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Updated: Aug 17, 2018
4.669 · 36 REVIEWS
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AkosForex.com (Akos Jakab)

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4.669 · 36 REVIEWS
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, South Africa,
Apr 29, 2015,

Akos gives an excellent service. The majority of his Calls are good winners. I have been following him for a few months and recommend him totally

2013-12-07 No Rating I signed up for $125, after 4 days and several requests no valid password yet. Please go to his website, no info as how to use, how signals will be send nothing. I asked for a refund, no response except email to say that I am a pip hunter and must look for another service. He has already made a loss for Dec. Money taken, no valid password, no service. Be warned.
Melbourne, Australia,
Mar 1, 2015,

Akos is excellent! I've been a member with him for a while now and I just thought that I would finally come write a review because of the profits he has given me.

I've made my first withdrawal since starting with him and I figured its a good time to come write a good review!

He's very good at responding to emails and gives reasons for his trades and ideas.

Of course sometimes he's wrong, but if you trade with the proper money management, you WILL make money trading his signals.

Thanks Akos!!!
Jan 14, 2015,

I was only a member for a little over a month. I can say that there are winning trades, and if some aren't akos emails admits that and then says he will wait and watch the market and then he will trade. won some more when he returned. the only reason why I had to cancel my membership is I am using my capital on a different investment. if i had the money i'd keep paying him. every trader on earth can't forsee the future. but akos is professional in dealing with me, i actually got a refund for january, but i still get signals somehow so i just emailed him today that i should be taken off the list.
Jakab Akos,
, Hungary,
Jul 14, 2014,

There is no dispute with anyone
this is not true
what's your name Tom123
what's your name Ahmed
it is a rival campaign
who knows me will know that writing is not true
Thank you,Ákos Jakab

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, Turkey,
Jul 8, 2014,

Absolutely pathetic. This trader has lost so many trades, but he claims to have exited. He then goes on to blame us for our mistake. Email are sent showing off his winninng trades. I opened a paypal dispute as he didn't want to refund the money. After having no choice, he gave the refund on condition that I wouldn't leave a negative review. Everyone here that is leaving negative reviews is using fake usernames because they want their money back. People on here are leaving positive feedback to early because they are exited of their few goods trades. Give it a week or two when the market is moving side ways, he will lose it all. If your still willing to join, get ready for his abusive emails when you have something bad to say. FPA can check my IP address to see if there is fake reviews being left.
Tom 1234,
London, United Kingdom,
May 15, 2014,

In response to the criticism of my review below.
Firstly, I am not the same person as the previous Tony London that left Akos a negative review in the past.
Secondly, I am more than happy to share proof of membership to Akos service with FPA upon request. No issue whatsoever.
Thirdly, Tony London was correct in saying that Akos does advise that he has broken even on some trades (not all, he does admit to some losses)
which have ended as a loss.
Fourthly, if anybody wants to blatantly lie about the existence of an EA called "protector.Akosforex.ex4" then I will ask FPA to
get involved verifying its existence. i.e. Don't lie on this thread.
Fifthly, I have not written my previous review because I am a sore loser. Don't be ridiculous, I didn't bet my life and lose it on Akos.
A very small amount of my risk capital went behind the signals provided. Obviously, I found the signals to be severely lacking.

Finally, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the situation I described in my previous review regards the EA would be considered disorganized by any
logical person. However, as this situation is in the context of taking financial risk, I consider this to be incompetence.

2014-05-03 1 Star I do not recommend Akos. He will lose your money.
I was a member.

1/ He did not inform me that i was meant to be using his breakeven EA until 3 weeks into the service. Thus, i lost money when he/other participants were breaking even.

Who would take financial signals from a person who tells you that the trades broken even for eveyone and himself but YOU lost money because he didn't inform you that there exists a breakeven EA and you should be using.

What a total idiot.

2/ Nonsensical trades that no other trader would take and which clearly failed in Akos is case.
PM me in the forums. I will send you his old signal emails and also show you on a chart how those signals were totally incorrect.
I cannot emphasis enough how those trades was so diametrically opposed to all conventional wisdom regards how price behaves.
Akso sells clear bull flags. He sells HTF bull trends with local, recent weekly HAMMER patterns. He sells when price is creating bullish continuation patterns at high momentum - some real beginner mistakes.

3/ Due to the schoolboy errors and that fact that his winning setups don't come-out beyond 2:1 risk/reward ratio, it is statistically impossible to make money with him.

Buy a book on candlestick patterns and a book on swing trading and teach yourself.

trader 1000,
Budapest, Hungary,
May 12, 2014,

Thanks for your trading signals, I will follow them, because you can make 300-500 pips which is fantastic, last year you have had more than 1000 pips in 3 months, thanks, I will increase lotsize, I trust your service, thanks again! Pct.erfe
Oslo, Norway,
May 12, 2014,

Last 2 months were fantastic, friday was very hard, but he is almost always profitable...almost every month, every week. Very good service, five stars

2014-05-06 No Rating
This account contains his signals. If you lost money, it is your own fault. He never uses breakeven expert advisors. He is a winner. I can see your comment and in my opinion if you trade real time his signals. I have been follower for a long time. If you make a negative comment it is your right, I just write truth to you and everyone

2014-02-09 No rating Dear All,
This is the best service I have ever seen and tried. Other signal providers dislike it maybe, but it is 5 stars. I have been following all the updates for 2 years and I have seen the results. I will follow it and I will make money. Forex is risky, but with this service...risk is very low.
Alexandria, Egypt,
May 6, 2014,

This is my first post on this forum, I don't like to make myself busy with anything except trading, because I am a trader not an author of trading fiction books. I wrote this review today just because I saw injustice being done to AKOS. Akos is a great trader, a great signal provider, and a keen person too. He always replies to emails and answers questions. I have been with him for over a year, and he helped me make a substantial amount of money. Do I follow his signals blind folded? No, because it is my money at stake. I have to make the decision on my own. It amazes me how people lose money and cry about it blaming AKOS or the broker or whoever for it. Simply because Akos doen't hold a gun to your head and force you to take the trade. Is he profitable? You bet your .... he is. Does he have draw downs and losing trades and bad days? Absolutely, simply because he is a real trader. If anybody thinks otherwise, then they are not realistic, and they know nothing about trading. I haven't tried his EA, nor will I do. I trade what I see, what he recommends and what I decide to trade, and use no robots or anything. this way, I blame no one for my losses except myself. AKOS is great, and I make a living trading using his "recommendations" and my judgement.
, Hungary,
May 6, 2014,

I'm a follower for over a year and i'm absolutely satisfied. Akos is an experienced tader with high acquitance. I recommend his service.