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4.774 · 70 REVIEWS
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madurai, India,
Jan 13, 2013,

i have purchased his course material for less than 100 pages with superb explanation of price action entries of 6 setups ,how to place stoploss,money management and he shows entries on his website,
its a great material
Durban, South Africa,
May 26, 2013,

I got their course and i must say it helped me a lot. They use price action to trade with. I always used price action but this uses some nifty tricks to enter and exit trades.
I love the war room with the chat room and there is always something happening over there. The daily chart review has helped me a lot. The forums are a bit slow but the moderator is quick to respond to any queries.
They also make trading on a longer time frame a lot easier as well. There is also some really handy articles especially the indicator autopsy that actually shows the inner workings of a indicator and then show you how you can get similar signals using price action.
The course itself is not the focal point here its the support you get from the owner of the site. He is a great mentor and I can highly recommend this. The biggest reason is that trading is a lot more fun than before and it makes you comfortable with trading.
Melbourne, Australia,
Jun 8, 2013,

I joined the war room 2 months ago and I just thought I would leave some feedback for others looking to join,

I am happy to say my trading has improved with the no indicator trading style approach. The Chat Room is really active and dnb is very active in there. it's good to talk to traders who are on the same level as you are.

Dnb also puts up a weekly commentary video he does and covers all the charts and gives his analysis. Some of the videos are so detailed that they stretch onto an hour.

They have a signal assistant tool that I use regularly, it's actually prevented me from making some bad trading decisions.

Dnb know their stuff and are very tech savvy traders, I give 5 stars for excellent material and superior support!
New York, USA,
Jun 9, 2013,

I have tried many systems and switched between quite a few mentors, and I finally found what I was looking for in the dnb price action protocol. The price action technique is the only way to make consistent money in this business, and the dnb price action protocol provides a great explanation of the matter and gives the details on how to enter a trade, as well as where to set your stop loss and target profit. These details along with the wise money management discussed in the course are the keys for a long term success. Not to mention that I do not need to stay constantly in front of the computer since the price action protocol is based on longer time frames. To my experience, if I spend more than 5 minutes analyzing a certain setup it means that the setup is not an high probability setup and I am over analyzing the charts. In this way I can easily follow about 12 currency pairs.
Besides the course, the war room is very active with the trading mentor Graham always ready to respond to any questions and giving us his view of the market. He posts a daily review of the charts spotting the best signal out there, and at the end of the week he post a pretty long video where he analyzes a dozen of currency pairs suggesting what to expect and what to look for in the following week's charts. This kind of support alone is probably worth three times the cost of the membership.
In conclusion, it is the best money i spent since entering the trading business, and if I knew about it earlier I would have saved a lot of money.

Cheltenham, United Kingdom,
Jul 7, 2013,

There is not much more I can add to the reviews already posted suffice to say that I have been a member of the 'Dnb-War room' for about two months and can categorically state it is by far the best investment to trading I have made. Not only has my account grown phenomenally but the teaching and on-line help is second to none.
My main down fall in trading has been self-discipline and patience, but slowly and surely these are being 'painfully' honed. Not only from 'Dnb Team' but from its members.
Cheah Han Chow,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia,
Jul 22, 2013,

I had signed up for War Room. It cost me USD 197 only. It is a life time membership (one time fee). I think War Room course membership is the lowest fees compare to other trading course which is normally around USD 300. Graham Blackmore who is the founder of this website post the chart of the day from monday to friday. The chart of the day can be a potential trade for that day. Besides, Graham Blackmore make video clip on market commentary for every currency by weekend.On money management, Graham will recommend new trader to use at least 1:3 risk to reward for every trade. Honestly, Graham Blackmore is a real trader who trade for a living in Australia and really want to help other traders. If someone looking for a good mentor of trading, Graham will be the first choice.
Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Aug 7, 2013,

There are many resources on the net to get all price action trading information you need so why pay for this one?
Here is why:
1) Too much information on forums
This can be pain in the ass, at least this is my experience. People posting around their methods and setups and it is DIFFICULT to trace and think about all of them. DnB has its own PA method (nothing special and new btw) with clear enough instructions to follow. If you stick to it you will make money. It took me 2 months of demo trading to be confident enough to start with real money.

