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Updated: Dec 4, 2018
4.559 · 44 REVIEWS
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4.559 · 44 REVIEWS
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uk, United Kingdom,
Dec 2, 2018,

hard to give any credibility to someone who can't show real withdrawals... rents cars for his instagram and has no risk management.
His instagram post are demo no way can you use that amount of lot size. Save yourselves money read up if you're wanting to learn. A 20year old isn't going to have the knowledge you require but may be able to sell you it.
North of Israel, Israel,
Jul 1, 2017,
Registered user

I recomend

I've been teaching myself Price Action strategies for two years, but only after I read Walter's book "Naked Forex", I had my "Ah Ha" moment and finally understood it all. Walter simply helped me to become a Pro Trader. He was the missing link that I was looking for.
He is definitely one of the trusted sources in the Forex world.
Wissam Serhan,
AD, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 18, 2016,

To be frank , at the beginning , I was hesitate to joint Walter peter program, but finally I made it , and to be honest, what you learn there is such an important little details that matters in your trading, although I just joined him one week back , I made 3 successful trades buy following his rules, really good ones, I just started and I guess it will take you months to watch his spectacular videos that is full of information, you will learn on daily basis a new thing which I did and I still doing , his way of transferring knowledge is fantastic, he is a cool guy, although I have not attended any live webinar for him , but he is such a good man and expert in this field
thank you Walter, really thank you
Lenzburg, Switzerland,
Mar 30, 2016,

The FXjake-System is sensational in its simplicity and clarity. Since I'm trading with the naked trading system, my trading became profitable. Thanks!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jan 15, 2016,

I joined Walter's Daily Trader program in 2014 after reading his book. In a few weeks, my trading turned around. No, I did not start making thousands. But I got on the right track. I ended 2015 with positive returns (which never happened in 9 years I have been trading forex).

Now, the real question is: What does he teach? A lot of people will tell you that whatever he teaches can be found for free on the internet. That's a fair point. In fact, I think anything anyone teaches about forex can be found for free, if you look hard enough. Then why join his program? It is because he doesn't just teach you 'trading systems'. He teaches how you can learn to trade your 'beliefs'. One system might be profitable for you, but it may not be profitable for me. Because I have different beliefs than you. Walter will help you to find which system is right for you. And he will help you in believing it. Profits will automatically come. Easily.

From Walter, I learnt an extremely simple price pattern. This was nothing new. In fact, the pattern was probably discovered by Japanese hundreds of years ago. But he showed me how I can believe in it. He inspired me to test it like hell. So, after 18 months and 2,200+ backtested trades, I can trade it with extreme confidence and high profitability.

90%+ people will lose money in forex. Because they run after a 'system'. They should actually stop running and look in the mirror. The 'System' will be staring right into their eyes.
Darren Harrison,
Noosa, Australia,
Dec 26, 2015,

I've been trading for 15 years.

The most profitable systems I have share one common thread: they're price action based and don't have too many rules.

The systems in FXjake are well thought out and explained. I've tested them, and used them, so I know.

Other trading systems and traders are good, I've learned some of Brooks' stuff and Nison's stuff. But I prefer "naked forex" because it's simple and the hit rate is comfortable. The examples and webinars make it seem almost too simple, but in truth it is, I don't use indicators today, and I don't miss them at all.

Do yourself a favor, if you're struggling. Read all the price action books (including "Naked Forex"), and then you decide who is the easiest to follow and understand. For me it was an obvious choice.

I hope you are able to find what you're looking for out there, I was. And it's helped me.

I still pick up little tools and ideas from Walters videos and podcasts. And the other traders in the forum are very helpful and positive. I love this stuff, naked is fun.

Melbourne, Australia,
Dec 19, 2015,

Hi, been doing this many years now. I use an eclectic approach so that I can compare one approach against another - its kind of a built in safety or redundancy factors. On one screen of many I have my Naked Forex approach, on another I have my heavy MT4 Indicators using MACD/ RSI as baselines with added indicators like XIT_Fibo, PZ Support Resistance, Slope Direction Lines, and even 50, 100, 200 MA's. And the absolute fallbacks are watching news events and candles like a hawk.

Fact is both approaches so far work just as well as each other. Naked Forex rules means you can miss out on a lot of huge trends waiting for prefect setups, but also miss out on a lot of losers. Heavy or even light indicators means you enter a lot of false trades,some can be big winners. I'll let you in another 20 years which wins LOL.

My suggestion is take all of them - Naked Forex, Indicators, Price Action, Candles, News Events - with respect, but recognize at lower time frames its all computer generated randomness. Look for the broader market movements (Fundamentals) and trade the trends, and avoid at all costs trading the ranging markets - except on one aspect...

If you can define the borders of the trend - then you can make big money on the breakouts, but only if you use reasonably tight stop losses. In general terms, one advantage to Naked Forex is the strategy Walter Peters uses re breakouts, and indicators to support true vs false breakouts.

That said, where the system falls down - when your trying to learn it - is that this has been a system in evolution. So early materials and strategies have been "tweeked", but you don't find that out to later. Nonetheless, when you do get to the later materials it becomes even more successful.

My suggestion - Walter Peters needs to take 3 to 4 months off of FX trading - and he and his support Team need to sit down - and consolidate all their tweeks, re-write the book Naked Trading, and replace all their videos and other training materials, and then also take the time to ensure that their webinars are fully prepared video and audio wise in advance.

Then they will have a "brilliant" total company, not just a great idea/ product with poor delivery.

Merry Xmas and happy New Year to all.

David Thomas,
Narrabeen, Australia,
Nov 24, 2015,

Look, I've been through as many trading systems as the next bloke. I've tried robots, fractals, moving averages stochastics, custom (repainting!) indicators, etc.

So, I've been around the block. But here's the thing. Walter's presentation style and systems are very very simple and easy to grasp. But don't let the simplicity turn you off, they work. I've been in his forum for 7 months and the quality of the members in the forum + the hit rate of the trades has been off the charts. And I personally trade the Acapulco, which I would recommend to anyone interested in breakout trading.

Highly recommended, especially if you want to simplify your approach. (But I understand this is not for everyone).
Los Angeles, USA,
Sep 9, 2015,

No reply to e-mails, talking in his webcasts that he needs to raise his prices because his service is so good, but most of all a dismal track record of trades made me regret having signed up for this "scam". "Scam" in quotation marks because he does offer in his program what is already available for free on the net, so by organizing this widely available material (and giving everything cute new names) he does offer some (dubious) value. If you are into cute baby photos and wonderful new names for old concepts, then this is the man for you. If you are expecting to learn how to trade, look elsewhere.
tulsa, USA,
Jun 2, 2015,

Walter Peters naked forex seminar videos on youtube is my turning point in forex. I downloaded videos and played over and over until the red light turned green for me, I still wanted to listen to others see how I can get as much more as i can get out there but i became confused and reverted to listening only to Walter. Its two weeks now made over $4,000 in profit and counting.