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Updated: Aug 16, 2018
3.793 · 154 REVIEWS
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Tallinex is an online forex broker. Tallinex offers both the MT 4 and MetaTrader Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. Tallinex.com offers over 45 currency pairs as well as gold, silver, and bitcoin for your personal investment and trading options.


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Tallinex.com profile provided by Tallinex, Jan 28, 2015

Tallinex focuses on risk mitigation, leading us to develop proprietary trading technologies. All Tallinex trades are transmitted swiftly and reliably to the world's largest banks through a PrimeXM FX bridge to Integral's FX Grid system, which is optimized for Forex trading. Our clients can therefore benefit from better ECN/STP technology and confidently trade the Forex markets through Tallinex.


Tallinex offers its clients raw spreads starting from 0.0 pips, leverage up to 1:1000 and no FIFO rule.

Paired with an unrivaled pricing model, Tallinex is an obvious choice for professional Forex trading.


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3.793 · 154 REVIEWS
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Russian Federation,
Aug 14, 2018,
Registered user

This is a scam broker who stole my money !

They dont give me back deposit nor profits.
And thats happened to my second deposit - first 3000eur i lost as normal minus trades .
After that i fund more 1000$ eur and get 300eur profit.

When i tryed to withdraw my money i rcvd this email "After carefully reviewing your account history, it is quite evident that
you have attempted to defraud Tallinex and its liquidity partners by
using exploitive trading software to earn profits you would not be
entitled to under normal circumstances. This is a particularly serious
breach of our terms of service so your account has been terminated and
all funds are forfeit.

How do you like it ??? When i lost money - they are happy. When i win 300eur - they call it fraud and steal depo and profits !

I showed that i used ordinary public EA and i allways make video of my trades!
Since then they just keeping silence on everything i msg to them.

It happened at 2018/07/09 20:22:33

Since then i got only this msg in my cabinet, support is keeping silence:

"As you may be aware, Tallinex has been involved in a legal dispute with the CFTC for quite some time. Unfortunately, the banks we use have totally overreacted to the dispute and frozen our accounts. This is preventing withdrawals from being processed, but our legal team is working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.
We will update you as information becomes available, however, our primary objective is to allay any concerns you might have by confirming that your funds are completely safe as, contrary to one of the CFTC’s various false allegations, client funds have always been held in segregated accounts."

1. They trying to steal my money
2. They have problems with CFTC and trying to steal money of all clients as you may refer to other reviews.

What should i do ?
Lagos, Nigeria,
Aug 6, 2018,


Please guys stay away from tallinex.com,these guys are scammers. So rude and unprofessional. Please stay clear from them. I withdrew money and this is two weeks, i am yet to receive my cash. I dont want anyone to fall victim.
lagos, Nigeria,
Aug 3, 2018,
Registered user


you guys are so corrupt
Tallinex Support - TS has joined the chat.
Tallinex Support - TS (06:03:37) : Hello Joseph! How can I help you?
Joseph (06:04:23) : why has my withdrawal not been processed uptil today
Joseph (06:04:38) : you guys are so corrupt
Tallinex Support - TS (06:04:56) : I will check..
Joseph (06:05:55) : since friday
Tallinex Support - TS (06:07:22) : Reviewed
Joseph (06:07:35) : this is bad
Tallinex Support - TS (06:07:43) :
International wires take 4-10 banking days to process to your bank account. Sat-Sun w
ere not banking days.
Joseph (06:07:51) : and till 1/8
Joseph (06:08:10) : it has not been approved
Tallinex Support - TS (06:08:11) : Toda is 4th banking day.
Joseph (06:08:44) : today the 4th day
Tallinex Support - TS (06:09:10) : International wires take 4-10 banking days to process to your bank account. Sat-Sun were not banking days.
Joseph (06:09:14) : it is still showing aawaiting approval
Tallinex Support - TS (06:09:31) : It is in queue to be processed.
Joseph (06:09:39) : you guys are corrupt
Tallinex Support - TS (06:10:08) : We are not corrupt, Joseph.
Joseph (06:10:14) : i regret opening my account with you guys
Joseph (06:10:23) : you are
Tallinex Support - TS (06:10:33) : We appreciate your trust in us.
Joseph (06:10:49) : i withdrew from fxchoice monday
Tallinex Support - TS (06:10:52) : We aim to process it as soon as possible.
Joseph (06:11:07) : and i have my funds today
Joseph (06:11:37) : God forid you guys
Tallinex Support - TS (06:11:40) : In live chat we have no information on brokers.
Joseph (06:12:06) : be ready for my review in all forex forum
Joseph (06:12:31) : 4 days still awaitig approval
Joseph (06:12:41) : this is horredous
Joseph (06:13:25) : i lack words to express how corrupt your orgaisatio is
Joseph (06:13:47) : pls close my account after now
Joseph (06:14:01) : what a poor services
Tallinex Support - TS (06:16:24) : Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.
Joseph (06:17:08) : keepit
Joseph (06:17:23) : return my money
Joseph (06:17:38) : wicked people
Joseph (06:18:45) : how will i withdraw money for four banking days and it has not been approved till today
Joseph (06:19:00) : you guys are bankrupt
Tallinex Support - TS (06:19:36) : We aim to process it as soon as possible.
Tallinex Support - TS (06:19:51) : Apologies for any inconvenience, Joseph.
Joseph (06:20:11) : the whole
world will hear
Joseph (06:20:20) : all forex forum will hear
Joseph (06:20:36) : e ready to defend
Joseph (06:20:58) : if you are bankrupt
Joseph (06:21:09) : then let me know
Joseph (06:22:46) : what a corrupt film
Joseph (06:23:01) : four days you are yet to process my cash
Joseph (06:23:09) : uselessfilm
Joseph (06:23:14) : the worldwill hear
Joseph (06:23:58) : iwill make sure no new perso joins you guys
Joseph (06:24:06) : wait for me
Jul 19, 2018,
Registered user

