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Capital1Forex.com (was CapitalOneForex.com) Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2018
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These lying scammers are finally out of business.


Based on all available evidence, the FPA has determined that Capital One Forex is a Scam.  CapitalOneForex is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  We recommend against placing any money with this broker.  If you have an account with Capital One Forex, we recommend you try to withdraw all of your funds immediately.

For more details, CLICK HERE and read about why the FPA took this step.


CapitalOneForex is no longer regulated in New Zealand.  The FPA is not aware of any regulator that Capital One Forex is registered with.
One reviewer who didn't understand the reason for this warning wrote in.  We suggest Clicking Here to see a list of many of the recent threads about CapitalOneForex.com
November-December 2012:  CapitalOneForex has gotten an unusually high number of fake and suspicious positive reviews.

2013-10-04:  Multiple people have been leaving reviews and immediately writing in asking the FPA to approve the reviews.  We consider this to be an unlikely coincidence.  It appears that someone at CapitalOneForex is instructing people to send these messages.  Reviews may take up to 5 business days to pass through the review moderation queue.  The amount of time wasted answering emails like this from people who don't read THIS LINK on the Contact Us form slows down the entire review moderation process.

October-December 2013:  A large number of fake and highly suspicious reviews have been submitted for CapitalOneForex.  This is another reason for exercising caution with this company.

December 2013:  Jason Beool of CapitalOneForex publicly posted private client data, including email addresses and Netteller money transfer amounts in the FPA's forums.  Based on this, the FPA now strongly recommends AGAINST DOING BUSINESS WITH CAPITAL ONE FOREX.

2014-03-17:  There are currently six FPA Traders Court Guilty verdicts against CapitalOneForex.

June 23, 2014:  The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning against Capital One Forex.  CLICK HERE to verify.

August 2014 UPDATE:  NOTICE TO ANYONE STILL HAVING TROUBLE ACCESSING THEIR FUNDS AT CAPITAL ONE FOREX.  If you haven't done so already, please go ahead and leave a review.  Then CLICK HERE for further instructions about how to get your issue added to the current FPA Scam Finding.

July 2014:  A number of the six Guilty cases has been resolved.  The FPA hopes that this may lead to the Scam Finding being resolved.  UPDATE:  Capital One Forex stopped replying to all FPA contacts.  Many more complaints have come in.  The FPA is now certain that CapitalOneForex has no intention of paying money owed to to traders.

January 2015:  More fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted.  At least some of these seem to be tied to a bonus which requires submitting a review.

CapitalOneForex formerly was an IB for Traders-Trust.com.  The FPA is now told that Capital One Forex is somehow associated with FXDD.

Capital1Forex.com (was CapitalOneForex.com)

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Court cases

  • Open0
  • Resolved9
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty2
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2014-0522014-03-04forexmann vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2014-0512014-03-03mtuoliv vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2014-0442014-02-27MontyWilden vs capitaloneforex.comguilty
2014-0472014-02-27Adriana55515 vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2014-0392014-02-17golekduit vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2013-1542013-11-11sheikh rashed vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2013-1552013-11-11banca vs. capitaloneforex.comresolved
2013-1162013-09-20pouya ghaici vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2013-1142013-09-12ezio73 vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2013-1152013-09-12mofocm vs capitaloneforex.comresolved
2013-0852013-07-25fiogol vs capitaloneforex.comguilty


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2.648 · 103 REVIEWS
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Mar 18, 2016,

They have changed their website.
Perhaps FPA's scam warning has succeeded in closing them down, but they opened another website.

Old site : www.capitaloneforex.com
New site : www.capital1forex.com


I have been cheated before and I have submitted my documents to the lawfirm as per the address above www.giambronelaw.com

Review Moderation Team Note: Thanks for letting us know. We've updated the links and names for the review page.
, Thailand,
Jan 6, 2016,

No rating :
My Mt4 account 111912
capitaloneforex banned my live chat when I ask withdraw money.
I Lost 3000 USD, I need my money back.
TURK, Turkey,
Aug 17, 2015,

friday 14-8-2015 at 21:59:00 Stole ALL my account and When I asked for my money back they Answered with three words( (You lost sir)
I sent them scam documents they answered(You lost sir)
i asked how Hedge with 3 buy and 3 sell same value Steal??answered(You lost sir)
how all Deals The same second Steal...(You lost sir)
how the price and timein account history when steal not as time and price in Minute candle...(You lost sir)
How all buy-sell transactions concluded minus,,(You lost sir)
Ready to send documents to any one
Alfred Tlhapi,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 2, 2015,

I opened a live forex trading account with captaloneforex on 04106/15. The account number is 109325. I funded the account with $3 020.00.

On 17/06/15 I submitted a withdrawal request of $600.

After three days lapsed (which is the number of days it takes them to process a withdrawal request in terms of their policy), I contacted capitaloneforex through their chat service who have been lying, misinforming and misleading me as to the reason why they're not processing my withdrawal request.

(I couldn't and still cannot contact my account manager or the finance department through telephone because all the four telephone numbers I was given by my manager ALWAYS go to voice mail)

My account manager, Makcim Salakhav, and the finance department failed not only to acknowledge receipt of my withdrawal request but failed to reply to many emails I sent them regarding their failure to process my withdrawal request.

On 16/07/15 I sent capitaloneforex a withdrawal request of all the money in my trading account, which is currently $4 537.60 because I could no longer tolerate the SILENT TREATMENT which they were giving to my emails.

To this day (02/08/15) I'm still waiting for capitaloneforex to process my withdrawal request.
Ahmed ,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Jul 25, 2015,

Very scam and even I request to withdraw my capital and the never gave me one dollar back , now I have more than 5 k profits with them ... anyone could help me please contact me .

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Please open a thread in the Scam Alerts folder of the FPA Forums and give more information there.
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Jun 30, 2015,

I have been scammed by capitaloneforex. they refuse to give me a withdrawal. 2500 euros +900 euros profit..
Mehis Tambu,
Tallinn, Estonia,
Jun 1, 2015,

I deposited $492 and applied 100% bonus back in August 2014. After the bonus was applied I had $964 on my trading account, with required volume to withdraw 160 lots, which is now met. I made a withdrawal request for $300 a week ago. After the three days passed after the request I asked when I will recieve the $300, I was told that lots of transactions are in process and my transfer will be on Monday. So I asked them on Monday how is it going. Then I recieved a reply that they are having problems with payment methods (Skrill etc) and advised me to ask again 4 days later. Today is monday and 4 days to go, but there are so many posts that Capital One is scam, so I have pretty much lost hope to get my money.
, Bahrain,
May 26, 2015,

Scam, stay away from them.
I have deposited small amount (only $125) in my account 107506, after many successful trades I decided to withdraw the capital and continue trading with the profits, everyday I am requesting withdraw but they were ignoring. finally they blocked me from the chat.
For even such small amount they are not willing to pay, what a gang is this !!!!
jawaid abdulrashid,
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
May 15, 2015,

i have an acc no 56186 with capital one forex cant withdraw my 2950$ help ?
Kedah, Malaysia,
Apr 29, 2015,

Hi my name is Aary, I have an account at Capital One Forex. While i request an withdrawing. This Broker company don't allow me to do it and today i found that there have adjust my trade. I have the prove with me now. Thank You. PLEASE DON'T DEAL ANY WITH THIS COMPANY !!