his systems and not us.

Also, his offer to give a free course instead of a refund shows that he is in denial mode. Why would anyone want another course when the first one does not work? Especially when the doctor himself said he is too busy to trade but yet have time to mentor.
North Carolina, USA,
Apr 8, 2013,

I got the Z20 and was able to do 2 trades ( 1pr0fitable & 1 loss). My schedule makes it difficult to get up at this time, so I requested a refund. Initially, I got no response. He later responded and was upset that everyone ( a lot of people) were asking for a refund. When I explained why I was asking for a refund he offered me an exchange for his Z-5 Scalper. I agreed, and he has been very helpful - did a 2 hour training session and has been very responsive to questions I have had. I have not had a lot of time in the last month to trade, but the 3-4 times I have trade, I have had good reults.

2013-03-22 No Rating I purchased the Z20 about 2-3 weeks ago. I used it once, but did not like getting up at that time in the morning to set the trade. I have sent 2 request for a refund ( I purchased thru FPA). So far I have not received a refund or even response back. All I have received from them is more of their sales literature.
, Germany,
Apr 7, 2013,

I bought this system as it was ranked 5*. I expected to get a trading method with indicators and clear instruction how to use. But then I learnt, that I only got the template with several indicators but no clear defined trading rules. This was not, what expected and I do not have the time to sit for hours and listen to the leader of the room, who tells me what and when to trade. This whole thing seems to be more or less a discretionary trading system, which might work work for experienced and well trained traders.
Therefore I asked for a refund and got it also. This is the reason I give ** to the system.
Arthur Abr
Limassol, Cyprus,
Apr 4, 2013,

I purchased the system on the 4th of March and due to the fact it was unprofitable to me I asked for a refund on the March 25th. Dr. Zain refused to refund although it clearly stated in the offer about unconditional money back guarantee. Be careful with this guy, he can't keep his promises.
Dr. Zain Agha
Wellingborough, United Kingdom,
Mar 5, 2013,

It takes me months to research and develop a system and then to forward test them for at least 2 months before I bring it out to share with my students.

Other Trading System developers, sell their systems and forget everyone, whereas I provide life time support to everyone for free, including 1 to 1 through Skype or Gotomeeting.com

I would like to clarify about one Indicator that repaints sometimes and that is not the main indicator. Why should we care if it repaints after we have taken a trade. It does not affect our Trading System at all. As it is not the main indicator, we also look at the other indicators to confirm the Signals and only then we take the trades.

These negative reviews are being left by those who want the system for free and making an excuse that one of the indicator repaints. So what if it repaints. What do you have to do with the indicator that has repainted after taking the trade. We are living in the present not in the past. What is the use of back testing when the system is providing Profits in the present.

I would like to point out that its not only the System that makes money, but its the Trader who uses the system correctly makes money. If you give the same system to 10 different traders, they will all trade differently. No two results will be the same. This is a Proven Fact.

It is unfair to complain about not answering emails. I stay awake until 2:30 am in the morning answering all emails and helping people on Skype and through Team Viewer. I help install the Templates on their computers as well and it takes a long time but still I do not complain.

One guy keeps asking questions and I keep replying him. Yesterday I looked in the Yahoo history and found out that since July 2009 he has been asking questions and has not bought a single system. So even those who have not purchased any of my systems I reply their emails too, how come I do not answer emails from the buyers of my system. Its all false excuses to get a Refund and keep the system for free.

My goal is to make my students the most Successful Traders, because in their Success lies my Success.

Best Wishes
Dr. Zain Agha
, USA,
Mar 4, 2013,

I purchased the doctors system before Christmas and had many questions due to bad results. I skyped with him and all I got was excuses and ways to change the system for better results. His main indicator repaints and then was told not to use it. LOL.
I think this is a scam but cannot prove it so I give it the lowest rating of 1 star. Do not buy this product!
, Germany,
Mar 3, 2013,

LOL! I really don´t know how these great reviews are coming about. Their performance page is a wishing list. Not more and not possible to reproduce exept you let all your looser trades run and only list the profitable trades. The trading room is nice. But just nice not more and definetly not profitable. Otherwise the mentoring persons account wouldn´t be at -23000$. So the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" fits very well for this service/system or whatever you want to call it.
Ted Young
WA, Australia,
Mar 2, 2013,

I bought the system, found that the data repaints, and no email response from the vendor, so sent a private email to Zain to ask for a refund.

He said I should not hide behind my FPA username, but should post in the FPA Forum to ask for the refund. So I have just done that. Waiting for response.

In the 2 days after I was sent the Z20 system I was being upsold for 2 more of his systems for thousands of GBP. First his Z5 Scalping system; then his mentoring program for a few thousand GBPs. All this time we have been trying to make the Z20 work, and couldn't.

Those 23 5-star reviews convinced me to buy. But how could they be authentic? It could be throught he use of VPS hosting to post the reviews.

Review Moderation Team Note: We do check for that sort of thing.
, USA,
Mar 1, 2013,

Order the Good Dr.'s system and have yet to receive the product. Have email him and skype and still NO reply. Can't believe others get great reviews. I also requested monies return and NO reply
John Roney
Washington DC, USA,
Feb 5, 2013,

This is a followup review after we have traded this z20 advanced breakout system for a few weeks. Last night/this morning is a good example of a perfect day. We saw 210 pips from 9 of 9 successful trades this morning on a demo account trading micro lots.

Dr Zain has been willing to respond to our support emails all along the way and has encouraged us forward.

The challenge we have faced comes from the time when these trades happen (and trying to start this system during the turbulent time around Christmas and New Years). We now know that we must stay up until 3am or otherwise get up at 3am to place our pending trades. At that point it is a set and forget system. We just wake up later and see how the trades did. I would recommend strongly that others follow Dr Zain's advice of not trading approx Dec 15th - Jan 15th each year when market volume is thin and rather choppy.

Our personal goal with this system now is 200 pips per week positive. I'm grateful for this system and I think we'll be able to start trading live very soon. =)

2013-01-04 No Rating Too bad there is not a rating higher than 5 stars for this one... =)

Our first night of trading with this system was today (Jan 4, 2013). We placed trades last night at 12am EST before going to bed. We had been watching and backtesting setups for the past week or so after ordering this course/training/system.

We were looking at 6 charts total: EURUSD, EURJPY, EURCAD, CHFJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJYP. These pairs we had noticed having good setups on over the last couple of months when backtesting.

Placed pending orders before bed on these 6 pairs. Here are the results of our first day using 20 pip TP and 30 pip SL:
EURUSD +3 Pips - Manual Close
EURJPY +20 Pips
EURCAD No trade according to breakout setup rules
CADJPY +20 Pips
GBPUSD +20 Pips
GBPJPY +20 Pips

Total gain was $90.80 on the account with 5 winners and 0 losses and 1 no-trade. Have no complaints! Only very grateful for this brilliantly simple system. Thank you so kindly, Dr Agha, for developing a great system and coming up with this very solid idea. =) We are so thankful to have this as our trading plan for the new year. God bless!
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