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Updated: Sep 27, 2018
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July 2015  WARNING:  There is a 3rd FPA Traders Court guilty vote against Gainsy.  Until this and other issues are resolved, Gainsy is blacklisted by the FPA.

The FPA recommends AGAINST depositing money with Gainsy.   If you have money there, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it immediately.


May 7, 2015:  The French AMF has issued a warning against unauthorized investment firms including GAINSY.com.  CLICK HERE to verify.

WARNING:  April 2014:  There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty verdict against Gainsy.  When the FPA contacted Gainsy to ask them to address the issue, their response included a threat to have the FPA liquidated.  Under the circumstances, the FPA recommends AGAINST doing business with Gainsy unless these issues can be resolved.

December 2014 UPDATE:  There is a second FPA Traders Court Guilty verdict against Gainsy.


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Court cases

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  • Guilty3
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2015-1002015-06-08vgasper vs gainsy.comguilty
2014-1872014-11-25s.jabbari vs gainsy.comguilty
2014-0572014-03-10ali reza vs gainsy.comguilty


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1.626 · 20 REVIEWS
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United Arab Emirates,
Sep 25, 2018,
Registered user


Gainsy stole $15 000 from me. They illegally accessed my personal area and transferred funds awaiting withdrawal to my trading account. They then proceeded to illegally access my trading account, running a script that simply opened and closed high spread trades, destroying the account in 10 minutes.

Except the fund weren't really destroyed. Those funds are now in their account. This was simple theft.

Stay far away from this broker. See my post under scam alerts for more info.

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lithuania, Lithuania,
Mar 28, 2018,

This broker is SCAM!!!
I couldn't withdraw money

I have trading expirience more than 10 yeras
I invested 500 usd I got profit 1400 then.
I tried to withdraw money but. money from account gone.

i wrote to support:
" I don't undersand. Where is my money? 2018 01 30 I made transfer from my trading account to my personal account, I needed to try wihdraw money from gainsy. But in my personal account balance still 0.00 usd where gone my 1900 usd? It's not funny. And this transaction is to long time. I can't trade and can't wihdrow money. Where is problem. Is Gainsy - SCAMM ? tickets id 1***** and ****** but after weeks 2018 02 19 !!!! i got answer :

Dear Mr.*********

Thank you for contacting us.
Please note that your refund request from January, 30th was successfully processed and funds were transferred from your trading account ***** to your personal account. After that, your request for PAMM investment was also successfully processed and the funds on your personal account were invested into PAMM account ******. History of your financial transactions are available for you to check in your personal profile, "Billing" section, tab "Current balance and payment history of your personal account".

Best Regards,
GAINSY Inc Company

I swear I never invested in pamm. I have experience and I alone trader I just tryed to trade with Gainsy because they has small spreads and swaps. And it was big mistake. I will never invest to broker without license....
, Netherlands,
Oct 8, 2015,

I've requested a withdrawal yesterday and received it today. so they do pay! :)
Bratislava, Slovakia,
Jun 30, 2015,

It is a pure scam. They are pretending a track record of fantastic deals. Once you give them money, everything continues. Your account is bigger and bigger and tehy are attracting more victims. When you want to withdraw money from PAMM account, they suddendly postpone ROLLLOVER to one month. During this period they open unreasonable positions, which make huge losses and your money are gone. This happens me twice on SVETLII and itschimokuALL traders. ALL LOSS MAKING AND PROFIT MAKING DEALS ARE ARTIFICIAL !!!! I have lost a lot of money but what is a proof ? I do not have any kind of proof!
, Canada,
Jun 9, 2015,

I am just sick of Gainsy and their business practices.

I deposited $1,902 on April 21st by a Visa credit card, and I had my account verified with documents. After a few days, I made a small $65 profit and decided to fully withdraw my whole balance due to the awful trading conditions. There was slippages of above 5 pips in even relatively quiet markets, and also even during the Asian open. Looking at the tick chart, the price would stay stable and as soon as I close a trade, it jumps/falls 5 pips and returns back to normal. I will be including screenshots later.

One ridiculous practice I noticed is that you need to wait for the "financial department" to approve your request to transfer money from your trading account to your personal (Gainsy.com) account, and so my withdrawal journey began on April 24, 2015.

After nine days and endless "Refund request: Rejected. Reason: not enough funds on the trading account." messages, I finally got the $1,965 on my personal account. I then requested a bank wire withdrawal on May 7, as for some reason Gainsy does not allow credit card withdrawals at all, even though that was my method of deposit. I withdrew to a joint-bank account of mine, with a different bank account holder name as I thought it would be okay. Six days go by and "Withdrawal of funds: Returned. Reason: wrong bank wire details." pops-up on May 13. My mistake, it had to be fully matching, not just the last name.

The next day, May 14, I created a new withdraw request. This is when the horror began. After a week, I asked live chat for the status of my wire transfer, and they just said: "Unfortunately, chat support has no access to such kind of information. Please, create a ticket with request to financial department."

I created a ticket and received a reply 4 days later...

"Your request has been processed. All bank wire transactions can take from 3 to 7 business days. If you not received funds within one bank week please contact us again.
Thank you for your request!"

Note that it says your request has been processed. 10 days later and no money has arrived yet, so I was getting pretty anxious. I contacted live chat, and created a new ticket. The next day:

"Thank you for contacting us! Your account had an additional check of documents by the Security Department under the Customer Agreement for the reason, that for the last time you pointed the third party to withdraw funds. Currently, the verification is completed, do not worry. Withdrawal was produced by the Financial Department and funds have to come to you approximately next week. On average, bank transfer can take from 3 up to 7 business days (excluding weekends)."