SCAM! Stealing traders money!

SCAM!!!! This broker does not process withdrawals. I made a withdraw request of significant size over a month ago which still hasnt been processed. Everytime I get different excuses like my request is in a queue and that they have banking issues. They told me a few times I should write an email but those never receive a response. Also the phone is never answered. People should be aware that this broker is completely unregulated (check their website for a registration nr, you won't find any). It is clear that they have people placing fake reviews here on FPA. If you feel like throwing your cash away, than go and make a deposit with them.
Jul 2, 2018,
Registered user

Tallinex: SCAM
I processed my withdrawal on 12 June now it's about 3 weeks from the request and I still didn’t receive my withdrawal of 1.5k. That's also removed from Mt4. They said they have sent it to my bank but when i ask them about bank transfer receipt, they didn't come back.

Another SCAM broker.. You should think 100 times before depositing your money with them. SCAMMMMM
New Zealand,
Jun 25, 2018,
Registered user

I have been using Tallinex since 2004. great support and sound advice.
No problems with money. No appearance of market making and a true ECN.
A reliable broker
Ru, Russian Federation,
Jun 23, 2018,
Registered user


I've been waiting for my money for more than a month. They are thieves, I can not even take my deposit. My Profile ID 239257. I'm going to tell in all the forums about them.
Russian Federation,
Jun 21, 2018,
Registered user


Tallinex doesn't pay, doesn't return deposit

About two months doesn't pay, doesn't return my deposit.

support request (9797781)

Hello Denis,

Thank you for reaching out to us once again, unfortunately due to the nature of your situation we are not yet able to release the funds, our Liquidity Providers are not convinced that there was no ‘foul play’ involved. There are no ‘financial problems’ we simply have an issue with the fact how your trading activities were performed.

Should there be any change in the situation or any additional updates from our Liquidity Providers, we will be in touch right away.

Kind Regards,
Tallinex Support Team

Russia, Russian Federation,
May 28, 2018,
Registered user


SCAM WARNING! Broker doesn't pay, even initial deposit.

Looks like there are a lot of prepaid reviews which are left by the company stuff,
Waiting already for one month fo withdrawing my initial deposit.
Support doesn't reply.

May 3, 2018 - 1 Star SCAM WARNING!

Trading for two years with them. Everything was ok.
But recently they stopped paying.
They do not withdraw my initial deposit.
Even stoped answering e-mails...
Reply by Tallinex submitted Jun 5, 2018:
1) you are a proven confrontational / attention-seeking individual
2) your allegations of "prepaid reviews" are utterly stupid, completely baseless, and would be denied by FPA if you had the sense to ask them
3) as is well-publicised on this forum, you were waiting for a month because you were unwilling to contact us
4) as per #3 above, support will only reply if you actually bother to contact them - they are not psychics who can read your thoughts!
5) Tallinex did not "stop paying" - you deliberately refused to ask about the status of your withdrawal
6) BOTH of your withdrawals were paid, but you were too busy posting trash here on FPA to even check!

Based on the above, we are posting a ZERO-star review of your behaviour.
Brazil, Brazil,
May 16, 2018,
Registered user

Waiting Withdrawal

I asked a $7k withdrawal and after a few days their last status is:

Your support request (9796223) has been been put on hold.

The latest details are shown below.


Hello Felipe,

Your withdrawal is in "bank wire pending" status. It means that it is ready to be wired.

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing some delays with the withdrawals due to the change of banking facilities. We will process your withdrawal at the earliest opportunity.

Reply by Tallinex submitted May 24, 2018:
Your withdrawal was not declined, nor were you treated rudely at any point.

Your decision to make a mountain out of a mole hill has achieved nothing for you but delays.