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Updated: Dec 3, 2018
4.601 · 81 REVIEWS
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July 2013 Update:  The Lazy Trader now has added video tutorials, e-learning packs, one-on-one mentoring, and more to the product line.


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4.601 · 81 REVIEWS
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Mr B B Patel,
London, UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 11, 2018,

Well worth the money if you need the step up

I've been with the Lazy Trader for the past 8 months on their subscription service (ultimate programme), which has given me enough time to scope out TLT. I can say that I have been pleased with the service that TLT offers as credible and reliable.
The customer service at TLT are usually prompt and professional. I initially had some teething problems with receiving the emails when a new vide/ trade idea/ webinar was uploaded, which took a couple of weeks to sort out. The support team were helpful throughout though, and were able to solve the issue. Whenever I have had any technical queries on the material that TLT offer, or when I see a trade that has potential, Rob has usually responded within 48 hours with some good insight.
The material and online dashboard has been clearly laid out and is easy to follow. I felt the trading material covered helped me develop considerably as a trader, particularly the Risk management section which for me it was worth it's weight in the cost. The recommendations on where to place the stop loss and entry signals are logical and can be easily understood. The strategies used can be used over any timeframe, but this service is for the longer timeframes (daily, weekly, monthly) I would have preferred an offline option where I could read the material on the train, but that is the only constructive criticism I can make for this area of TLT.
The subscription service itself has a weekly video uploaded where Rob goes through the instruments that are of interest. Every quarterly, a global view video is released which is useful if you are serious about trading, though is not necessary to follow to "just" trade. Both videos are good quality and are in sufficient detail, and if anything is unclear then you can always email Rob and the team for clarifications to get a well detailed response.
In terms of results, the past 8 months have been mixed due to the choppy markets. However, in my opinion the trading strategies offered are transparent and logical for me to believe in them and that it will overall be profitable in the long term. Personally, I had become frustrated about the lack during June through to August where not much happened, however the trading psychology section helped in that respect.
I would suggest to use the subscription service at least for the initial months, as Rob discusses additional technical analysis topics that are not in the material (I believe this has just evolved has time went by, though the material could do with including these additional topics).
I would highly recommend TLT to new traders and those who are yet to find their winning strategy, but would recommend the subscription service to expedite your learning and get a full understanding of their topics.
Istanbul, Turkey,
Sep 11, 2018,

Good range for skillset

They cover topics to range from the less experienced to more experienced traders. I thought this was good because it puts people on the same level. They also went through technical analysis and some trading strategies. All in all, taught with enthusiasm and a level headed approach.
Piedmonte, Italy,
Aug 6, 2018,

Great service…would be excellent if without the cheap gimmicks

I’ve been on the mailing list of these guys for many months and I finally decided to take them up on their $1 special where they waive the join fee of $252 and charge only $1 instead. I thought very good, so went ahead and joined their “ULTIMATE” programme.

After 30 days, my card was charge $160 and I did not know about the on-going tarif. But after a chat with their customer services department, Jemma referred me to the points of sale where the subscription charges were shown. Lucky she told me as I was very close to leaving some DAMMING feedback on this. I went to check to see that $160pr month subscription clauses were clearly written.. and they were. My bad! However, I can see that other people may also fall into the same trap and I do wonder whether the company has a vested interest in people missing this. A bit of a gimmick the $1 offer?

As for the service, I found it pretty good in terms of quality. The mentors seem experienced and give fairly detailed analysis every week on Forex, Commodities and some stocks. They are also transparent, detailing live trade ideas and they also show their track-record which is something most so called “gurus” do not. However, they are quick to say that “past results do not guarantee future performance” and that everyone else’s results on the program will probably be different. I compared their equity curve to the performance of their trades in the 3 months I was a member and it measured up.

Rob who presents the weekly “Market Insider webcast” paints a pretty realistic picture about trading and what people can achieve. He openly admits he trades for a supplementary income and not for a living. He says he wouldn’t survice intra-day trading but long-term swing trading what he has chosen. He also tells everyone that he originally found trading difficult in the early says (I think he’s being trading since 2008)
Gloucester, United Kingdom,
Jul 17, 2018,
Registered user

Excellent Service

Brilliant package

I love the Lazy Trader and the whole package it brings. The videos on set ups are easy to understand and informative. Rob is a great tutor who is upfront and honest about winning and losing trades. He knows his stuff and has improved my understanding of the markets.
My account is up 66% and my trading has improved greatly! I am enjoying it and have a passion for trading again. The global view is also amazing, really brings an extra dimension to the Lazy Trader. It is very educational, and again very simple to understand. Julian Mcree is again highly knowledgable of the market and his periodic global view videos for the Lazy Trader really help me understand the wider market, and what moves it.
The Global View is the perfect compliment to THE trader training package.
The customer support is top drawer. Theu really make me feel like a valued customer, they keep me up to date with information on any questions i have and quite frankly bent over backwards to help. Superstar service.
Rob and the team I am very impressed and am glad to be a member.
walsall, United Kingdom,
Jul 17, 2018,

Great Trader Educators

The Lazy Trader offers a great selection of training resources, trade ideas and strategies to help traders develop their skills! i recommend them to anyone looking to improve their trading
Ks, Malta,
Jun 25, 2018,

Was a "paradigm shift" for me

I got a reasonable point of view on why I should day trade :) and it helped me to understand my bad habits and see how I might change them.
David Spring,
Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom,
Feb 18, 2018,

Great although could benefit from basics being explained at slower place

Overall, very good. Most of the content was well communicated, but we went through the ‘tricky bits’ a bit too quickly
Chris Martin ,
Orange, Australia,
Feb 11, 2018,

Good start for someone who has not traded before

Very good training providing insight into spotting trading opportunities and to avoid all the mistakes i’m currently making! The only thing I would say is if i’d never traded before, I’d be a bit lost with basic trading i.e: what are bulls/bears/long/short - so maybe make it very clear at the start
Eleo Cipollinna ,
Sydney, Australia,
Feb 2, 2018,

Quite fast paced but good price point

Maybe a little fast paced for a complete beginner, but good to hear some strategies for this price
Richmond, United Kingdom,
Oct 26, 2017,

Good structure - lots of information!!

Felt well looked after and had a very good understanding of how to start up/go into a possible trading programme. A very informative and well structured course.