Money Management Real Account

-100.00% WEEKLY · 19 weeks
  • Average Pips per Week:
    +30 (Gross Pips: +563)
  • Average P/L per Week:
    -100.00% (Gross P/L: -100.00%)
  • Maximum Equity used:
    76.04% (Jan 4, 2018, 10:13:00 AM)
  • Test started:
    Sep 4, 2017
  • Test Stopped:
    Jan 12, 2018 (Tested 19 weeks)
Crashed & Burned

Description from product owner: This account copies trades from my main account at 3x the risk. The main account for most clients is very safe with low drawdowns and this is just to show that I can set the risk for each client depending on his own risk appetite, either the same risk as default, lower or higher, any percentage. But more than 3x the risk is not recommended.

Statement FXOpen Investments Inc.

  • Account:
  • Name:
    MoneyManagement Real Test by ForexPeaceArmy
  • Currency:
  • Date:
    Jan 14, 2018

Closed Transactions:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PClose TimePrice CloseCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
14875830342017-09-01 13:29balanceINTR2017091:USD 5.00:G66236->5.000
14876058122017-09-02 15:42balanceINTR2017092:USD 45.00:G66236->45.000
14876168732017-09-04 11:30sell0.02eurusd1.191500.000001.188002017-09-04 15:151.190330.
14876268822017-09-04 19:20sell0.02eurusd1.191890.000001.186902017-09-04 19:481.190860.
14876074782017-09-04 00:01sell0.02eurusd1.187930.000001.185922017-09-05 10:371.187640.
14876864662017-09-06 18:08sell0.02eurusd1.194140.000001.192032017-09-06 19:171.192030.
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14908076822017-12-22 20:24sell0.35eurusd1.185570.000000.000002017-12-22 21:231.184450.000.000.0039.2011
14908094972017-12-22 22:22sell0.35eurusd1.185510.000001.168002018-01-12 15:261.214240.000.0016.62-1,005.55-287
14908105292017-12-22 23:15sell0.35eurusd1.186170.000001.168202018-01-12 15:261.214240.000.0016.62-982.45-281
14908320972017-12-26 16:32sell0.30eurusd1.186900.000001.182502018-01-12 15:261.214240.000.0012.92-820.20-273
14908813722017-12-28 10:14sell0.17eurusd1.194540.000001.168402018-01-12 15:261.214240.000.005.83-334.90-197
14909171312017-12-29 11:42sell0.10eurusd1.198660.000001.168692018-01-12 15:261.214240.000.003.20-155.80-156
14913375562018-01-12 15:28balanceTRNS20180112:USD 88.66:->G66236-88.660
 Closed P/L:-911.34 

Open Trades:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
 Floating P/L:0 

Working Orders:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PMarket Price 


Deposit/Withdrawal:911.34Credit Facility:0.00  
Closed Trade P/L:-911.34Floating P/L:0.00Margin:0.00
Balance:0.00Equity:0.00Free Margin:0.00


Gross Profit:3,019.89Gross Loss:-3,931.23Total Net Profit:-911.34
Profit Factor:-0.77Expected Payoff:-6.00
Absolute Drawdown:0.00Maximal Drawdown:3,243.71 (139.07%)Relative Drawdown:97.34% (3,243.71)
Total Trades:152Short Positions (won %):78 (79.49%)Long Positions (won %):74 (94.59%)
Profit Trades (% of total):132 (86.84%)Loss trades (% of total):20 (13.16%)
Largestprofit trade:101.91loss trade:-988.93
Averageprofit trade:22.88loss trade:-196.56
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):47 (836.32)consecutive losses ($):5 (-3,243.71)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):850.67 (20)consecutive loss (count):-3,243.71 (5)
Averageconsecutive wins:13consecutive losses:2


Trading Instruments

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, 139.07%

Recorded on Jan 12, 2018 3:28:34 PM Broker Time

Average trade length: 43 hours, 0 minutes, 48 seconds

Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 0/2/12

Trading Days of the Month

Trading Days of the Week

Test Log

2018-01-15: Money Management Real Test Crashed and Burned.
2017-10-23: Money Management Real Test started with help of Investor Access on an account of

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Money Management HIGH RISK-1.1863.9-53.19

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