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Updated: May 10, 2015
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Vicki Barbera,
Indiana, USA,
May 8, 2015,

After researching on the internet and Skyping with a couple of other investors they referred me to, I invested $5k with Fast-Signals, using broker BancDeOptions, in Oct of 2014. I wired the funds to their bank in Australia. Their service was supposed to provide 3 daily Skype signals each for the US and UK opens and execute 4 trades daily in my account. Their accuracy was advertised as over 85%, and they indicated they could deliver $1k/day profit on my managed account. Their commission was to be 20% of net profit.
I was set up with an account manager, Sarah Jones, via Skype. After a couple of months, I discussed making a withdrawal and was all of a sudden told that in order to make a withdrawal, I would have to pay the 20% commission up front instead of out of the account until my account had reached 10 times the original deposit amount. As I was unwilling to front any more money, I decided to wait it out until my account had grown to $50k.
I decided to try trading the signals independently, but I could never get the entry price they reflected. The reflected entry prices that were way out of the market according to any broker or chart I checked, and the expiry prices were not always in agreement with mine either, resulting in much better results than you would expect. I tried trading the signals anyway just for the direction, and for a week I made about $1k, but then in two days I lost it all. The accuracy was less than 50%, so I stopped trading the signals.
I started only getting 3 trades a day, so I Skyped Sarah to increase my trades back to 4, and to request an increase in trade amounts, since my account had grown, but Sarah didn’t respond to any of my Skype correspondence. So after a month I talked to Live Chat and was told she was on maternity leave. I was put in touch with a new account manager, Cindy Holland, who told me that she could only increase the trades or trade size if I referred new investors. I told her I was unwilling to do that, and contacted Live Chat again and was given a contact name of Ray Johnson, whom I was told was BancDeOptions’ VP of Finance. Live Chat also mentioned in that conversation that the policy was that commissions could be paid from the account rather than up front after 6 months.
I contacted Ray Johnson, and he was not particularly helpful. And Cindy also stopped corresponding with me. So after I hit the 6 month date, especially since the account value had remained stagnant at around $35k for over 3 weeks, I requested a full withdrawal. It has been a week since I made the request – to Sarah, Cindy, Ray, support, withdrawals@bancdeoptions and through Live Chat - and I have only received responses back from support saying to work it out with my Skype account manager, even though I have explained to them that I’m getting no response.
I have to conclude that this has been a scam all along. I am going to see what means I have to potentially get my funds back – through GoDaddy, the bank who initiated the wire transfer, etc. If anyone has any further ideas, I would appreciate your help.

I can provide transcripts of all my Skypes and emails, and screenshots of my account balance and trade history,
North Carolina, USA,
Jul 17, 2013,

Looks like the same as BinarOptions-Live-Signals. I got their 3 day trial, same wording and everything. You have to use their broker. Strike prices they call are off from market. They claim to use Think or Swim. Another SCAM! STEER CLEAR.
Durban, South Africa,
Mar 6, 2013,

Hello, I have been scammed by a company called Fast Signals and Every-Option(broker) for binary trading. Jenny Shaw from Fast Signals contacted me by email promising to assist in forex trading signals. She then asked me to invest 1000USD at Every-Option. Her signals don't work. I asked for my money but they said that I have to trade 30 X 750 USD.

I have not lost any of my money, just their bonus.