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Updated: Aug 10, 2023
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4.163 • 19 REVIEWS

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Dion Vuletich
Auckland, New Zealand,
Jul 22, 2014,

I completed courses with Nick back in 2007 and know some of the instructors from when they were students

I have attended nearly every course they offered then and was completely satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge and very selective rule-based approach to trading -

The mentoring sessions give ample opportunity to have any questions or trades taken you have answered/ reviewed in detail and on several occasions I have recommended them to others with full faith in their ability.

I have not used their services for a few years now as I do not primarily trade pure trend following strategies.
However I do not hesitate recommending them to others
Sargon Elias
Auckland, New Zealand,
Jan 14, 2013,

As country manager for a major CFD/FX broker I dealt with a number of educators and saw many more used by our clients. TWP were the good guys in the business and received overwhelmingly positive feedback when they provided education for our clients. One of the things I liked was that the education was balanced and focused on long-term profitability and this was backed up with mentoring.

I got to know Nick and his team well and saw how professional and dedicated they were from a corporate perspective. Trading is exciting and rewarding but getting good at it is not easy and that comes across from all of the TWP team. The key for me was that TWP educators are successful traders themselves, and I liked the fact that Nick only started educating as sideline just so he could talk to people.

It’s not easy to find good educators and based on my experience with them I rate them as one of the best I have come across.
Frans Engberg
Piteå, Sweden,
Jan 4, 2013,

TWP provide all trading education and support an aspiring professional trader can wish for. Below are some of the key points that truly separates TWP from other trading education providers.

> Complete technical trade strategies: TWP provide traders with complete strategy checklists. A complete strategy checklist is the single most essential tool for a trader.

> Mentoring: TWP provide traders the unique opportunity to send in their trade screenshots and get them reviewed, or other related trading questions. You also benefit from viewing other peoples trades and questions. This service has huge value and can significantly accelerate your learning.

> Psychology Education & Psychology Mentoring: Trading psychology is a massive part of trading performance. Therefore TWP provide comprehensive psychology education. On top of that you can also send in psychology questions to a dedicated psychology mentoring session!
Cheryl Keeling
Waiheke Island, New Zealand,
Dec 19, 2012,

Since my first introduction to Online Trading with TWP in 2010 I have completed 5 courses, learnt all strategies they promote and gone from knowing nothing to confidently trading on a full time daily basis. Prior to this I knew nothing at all about trading currency. I was told before I even started that it was not easy, that many fade away after the first few months, that 10,000 hours of chart reading and active trading is the norm to become a half good trader. After each course comes months of free mentoring. Each week I send in a report, a monthly then quarterly report follows. In return I receive feedback to help me improve. My queries are responded to. I am able to watch my mentors trade live or do their daily scanning. I subscribe to a monthly TWP newsletter and receive daily videos on potential trades and currencies that are moving and worth watching. At no time am I told they are winners or losers - the choice is mine. I value these videos immensely. I get honest trading education, send it honest reports and after two years I am nearly breaking even. It's time in front of the charts, TIME I PUT IN and the TWP strategies that have made my trading work. It's not easy - if it was everyone would all be doing it. Do I sometimes get despondent? You betcha. Bring on 2013 and keep up the good trading videos and webinars TWP.
G Richardson
, United Kingdom,
Dec 16, 2012,

I am a private trader who has been trading for about 4 years. Seeing the possibilities the markets provide I decided to acquire quality training in order to be consistently profitable. TWP was recommended to me by an analyst at large brokers after a long search for a trader with integrity to learn from. My criteria was simple, I wanted to learn from someone who was highly recommend and actually traded for a living.
I took the TWP course in 2010 and impressed by clear and simple method based on logic, which made complete sense to me enhanced by the quality of the teaching.
The support in the form of mentoring has been key in shaping me as a trader, through hard work and constant application I have found my groove and have developed a short term style of trading which fits me and am on the path to my reach my trading goals. I would recommend TWP as an education provider for any aspiring trader who wants to develop the right skill set needed to successfully trade the markets.
Mal Sluggett
Brisbane, Australia,
Dec 14, 2012,

