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Updated: Sep 10, 2018
3.335 · 16 REVIEWS
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Formerly at Sensus-Capital.com.  Other websites of this company include Musashi-Fx.de

GBE Brokers is a forex broker. GBEBrokers offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and MetaTrader 5 fx online trading top platform. GBEBrolers.com offers over 7 of the most traded currency pairs, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.335 · 16 REVIEWS
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Joseph Englishby,
Düsseldorf, Germany,
Feb 9, 2017,
Registered user

Ref. my post concerning my screen freezing up when important news hits the wires: the cause is, in fact, in my software being overloaded - which probably explains why the chart on my android phone doesn't freeze. GBE Brokers have, in the meantime, made this clear to me and pointed out ways to prevent the freezing. Good service!

Jan 19, 2017 - 2 Stars My windows MT4 screen freezes or becomes unstable when important news hits the wires. I can then only trade on my android phone, and then only if my position is falling or turning negative. Am I alone with this - something I otherwise only experienced with OTC brokers, Are GBE Brokers really an ECN broker?

I have been using GBE Brokers (for fx trading) since shortly before they changed their name from Sensus Capital. Everything worked as I had expected until the name change came. I like to scalp, especially retracements in fast moving markets, and was successful until the name changed. Since then my windows MT4 version has been freezing or becoming unstable when market moving news hits the wires. I have, however, been able to trade using my android phone. That wouldn't be so bad if I were not only able to close a losing position or a falling positive position.

GBE Brokers are supposed to be an ECN Broker, so how come it is now almost impossible for me to scalp fast moving retracements unless my position is turning negative. This is the sort of thing I experienced with OTC brokers. 
PRETORIA , South Africa,
Oct 14, 2016,

Great broker,just feel they could reduce their withdrawal charges since they are a little too steep.
Lübeck , Germany,
Oct 13, 2016,

Good choice for FX trader

Great broker with fast order execution and excellent client support.
I haven't experienced any issues with this broker so far and can truly recommend trading with GBE. If this broker would have also stocks available for trading, I would have given 5 stars...
Sandton, South Africa, South Africa,
Aug 4, 2016,

I have traded with GBE (the Old Sensus-Capital) Brokers for just over 2 years. Recently I was asked by some independent people if they could become my private clients. Due to the good service I have received from GBE Brokers I decided to use them and setup a Managed Account (MAM) for my clients. From the time clients money reflected in their GBE accounts to the time the MAM was active was about 24 hours. I was so impressed with GBE I decided to spread the love. I normally try to stay under the radar and am not typically active on forums (I'd rather trade!) A special mention to Nasar, my fantastic account manager. Understood my needs and coordinated the entire MAM. Great service all round. No teething issues at all. Keep up the good work GBE.
Turin, Italy,
Jul 26, 2016,

I am very satisfied with the support, maximum reparability. The trading platform and the Market Maker is very good and I never had problems even during Brexit.
GBE communicated news and updates in a clear and timely manner.
Western Cape, South Africa,
Jul 12, 2016,

I am exceptionally please with the services and assistance offered by GBE. Besides their services I found trading on their platform highly beneficial as they offer added currencies the previous broker did not have.
Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Jul 7, 2016,

I have been trading CFD's at GBE Brokers for about 3 months now. In the mean time I have experienced an outstanding customer service, it really never disappoints. The costs for trading CFD's are relatively low. It is easy to fund your account. I have not yet made a withdrawal, therefore I cannot comment on that. By referring friends, they give the existing client €100 and the new client €50. Thusfar I have only positive words for this broker!
, Germany,
Jan 21, 2016,


if you are a succesfull trader please stay away from this broker. It's just another bucketshop!
I traded 2 day with sensus-capital.com and made about 3000€ profit. Then i received a email from them that my strategy is against their rules and all my trades will be deleted §14.2. In this § i could not find anything what i could make wrong. On their website they claim that all EA's, trading styles are allowed (maybe only if you lose money with them). All my trades were placed manually!

So stay away from them!
hannover, Germany,
Jan 3, 2015,

they are one of the worst brokers, slippage is too high, fills are bad, platform at times unstable. customer support is more into selling than helping. not recommended
John Columbus,
Rome, Italy,
Nov 11, 2014,

Top end broker, best spreads and trading executions ever seen so far in 10 years of Forex Trading.

Deposit in 5 different banks all over teh world in 5 different currencies.

10/10 custome support, definitely one of the best broker out there.