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Updated: Aug 12, 2019
2.639 · 37 REVIEWS
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About FxNet.com

FX Net is a forex broker. FX Net offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile online forex trading top platforms. FXNet.com offers over 20 currency pairs, metals, stocks, oil, and indices for your personal investment and trading options.


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FxNet.com profile provided by FXNet, Dec 22, 2016

FxNet Ltd is an Investment Firm with registration number HE 300624, and is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under licence no. 182/12. As a CySEC regulated firm governed by MiFID, FxNet offers the advantage of safe monitored trading with no possibility of fraud. FxNet clients are all ensured by the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF), which guarantees the return of funds in the rare case of the company’s insolvency.

There is nothing more important than actual trading and FxNet offers traders a wide variety of trading accounts to suit a wide range of trading needs, which is all done through the STP (Straight Through Processing) model.


• Standard


• Platinum


• MetaTrader 4 for Desktop

• MetaTrader 4 for iPhone/iPad

• MetaTrader 4 for Android

• MT4 WebTrader

FxNet offers excellent trading conditions allowing more flexible and successful trading, including the following advantages:

• No re-quotes, no rejections

• Negative balance protection

• Flexible leverage up to 1:500

• Hedging, Scalping and News Trading Permitted


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2.639 · 37 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Frederika Fraser,
Lemesos, Cyprus,
Aug 28, 2013,

Hi Everyone ,

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Frederika Fraser and I am a new official representative of FxNet Ltd (www.fxnet.com) – an EU Regulated STP Forex Broker. I am posting on this thread in order to assist the CashFindForum members with any queries they may have with respect to FxNet and/or Forex in general.

At FxNet we provide members with a number of financial instruments that may be traded through CFD’s, including Forex, Commodities and Stock Indices, which can be traded via our MT4 platform, smartphone/ mobile applications, or via our web based SimpleTrader, all under 1 account.

All questions/ comments are welcome. Please feel free to contact us via this thread or alternatively you may contact me directly at fraser@fxnet.com.

Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter: @FxNetTraDinG or 'like' us on Facebook for updates about FxNet

Thank you for your time

Frederika Fraser
Ilfov, Romania,
Jan 28, 2015,

FXNET got a new management team!

They are closing the issues that OLD management had got, and they gave me back my money!

I am very sure that discussions with FPA really helped and I wish to thank you all!

Today I saw in my bank account all the money that the old management was trying to steal from me!

An employee from FXNET called me yesterday and explain all the situation to me. Now, I can't erase my warnings but I CAN WRITE THIS POSITIVE MSG about the NEW team they have!


2015-01-09 1 Star Hello to All!

Last year I traded with FXNET. They accused me of bonus abuse and cancelled my account in November. After long discussions they made a deal to give me 5250 EUR - but to keep 1421.50 EUR for themselves. I have been more then patient with them but now THEY DO NOT ANSWER the phone! So, they stole all my money!!!
They're web site is still active!

I can see that I am not the only romanian complaining of FXNET!

I had file a complain on www.cysec.gov.cy, too.

Somebody must help me get my money!!

By the way, some of FXNET employees are now at ACFX!
Should we expect the same from ACFX? In time we will see....
Bucharest, Romania,
Jan 28, 2015,

I have a good news!
FXNET have a new management team and they are closing all the issues the OLD management created! This is what an employee told me on the phone on 27th of Jan.

They transferred to my bank account the amount the OLD management stole from me!

I hope that everybody get their money back!


2014-12-02 1Star FXNet stole my money!
I had open an account and start trading this year in mid September.In the beginning I lost around 3000 EUR and I had to make a new deposit in order to trade again, which I did. This time I got lucky using the same strategy. They cleared my account "suspecting" as they said "illegal transactions". After 10 days they said that will only give me back my money EXCEPT THE PROFIT. Even today, my profit is in their pockets! So this is their business model, when the client looses they keep the money and when he wins they say he breached the Terms and Conditions to justify not to payout his profits!
FXNET is a SCAM broker!
Frederika Fraser,
Limassol, Cyprus,
Oct 4, 2013,

I can assure you that the reviews written below are confirmed clients of FxNet. You can also check this with forexpeacearmy because they do they own diligence on IPs etc..
As per the points mentioned below please see our answer
1. We do have an easy account opening process because of an advance in technology and now most of the steps, if not all, are done online. There is no need to download, fill, sign, scan etc…
2. We are very sorry your experience was poor with our customer service; however I assure you that if you are not happy with your existing account manager, you can send an email to support and we will assign a differ account manager.
3. We avoid restarting our servers during trading hours, and we only do them on weekends so as not to affect trading unless for emergency reasons. If the disconnections you are mentioning are happening on weekends, then this is quite normal.
4. Our spreads are fixed most of the time for the majors. During extreme market conditions spreads might change

As per 4,5,6 & 7 please send us an email with exact info to support@fxnet.com so we can examine and ensure you receive a reply from us.

We are very sorry that your trading experience with us was poor; however we encourage you to send us an email again to support@fxnet.com so we examine all issues. We are always here for our clients and listen to them carefully in order to enhance their trading experience with us.
FxNet Ltd - Official Representative,
Limassol, Cyprus,
May 6, 2013,

Dear TokNick,

Further to your comment below, we kindly request that you inform us of the trade at hand; for which you are unsure of what has happened and yet you instinctively label us a ‘scam’ for.

