Remora EA Real Account

Updated: an hour ago
+0.02% WEEKLY · 551.1 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
+10 (Gross Pips: +5,619)
Average P/L per Week:
+0.02% (Gross P/L: +14.34%)
Maximum Equity used:
8.22% (Oct 15, 2014, 4:32:00 PM)
Test started:
Nov 21, 2013 (Running 551.1 weeks)
Abandoned Test

2014-05-05 Remora EA Real Test started with help of Investor Access.

Description from product owner: Trend is your friend! Follow the big fish! These are the main concepts of this EA. It never works against the trend. Remora EA is a trend follower expert advisor, works on EURUSD 15M timeframe. It opens a position when the market has a significant direction. It has 2 sub-strategy: - Main strategy opens a trade with 15 pips Take Profit and it may change later based on the market movement. Stop Loss is 45 pips hardcoded. The strategy is equipped with dynamic close if the market doesn't go in the appropriate direction. This strategy uses Probability Theory and contains the ~90% of the trades. - Small strategy needs a smoother market movement and opens a trade with 4 pips TP and it may change later based on the market movement. Stop Loss is 22 pips hardcoded. This strategy contains the ~10% of the trades. Lot size is calculated based on the equity and the market movement. Remora EA uses Probability Theory. If it calculates that it has bigger chance to have a win trade, it will open with bigger lot size.

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Please address ALL questions regarding the settings of this EA to support. The FPA is monitoring this EA using the investor password and has no access to the settings being used.