I have done a couple of courses through TWP - the first in about June 2011. Prior to doing these courses I was making no money trading - I was losing it, I had no real clue as to how to properly manage risk, assess my psychological well-being while trading on a day-to-day and longer term basis, and thus had *very* erratic results. Since doing the course I can say this:
- I now have a very clear understanding of how I should trade, when I should place trade, and probably most importantly when I should not place a trade - the courses give very,. very clear comprehensive checklists and worked examples of what to look for.
- I am effectively managing my psychology as a result of course and post-course input through mentoring, and direct help from Nick and Craig from TWP. I ask you this - how many trading courses have you done and had access to a professional trader afterwards? I have found Nick, Travis, Craig, in fact anyone I have ever dealt with at TWP, to be helpful, down to earth, professional and *genuinely* interested in helping me. Are they honest? In my experience - absolutely. I am a professional person myself, and I would say, without reservation, the team at TWP display the highest levels of integrity. These guys are *real*; they are not going to feed you lines and BS and trump up charts from last year showing what they would have done – they make the calls live. This is also the perspective they teach from.
-I can categorically say, as a previously inexperienced trader, TWP will give an excellent foundation on which to build yourself into a competent trader. We all know how much trading success depends upon the individual– TWP is no magic wand – but the principles covered in the courses *work*; they are taught by people who use them. This is another thing I really like about TWP – you buy the course, do it, and start using it. There is no ‘level 2’, ‘advanced’, ‘do the next course and fork out some more money to us’ crap; each course gives a methodology in full. There are no carrots, dancing bears or bright lights to get you to sign up to the next one.
Finally, I mentioned prior to learning with TWP that I was not making money. In the 18 months since doing the first course I have definitely seen a turn-around in my trading- I started being modestly profitable within a couple of months (I have had some entrenched emotional issues with trading to get through and am still working on that – does it ever end??). This year I have turned a shade under 40% profit. Some of you may not think this is great; I look at this and think I have made a huge amount of progress. I have gone from being an erratic, poorly controlled market participant into a trader who knows what to do, when to do it, and how much to risk along the way. I now truly understand that trading is more about a solid plan, sound process, risk and psychological management than pulling in wads of cash. I would have to say it is the learning and the excellent input I have had from the blokes at TWP that has *dramatically* changed my trading perspective and thus my trading results.
A. Wilman
, Canada,
Dec 12, 2012,

As T. Mehr refers to below, there are many unscrupulous "educators" in the trading world. Trade with Precision is not one of them. TWP honestly teaches one how to trade the markets. Their courses are straightforward and logicial, and the mentoring they provide for many months after a student completes the courses is invaluable.
There is no easy way to trading riches, no magical indicator that you can buy from the other "educators" that will yield quick cash. Trading is a tough journey, and Trade with Precision, in my opinion, will definitely help you succeed in the trading arena.
T. Mehr
Sydney, Australia,
Dec 4, 2012,

I have read the review from the 26-10-12, and I felt I had to post my personal experience with this company.
If a car is not moving, it doesn't necessarily means it is broken, it could well be that the driver simply can’t drive. Would you then go back to the dealer and ask him for a refund and compensation for selling you a car that doesn’t move??

Trading is a hard job, and one does not become a trader in one month. The people at TWP understand that, and as well as sharing their knowledge and personal experience, they assist their clients above and beyond in their journey to become a better trader.
Not only do they help in the technical side by running weekly mentoring as a method of reviewing and commenting on their clients trades. But they also help with the psychological side of trading, a part that is mostly neglected by other companies.

I have seen and been through dishonest educators and I was suspicious, to say the least, when I started with TWP. They have completely earned my trust through their actions and the way they conduct their business. Furthermore, They are actively trading the market using the exact same methods they are teaching.

I believe the setups they teach do work, they have worked for me for the past few years. Sure there are times, that it is hard to find great trades, but that is the nature of the trading, and a good trader understands that.

I believe credit should be given where credit is due, and this company should be rated their true value, which is to me, a 5 stars rating.
Dr. Sid Valluri
Los Angeles, USA,
Dec 2, 2012,

Trade with Precision (TWP) is a terrific resource for those who want to become traders or for traders who want to become better at their craft. I have been a very satisfied client of TWP since early 2009 and have taken all but one of their courses. I have been a fan because TWP’s philosophies about the market and trading exactly mirrored my own. They added insights and viewpoints that complemented mine very nicely.

At its core TWP is an educational program that incorporates ongoing mentoring. It focuses on the fundamentals of what technical traders need to understand, and more importantly practice consistently, to get the results they want. I would recommend TWP strongly to anyone who wants to be a better technical trader.