Please note that we operate as a True and Pure STP Broker with a hedge before confirm policy, which allows us to ensure that our No Re-quotes and No Rejections policies can be upheld further to market demand. In your case we are unsure of what has occurred as we are unaware of your account number, ID, instrument traded or time of trade.

We very much consider it prudent if you could inform us (by this thread if you wish or by direct email to myself at ckappai@fxnet.com) of the trade at hand so that we may look into the matter fully and resolve this issue. In future also we very much would appreciate if you could contact us first as we are here 24/5 to assist you via phone/ live chat with any matters, prior to spreading negative comments about us in a scenario in which you yourself state you ‘don’t know’ what happened and are ‘very confused’ by.

I hope that after having reviewed the case you will be assured that no ‘scam’ has occurred. We are a broker that prides itself in its fair dealings, especially its fair and fast execution of orders.

Kind Regards,

Costas Kappai
Official Representative of FxNet Ltd
FxNet Ltd - Official Representative,
Limassol, Cyprus,
Apr 15, 2013,

Dear Bashar Mardawi,

Further to your review (and false allegations) left below, please note the following points with regards to the New Bonus promotion we have here at FxNet and its introduction to our clients:

• The Bonus Terms and Conditions were and are published on our site (http://www.fxnet.com/content/about/promotions and http://www.fxnet.com/media/documents/terms-and-conditions-of-our-current-promotion.pdf) prior to the introduction of the 100% Bonus. As stated on our site, we recommend that you keep track of the promotions currently on offer as they may be subject to change.

• Note that if and when we do change a promotion, it is common practise for us to send an email to our clients informing them of this, as we had done so when the 100% Bonus was introduced. In fact an email was sent 48 hours prior to the effective change taking place and had allowed clients to keep the old 50% Bonus terms and conditions until they had all of their trades closed, before switching them to the 100% Bonus.

• I see that from your deposits, there was a period of 1 month between these deposits, during when the Bonus promotion had been altered. During this period we had changed our Banners, our homepage slider and sent out emails to our client base, informing them of the change.

I find it very misleading and plain wrong to say ‘It’s very honest they want to take your money’ as we are a Pure and True STP Broker with market execution. We do not deal in Market Making and do not make profits from our client’s losses – All of our revenue is generated through volumes so it is in our best interest for you, the client, to be as profitable as possible, so you may open more positions and generate greater volume for FxNet.

I find it unfortunate that you failed to read/ understand the terms and conditions with our 100% Bonus, but hope that you can see that we are in no way trying to manipulate/ cheat clients and hope to have you trading with us in future.

Kind Regards,

Costas Kappai
Suceava, Romania,
Nov 4, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court claudiu777 vs fxnet.com | RESOLVED
Hello fellow traders

I am writing this in hope I will receive some help and guidance.
This is the second time I get ripped off by a broker(first time last year by 4XP).
However as most of you are, I am addicted to FOREX and kept on trading, scalping,
using EAs, using signals etc. but I said to myself I will only trade with a broker that is regulated by a European entity. I got to FXNET through my IB, and opened an account(102608), had some losses and gains using the exact same strategy from march 2013 until now. In the last few months after lots of hard work on my EA and strategy I became more and more profitable. on the 27th of October I tried to withdraw all my funds, but FXNET has cancelled them blaming me for bonus abusing even though I have done nothing wrong and traded the same for all this time.I will also file a case on this, has someone else been in the same situation ? I find it unacceptable that a broker can just wipe out your account because they want to
MD Roman Sharif,
Khulna, Bangladesh,
Nov 18, 2014,

My plans was to find a "Fair broker" to start my business. I wast just at the beginning to build my IB network. Since then i have been trading also with Fxnet for more than 1 year now. I have never faced any problem. I am using their "Platinum Account". Average spread on EURUSD is 0.2 - 0.3 so i am more than happy. Up to now my withdrawals are normal and the service is excellent. No requotes and very fast execution of my orders.
I have tested many brokers and Fxnet is one of the best. My clients are happy also with the services so i highly recommend Fxnet !!!
FxNet Ltd - Official Representative,
Limassol, Cyprus,
Mar 29, 2013,

Dear Mr. Amin El-Hakin,

Thank you for your positive comments and feedback. Indeed we have had some slight delay to a small number of withdrawals, however with the re-opening of the banks in Cyprus such delays will be rectified. Additionally we have accounts with a number of banks outside of Cyprus, such as Barclays Bank (UK) and EXPO Bank (Latvia) which have allowed for a smoother and efficient process of our transactions in such turbulent times.

I wish you successful trading and hope we see MORE VOLUME :).

Kind Regards,

Costas Kappai
Bashar Mardawi,
, Jordan,
Apr 16, 2013,

Dear Costas Kappai ,
i didn't receive any notification about your new policy .
and please note that traders have no enough time to read your website every day and follow with the market news and your company news.
your fault that my email address was not on your notification list !
you listed my email after i contacted you with my issue !

as i was an existing client and i read the terms and conditions very well before, i don't need to read it again .
professional institutes should notify their existing clients by email and let the website for new clients .