2) You are part time trader with little spare time or just lazy
Although the method is based on daily candles and looking at charts all the time is not needed it is still great that somebody else do the work for you and spot trading opportunities and post it on forum/chat room. Graham's weekly commentary video is just great - in half an hour video you get most info about trading opportunities for next week and roundup of last week. Helps me A LOT.

3) Very good community and resources
There are people around in the chat room all the time with (Graham also, when he is not sleeping :). Shoot a question and you will get an answer. Looking forward for service growth in the future.

If you are serious with PA trading, keen on shorting learning time and starting to earn money do yourself a favor and join. Joining the service speeded my process of dropping automatic trading (EAs) and moving to manual trading. See you there.
Bacolod, Philippines,
Apr 29, 2014,

I've been trading Forex for a few years but was pretty much always a consistently 'break-even' trader. I knew about Price Action Trading and could see how it would be effective but for some reason had just never adopted it fully.

From reading all the articles and watching the videos that Graham has on his site I could tell that he not only knew his stuff, but that he was a genuinely decent guy. That's a VERY rare thing in the Forex world and so when you come across it then it's worth paying attention to.

Becoming a member of The War Room was definitely the best choice I could have made and it's improved my trading tenfold.

I'm not at the point where I'll be retiring any time soon but I can definitely see that light at the end of the tunnel... FINALLY!!!

Vickie Seeley Floerke,
Omaha, NE, USA,
Nov 7, 2014,

I am here today to testify for TheForexGuy. I recently came across an attack blog that labeled him as a con-artist and fraud. These are blatant lies by a person who I have to assume is either crazy, or in direct competition with him (and thus trying to undermine him).

I am a member of his Warroom community, and after embracing the system and strategies promoted by TheForexGuy, I have completely turned my trading around in a matter of months. For three years, I struggled, lost, and failed. Now, I am finally starting to feel like a legitimate trader! I actually know what I am talking about, and can approach my trades confidently. All because I have learned to see Forex through his eyes.

All trading is "speculating" because we cannot say for certain what the market will do, but there are hundreds of clues written in the daily charts that you can take advantage of to increase your chances of success. Do you want to be a real trader who makes real profits? A real trader doesn’t play around with ten different indicators and gamble with his money when he doesn’t even understand what is going on. A real trader can look at a chart with zero indicators and know immediately whether or not he should get in, how to protect himself if the market moves unpredictably, and make a decision confidently about which direction the market is headed and where he should get out and take profit. A real trader can read a chart like they read their own language, and that is what this site teaches you…no bu****.

The one-time membership fee gives you lifetime access to the warroom chat, where TheForexGuy shows up DAILY to contribute (he's a nice guy!), answer questions and advises; access to the forum (where he does the same), not to mention access to other members who are using the same system and have many many years of combined experience, access to the training materials, and one-of-a-kind tools that TheForexGuy created and coded himself, you can't get them anywhere else. He also works tirelessly writing articles that discuss all important topics of Forex trading, and he is hugely insightful on psychology, money-management, all things technical...and more.

This guy and this website, are definitely NOT a scam. Of course he must charge a membership fee, because he puts all of his time into this site. It has to support him. This does not make him a bad person! He's offering you a bargain, believe me. My small membership fee has given me invaluable insight in return, and I would absolutely do it over again and recommend to a friend (all of them). You could earn back that membership fee in one small successful trade. Think about that.
QLD, Australia,
Nov 9, 2014,

Hi all,

I have joined the war room a few months ago and I can say, it's great. I have struggled with my trading skills for few years but now things have improved since I have learnt the price action techniques. The materials are great and easy to learn. I believe it was an excellent investment for my future trading. I've seen so many commercial products on the web but to be honest they did not give me the edge this price action has so far.

This is my honest opinion about this site and happy to provide any further feedback if anyone interested.


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