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Updated: 11 minutes ago
-0.90% WEEKLY · 73.9 weeks
  • Average Pips per Week:
    -151,314 (Gross Pips: -11,182,085)
  • Average P/L per Week:
    -0.90% (Gross P/L: -48.74%)
  • Maximum Equity used:
    11.75% (Jun 18, 2019, 5:39:00 AM)
  • Test started:
    Feb 18, 2018 (Running 73.9 weeks)

Description from product owner: We use a swing trading strategy that combines fundamental, technical and relational analysis together. On the technical side, our system entails three strategies: (1) The first strategy uses pattern recognition to capture potential long-term trend reversals. (2) Our second strategy captures large swings of an established trend and enters the market when a trend retracement takes place or breaks out. (3) Our third strategies captures short-term momentum bursts within a trend using a trend filters and a price oscillator, which can last for several hours to days. Each strategy has a measured entry, exit and stop loss. This is combined with fundamental and sentimental analysis to form a cohesive whole as if trading one strategy in a single currency pair and/or in one account. We put a lot of thought and effort into a trade. With that, we use safe money management and we are putting our money where our results are, trading for a living. If you are considering following the Rocketman of RocketmanFX.com please be advised that small accounts are not acceptable because MT4 platforms do not allow you to risk less than 0.01 lots.

Statement Coinexx Inc.

  • Account:
  • Name:
    RocketmanFXManagedAccount Real Test by ForexPeaceArmy
  • Currency:
  • Date:
    Jul 19, 2019

Closed Transactions:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PClose TimePrice CloseCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
21781222018-02-15 16:44balanceaccount:'99993095';attached1,000.000
21834752018-02-16 16:17balanceaccount:'99992479';attached5,939.660
21851812018-02-19 04:57sell0.06audusd_0.792000.000000.000002018-02-19 18:020.79191-0.380.000.000.541
21852652018-02-19 05:44sell0.05nzdusd_0.738870.000000.000002018-02-19 22:530.73744-0.300.00-0.387.1514
21887722018-02-19 23:46sell0.02audusd_0.790600.000000.000002018-02-20 02:150.79040-
21885372018-02-19 21:07sell0.02audusd_0.790830.000000.000002018-02-20 04:190.79198-
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124212982019-07-18 21:20buy0.01usdcad_1.305760.000001.306622019-07-19 15:301.30662-0.020.00-0.010.669
124355172019-07-19 03:05buy0.01usdcad_1.302990.000001.306622019-07-19 15:301.30662-
124485252019-07-19 14:10sell0.01eurchf_1.103500.000001.102802019-07-19 15:571.10280-
124522062019-07-19 16:00buy limit0.01eurchf_1.101900.000000.000002019-07-19 16:061.102680.
124277292019-07-18 22:45sell0.01usdchf_0.980950.000000.981632019-07-19 16:360.98163-0.020.00-0.10-0.69-7
124407752019-07-19 08:40sell0.01usdchf_0.983710.000000.981632019-07-19 16:360.98163-
124632952019-07-19 22:01sell0.80gbpaud_1.774861.786891.765892019-07-19 23:421.77478-
 Closed P/L:-17,892.59 

Open Trades:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
116005412019-06-25 10:00buy0.01gbpusd_1.278430.000001.25847 1.24976-0.030.00-2.12-28.67-287
116446432019-06-26 02:00buy0.01gbpusd_1.269090.000001.25847 1.24976-0.030.00-2.04-19.33-193
118116252019-07-01 14:20buy0.01eurjpy_122.950.00122.12 120.78-0.020.00-0.45-20.21-218
118303702019-07-01 19:05buy0.01eurjpy_122.580.00122.12 120.78-0.020.00-0.45-16.74-180
118303742019-07-01 19:05buy0.01gbpusd_1.264540.000001.25847 1.24976-0.030.00-1.65-14.78-148
118657722019-07-02 10:50buy0.01eurjpy_122.270.00122.12 120.78-0.020.00-0.43-13.82-149
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124047182019-07-18 14:30buy0.01eurgbp_0.898660.000000.90273 0.89729-0.020.00-0.15-1.71-14
124048992019-07-18 14:35buy0.01eurjpy_121.000.00122.12 120.78-0.020.00-0.09-2.08-22
124049072019-07-18 14:35sell0.01audusd_0.703280.000000.70248 0.70477-0.010.00-0.05-1.49-15
123965702019-07-18 17:38sell0.03audusd_0.704340.000000.00000 0.70477-0.040.00-0.17-1.29-4
124235612019-07-18 21:35sell0.01audusd_0.706220.000000.70248 0.70477-0.010.00-0.051.4515
124643932019-07-19 23:29buy0.54usdjpy_107.70106.35108.50 107.69-
124644062019-07-19 23:30buy1.32eurchf_1.101591.096541.11354 1.10130-2.960.00-10.09-39.02-3
 Floating P/L:-289.49 

Working Orders:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PMarket Price 
124294432019-07-19 00:05sell limit0.03audusd_0.708420.000000.000000.70330Auxiliary Order
124641422019-07-19 23:00buy limit0.01eurchf_1.101190.000000.000001.10222Auxiliary Order


Deposit/Withdrawal:37,246.20Credit Facility:0.00  
Closed Trade P/L:-17,892.59Floating P/L:-289.49Margin:2,352.38
Balance:19,353.61Equity:19,064.12Free Margin:16,711.74


Gross Profit:63,124.14Gross Loss:81,016.73Total Net Profit:-17,892.59
Profit Factor:0.78Expected Payoff:-3.47
Absolute Drawdown:0.00Maximal Drawdown:19,153.23 (4,502.09%)Relative Drawdown:65.16% (34,692.16)
Total Trades:5157Short Positions (won %):2195 (62.69%)Long Positions (won %):2941 (63.82%)
Profit Trades (% of total):3274 (63.49%)Loss trades (% of total):1883 (36.51%)
Largestprofit trade:1,030.31loss trade:-2,675.19
Averageprofit trade:19.28loss trade:43.03
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):36 (184.39)consecutive losses ($):20 (-109.50)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):1,532.64 (20)consecutive loss (count):-5,416.88 (3)
Averageconsecutive wins:4consecutive losses:2


Trading Instruments

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, 4,502.09%

Recorded on Jul 19, 2019 11:42:54 PM Broker Time

Average trade length: 1 hour, 58 minutes, 59 seconds

Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 14/99/429

Trading Days of the Month

Trading Days of the Week

Test Log

2018-02-22 RocketmanFX Managed Account Real Test started with help of Investor Access on an account of FinProTrading.com.

The FPA appreciates RocketmanFX.com sharing their Live Account performance with ForexPeaceArmy.com traders community!

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