• The very best thing about TWP is that it strips away the noise and nonsense that seem to permeate trading. TWP focuses on the bedrock of understanding price action intuitively. If you sign up hoping for instant riches from a secret trick or proprietary indicator you are going to be very disappointed. TWP focuses on understanding market psychology as represented by price action. It shows how you can use that to stack the probability of a trade going in your favor by predicting moves rather than chasing them. No magic formulas here; just the ability to discern what is more likely to happen based on what price action is telling us.
• TWP is run by traders not theorists. Real traders know that mindset and psychology are more important than strategies. There are any number of books and seminars from people who never put on real trades. If their approaches actually worked they would be trading not teaching. I wouldn’t learn golf from a coach who couldn’t swing a club so why would I want to learn to trade from someone who doesn’t themselves trade? Because they trade themselves, the TWP mentors fully understand both the intellectual and psychological complexities of being a trader.
• The various courses assemble the technical ingredients into strategies that are well thought out. The strategies are robust in nature and can be applied to any product or timeframe.
• Other than stripping out the fluff, the most valuable aspect of the TWP programs are the ongoing mentoring sessions. These are weekly global webinars where you can have your trades reviewed so you can learn from your mistakes. More importantly you get a chance to learn from the successes and mistakes of others via shared learning.
• TWP focuses purely on technical trading and makes no reference to market or economic fundamentals other than to keep an eye on the timing of news releases that may move the market. TWP is not a ‘trading room’ where you log in to copy trades. The purpose of TWP is to build in you the skills to spot trading opportunities based on price action and to capitalize on them flawlessly.
• On the customer service front, the folks at TWP are very helpful and responsive. On more than one occasion they have spent multiple hours helping me clarify concepts, figure out problems with my trading setup and with other issues.
• They are educational partners to some of the most reputable financial firms in the world – further affirmation of their value even to the smartest folks in this game.
Kieran Waldron
Edgware, Middlesex, United Kingdom,
Oct 25, 2012,

Trade With Precision is a company based in New Zealand that sells courses on trading worldwide. I do not have a physical address for them but I know that they are Auckland based. At the bottom of their home page it says the following: ‘Trade With Precision’ is the trading name for Precision Universal LP registered in New Zealand, under registration number 2540518.”. 2540518.”. Nick McDonald is the cofounder of the company and the main man. Travis McKenzie is a sidekick of McDonald and a fellow director of the company

On the 17th September 2012, I bought a course on trading on markets from them for £2,499 and paid for it with my Visa card. After doing the course, I was not satisfied with what I had purchased and asked for a refund. The 3 systems they advocated using rarely set up in the forex market and I could not see them “dramatically improving my results “ as per their sales pitch. They initially took up the position that they owed me nothing because they alleged that I had broken their terms and conditions. McKenzie then offered me £800 of my money back as a goodwill gesture which I called “ derisory “ and did not accept it. He then passed me up to Nick McDonald who increased the offer to £1,250 which I again rejected. After a lot of emails between me and McDonald he has upper the amount to £1,500 and, as of yesterday, credited that much back to my Visa card.

The company are not honest with people purchasing their products because their terms and conditions are biased, contradictory, contain unfair terns and contravene both UK (where I live) and NZ laws. Both McKenzie and McDonald lied to me during the exchanges that I had with them by email and over the telephone. I want to see the balance of what I paid for the course (£999) returned to me and some compensation for the inconvenience and disruption that they have caused me. The company should either be banned from trading on the basis that it has chosen, or forced to amend their terms and conditions.
Reply by Trade With Precision submitted Dec 16, 2012:
Every now and then a customer comes along who a company simply cannot satisfy no matter how hard they might try. For Trade With Precision it was 6 years and thousands of happy customers before we experienced this with Mr Waldron. We tried very hard to reach a fair and amicable conclusion and were very disappointed that it got to this stage. His case against us and the accusations made here have all been discussed and considered resolved in this thread where FPA moderators and senior forum members now consider, having heard both sides of the story, that TWP has acted fairly and the refund terms have been met. We have also responded on that forum to the inaccurate claims of lying which was in fact a case of been misquoted with part of a written sentence omitted. Its a long thread but if you read it from start to finish you will get a thorough understanding of the situation and can decide for yourself if TWP have acted fairly or not. On the advice of FPA moderators, we have started to ask TWP clients to leave reviews of their own experiences with us and we will likely continue to do this for a long time to come. These reviews have started coming in already and will be followed by many more. We have literally thousands of happy and satisfied customers all around the world and pride ourselves on the satisfaction levels achieved from those customers. Please read some of the other reviews to learn how TWP value their clients and the support we provide them.
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