I thought the wire was already processed and sent? Also note this: "funds have to come to you approximately next week." A week and a half then goes by to June 9. I created a new ticket, and:

"Thank you for waiting of request processing. This is the recent information about your withdrawal request:

Your Bank Wire transaction was rejected by your bank because you have not provided the full information in the details of payment. Instead of providing of 12-digits of your Bank account you have provided "XXXXXXX". All the funds that were sent back by your bank are on the balance of your personal account.

We recommend you to print the form of details for Bank Wire transfer and to contact your Bank's representatives to get help in correct filling the withdrawal form. Then you will be able to create a withdrawal request once again.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

Best Regards,
GAINSY Inc Company"

Well...... I was speechless. Did it really take a month (25 days) for that all to happen, and I'm also out $45 in bank wire fees? Why didn't the "financial department" check that the account number had to be 12-digits, like they did with the name last time? It should be noted that the wire transfer request was reviewed by both the Financial Department and the Security Department. I have also received other bank wires just fine with my real (7 digit) bank account number, not adding 5 more digits to it.

This is the reply I got from live chat:

"You can create a ticket to our financial department to clarify your situation."

I fear of creating a new bank wire withdrawal request so I asked if it would please be possible to withdraw by credit card. Of course they told me again to create a ticket. After all this time, I wonder if a credit card chargeback would have been much easier. I can forgive that $65 profit, I just want my original deposit back.

So after this lengthy ordeal, from April 24 to June 9, I am also out $45 in fees and my money is still stuck at Gainsy.
, Slovenia,
May 26, 2015,

Issue escalated to Traders Court vgasper vs gainsy.com | GUILTY
After I put withdrawal request Gainsy deleted my account so I couldnt login into my web platform. After couple of days I recieved email from their suppotrt to sent them the apostilled papers:On 23. OCT I sent:

1) Apostilled copies of documents confirming your identity: true copy of ID paper (Passport, Driving License).

2) Apostilled translation of documents confirming your identity: ID paper (Passport, Driving License) translated into English, if needed.

3) Apostilled copies of documents confirming your address: true copies of invoices of public services payments.

4) Apostilled translation of documents confirming your address: invoices of public services payments translated into English, if needed.

5) Apostilled copies of documents confirming your tax declaration: true copy of Tax Declaration paper.

6) Apostilled translation of documents confirming your tax declaration: Tax Declaration paper translated into English, if needed.

After couple of months I contacted SVGFSA and then Gainsy respond. They wrote my IP is in their spam list because breaking into their server and because I wrote bad opinion on different forums they wont give me money!!!


2014-06-13 4 Stars Im trading with them and for now there was no delay during news, trading wiht FNG... I ONLY HOPE THEY WILL WITHDRAWAL THE MONEY ON MY REQUEST :/
Another Trader,
China, China,
Apr 25, 2015,

They claimed to give 100,000 virtual money to start your own PAMM account. After I did all their marketing steps, they stop responding. It's a lie. If they can lie about this, they can lie about other things too. I won't trust this broker.
Kadali susheela,
Pune, India,
Jan 24, 2015,

I invested 500$ in gainsy and made a profit around 15000$ now when asked for withdrawal they asked for attested docs I sent them on the same day. And after that their is no response from company side. Now after 3 month when my account reached 15000$ they blocked my company and not refunding my money. When brought this issue to regulation they called and told me to what I want to do but they will not give me my monapey and asked me to go to hell. And told me no one can do anything to them. No is able to get any kind of response on my issue and help me releasing funds.
Koper, Slovenia,
Dec 10, 2014,

Take care with Gainsy and EAFX. I know exactly what I am talking about.

There must be a connection between Gainsy and EAFX, just look at this: https://sites.google.com/site/casualtyinsurance777/eafx-iq250plus

Look what happened to me:

EAFX traded my Gainsy account with their EAFX-IQ250PLUS Expert Advisor. I have $75.000 there!! And my wife the same, so toghether $150.000. One not so nice day back in April 2014, EAFX sent us an e-mail saying their website was hacked, and some clients passwords stolen. Before I could do anything, I saw lot of orders on our accounts. The tactic was: buy 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, sell 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, buy 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, sell 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, etc... In 10 minutes our accounts were practically destroyed!!!

I told them about a guy who posted on DonnaForex having the same problem few months before, they said that they don`t know him, and that probably he must be the hacker. At the time I believed this could be possible.

EAFX said they can restore the balance in few months, but this never happened. They also stopped to answer to my e-mails, their chat is closed since then, I can not login into their website with my password.

EAFX is also offering a PAMM on Gainsy. If I recall well there were some very bad reviews regarding withdrawals, but soon deleted.

My logical conclusion: Gainsy, toghether with EAFX (maybe the same persons) are one of the most sophisticated forex criminals on net.

A warning to all who invested in EAFX PAMM at GAINSY: Take out as soon as possible all your funds, not just profit. Do not ask GAINSY for thier oppinion, they will lie. But I think you will have big problems to get your money, if you`ll get it at all.

, Japan,
Dec 9, 2014,

This broker is SCAM!!!
I couldn't withdraw money

They say you can withdraw money within 24 hours in website.
But I couldn't.