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Updated: Sep 21, 2018
4.077 · 8 REVIEWS
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4.077 · 8 REVIEWS
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Sophie Sayer,
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 18, 2016,

Capable Hands

After having read Stephen's book I decided my money would better be in his capable hands until I had built my own confidence.

After having had my account with him for over one year my initial investment has more than doubled and allowed me to explore the Forex market myself using his teachings.

I highly recommend adding Stephen to your trading management portfolio.
Steve Margison,
Faro, Portugal,
Aug 16, 2013,

I must complain about the review done by Bernadette Brown. I was in a relationship with this woman for 16 years. We were engaged. I left in 2006 but she has tried to ruin my reputation every since then. The phrase "a woman scorned" was never more appropriate.

She has never traded, never opened a trading account and knows nothing about my trading because I left her 7 years ago and I've only been doing managed accounts about 4 years.
This review should be about traders who have had managed accounts with me. She is making libellous claims about past personal history (which has already been through lawyers) and is currently ongoing so I can't comment.
I'm disappointed with FPA for publishing the review. If read closely you can see there is nothing in there about my managed accounts. Just a personal rant about the past. This is not the plance for that. The internet is becoming a dangerous place and until libel laws are made clearer people will get wawy with murder.
Bernadette Brown,
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Aug 4, 2013,

Steve Margison has used his nephew (Mark Murphy) as a reference on this review page,I myself lost a lot of money through Steve Margison in other projects, before his so called experience in trading! he then disappeared to Portugal without an explaintion to myself or our accountant!!!! .... Read the book! because that is all you will gain a bill from Amazon!
Dan Smith,
Devon, United Kingdom,
Apr 8, 2013,

I met Steve at a trading seminar in Chicago in 2007. Even then I was impressed by his dedication, knowledge and trading ability. A few years later I heard about his forex managed accounts and joined his scheme. The first month was a losing month but I need not have been concerned because he then had 13 profitable months in a row and doubled my account.If he organises another scheme I will certainly rejoin.
Ela Green,
Inskip, United Kingdom,
Apr 2, 2013,

I was with this service for 6 months and my account grew 50%. I liked the transparency. With my password I could check on things daily if I wanted to. I always knew where my money was and that is important these days. The low drawdowns were also a comfort and I would highly recommend Steve Margison as a managed account trader.
Craig Pickering,
Bristol, United Kingdom,
Mar 19, 2013,

"I was apprehensive of investing my hard earned cash in a forex managed account. After lots of research I went with Steve. He answered emails promptly and after we talked a couple of times on Skype I joined his account.
I made 63% so I can't complain!
I can logon with my own password and see the trades so there is total transparency. This is important I feel.
If Steve reopens his managed account I shall definitely rejoin."
Mark Murphy,
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Feb 9, 2013,

Hello everyone,
I was a member of Steve's Managed Account for one year. During this time my balance more than doubled from 20,000 Euros to 43,000 Euros even after commissions. He never had one losing month during this time. In fact in one of the months he made 21%. I needed the money for an emergency or I would never had removed it.

I can only comment on my own experience. I tried forex trading but it was not for me mainly due to a lack of time. I read Steve's book "The Book on Forex Trading", which is excellent by the way. I bought it on Amazon. This is how he came to my attention.

He kept in close touch and I even received a print out of all the days trades, profit and loss every morning in my inbox. That is real transparency.

I knew the risks and I was willing to take them. Forex trading is not a savings account and people do need to realise that losses are possible.

I would recommend Steve wholeheartedly and would certainly invest with him again.


Mark Murphy
Brandon Harrison,
Tampa, Fl, USA,
Feb 7, 2013,

After looking around and studying the market and many managed fund providers I decided to use Steve Margison’s managed account. I’m glad I did. It was his well written book that finally persuaded me. I’ve been trading forex 5 years and read many forex trading books. Steve’s is one of the best. Forex trading is not an easy venture but Steve made it look easy. I joined in May 2011 and left when he finished the managed account in September 2012. Twelve of the fifteen months I was with him were winning months. I invested 35,000 Euro and when I removed my funds I had 71,000.
So my rating is 5-star. How can it not be? I would highly recommend him but I don’t think he runs the account anymore. He’s a good trader that’s for sure and it pains me to see him get a bad review.
I recommended two of my friends and they made money too.
As an aside I was a member of his live trading room too. When he sent me joining information it said quite specifically that he does not call out trades. It is an educational room to teach people how to trade. So how he can then be criticised for not calling out trades seems a bit unfair. Anyway I learned a lot from it. Highly recommended.
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 11, 2012,

Dear FPA,

My fellow members, having had a bad experience I urge you not to follow my path. Here is a review of Steve Margison and www.sm-forex.com

I've read Steve's book, traded live with him and given him funds to manage so I know this guy.

Book - The book is ok, but Steve doesn't really trade these methods much when I traded live with him, so how successful can they be if the author doesn't actively use these methods?

Live trading - This was a waste of time, Steve never took a trade whilst we were on the live sessions and usually blamed the live room that he's missed a trade as he was talking. He stopped the live room after 2 weeks as his trading account was suffering through not trading.
His style was fading and talked about fades during the session, ie where price moves to a level quickly say the 00 or 20 and then comes off slightly for a few pips gain. That was his main strategy at the time and is not in his book.

Managed account - Well having seen him live and understanding his scalping style I felt he could manage my account given his past performance that he advertised on his site. I invested a small sum of €12.5k and from May 12 to Oct 12 he LOST 34% and ran my balance down to €8k. Is -34% the sign of a pro, thank god I didn't invest more? The managed account didn't operate with a stop and he didn't take losers off, he traded what he thought not what he saw.....so some serious trading psychology issues, some might say noobie issues. In his response to his investors he seemed to blame everything except himself and has since closed his managed service.

I'm sure he'll be offering managed accounts and training again, but in my opinion he's not one to follow. Look elsewhere fellow FPA buddies, he talks a good game, but didn't deliver for me.