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Updated: Dec 6, 2018
4.265 · 10 REVIEWS
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Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Forex Benz Full Edition-55.0313.7-99.998
Forex Benz AUDUSD-5.4615.1-57.19
Forex Benz EURUSD-5.0815.1-54.491
Forex Benz AUDNZ+1.9123.2+54.986
Forex Benz AUDNZ+1.06143.1+350.868

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4.265 · 10 REVIEWS
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Eric Roger,
, Luxembourg,
Jan 30, 2015,

EA runs from the last couple of months, 2-3 times it went to level 12 baskets and recovered with nice profit. Need to run with right broker account / account type. If running with couple of hundreds then only run at cent account and read manual balance requirement. Also run where spread is not very high, I run at XM spread is 4-5 pips. Have a good results especially in January since I set up.
Ammad Naeem,
Peshawar, Pakistan,
Mar 14, 2014,

Why i would give excellent after almost 3 months of use is because..

--> Draw-down was below 7% till end of February with 10% yield on a Low-Risk version which was more than what i expected initially.

-->I like its Basket Model where the trades are in basket and how it closes its basket with bigger gains and lower losses.

--> Last 2 weeks the draw-down was a bit higher bt overall good and slightly more profitable than previous months. At this rate i may get 5% compared to 3.7% and 2.8% the months before it. If 5% is achieved keeping DD below 15% , i think its ok and i may call it a progress.

--> It has never given me amount of anxiousness or i should say anxiety that some of the other EA's give cause i think its low risk version (v72) is quite low risk taker and keeps the account equity under control most of the time.
WhiteChapel, United Kingdom,
Dec 3, 2013,

I am running successfully at XM from the last 2-3 months on a $500 account, gain is $86 approx 17%, good support, will switch to a bigger account if continue run like this.
, Canada,
Nov 10, 2013,

I have been using Benz AUDNZD EA for last 8 weeks and it is making me consistent profit week after week. I have made overall profit of 60% in 8 weeks. I started with $1,500 and now balance is $2,425. I am changing settings every 4 weeks to increase profit.

I even purchased my second licence 2 weeks ago.

I would even suggest to owner that he should start charging monthly subscription rather than one time fee as it is 100 times better than many monthly subscribed trade copiers where people lose money month after month.

, USA,
Sep 20, 2013,

I withdraw my previous criticism and 1 star rating. I was also running another program which I think interfered with this one. Since that EA was disabled the results have been similar to what FPA is getting.

2013-09-18 1 Star This EA, in contrast to the results of the FPA live account, is no good. I ran it for 5 weeks live on an account with FXDD. During that entire period it was never in positive territory. Conservative settings, .01 pip. I went from $5000 to $3500, when I pulled the plug. (I'm very curious how the PA account can show gains virtually every day while my account lost every day. Different brokers would not explain this.)
Dan Drake,
Jul 19, 2013,

I am live from beginning of June, so far gained 29%, one time it went to 12 level basket, but it manage effectively i.e. pretty good, I plan to withdraw all initial investment when it reach to 100% and then play with profit only. It is hard to find best overseas broker for US investors, am currently on Tallinex they are reasonable.
John Derek,
Dagenham East, United Kingdom,
Jun 24, 2013,

Running Benz AUDNZ robot from 3 weeks at high risk setting $5,000 demo account at Think forex.

So far balance has reached to $6,227 (24.55% gained) with a drawdown of 19.76%, I am exploring brokers to go live including Xe markets, Traders Way, IBFX AU or Robo Forex.

Set up was easy and good support from vendor.
, Singapore,
May 15, 2013,

Have been using AUDNZD version for a month. Vendor was extremely helpful in setup and most importantly, this EA has been performing very well!
Hanif Rajpoot,
, Pakistan,
May 14, 2013,

I am running full edition from the last couple of weeks, I think it is good grid / marty, overall am net gainer, benz-AUDNZ is performing very well, no 2nd is AUDUSD and no. 3rd is EURUSD, temporary I am not running EURUSD as it is very volatile post EC rate cut, though EURUSD generates lots of cash back.

I continue to run AUDNZ and AUDUSD, set up is super easy, If it continue perform well then I will run on a bigger account, good work, benz team.
yaron babian,
israel, Israel,
Apr 27, 2013,

Now they do not answer e-mails me more, because I wrote a negative review and true, I was all the terms of the refund policy was and they did not come back to me in every way I am trying to contact them, I strongly recommend not messing with these scammers!!!!

2013-04-07 1Star Pay attention to what they call good service {spam} Nlahr I proved to them that they cheaters, that they delete their account in myfxbook, when the accumulated loss of 25%, he called me an idiot, all shown on their site is a scam, he avoids giving answers upon content and not interested at all to give a refund, I'm not going to give them no way, do not buy anything from them, be careful!!!!
Shame on YOU IDIOT stop sending these spams. You already reecived service more than USD300 (activated your 7-8 accounts). if you keep sending nonesense we will cancel all ur accounts and you will not be able to use on any of the account and no refund can be granted anyway so it is best interest you run the system as suggested at LOW risk and get benefit.
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From: yaron
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2013 04:57:26 +0300
Subject: Re: Two weeks passed and my account seems

As long as the robot made ​​money, the site was open to everyone, and now he loses money, he became a private, shame on you!