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Updated: 19 days ago
+1.76% WEEKLY · 36.1 weeks
  • Average Pips per Week:
    +16 (Gross Pips: +585)
  • Average P/L per Week:
    +1.76% (Gross P/L: +87.82%)
  • Maximum Equity used:
    9.28% (Oct 10, 2019, 3:20:00 PM)
  • Test started:
    Jul 11, 2019 (Running 36.1 weeks)

The second testing account for GBP Avenger, which is work on GBPUSD&USDJPY straight pair only. very stable profit with small DD. we still have GBP Avenger MT5 version running better since the MT5 provide more and more liquidity to deal with your big position as fast as they can.

Statement International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.

  • Account:
  • Name:
    GBPAvengeICMarketsAccount Real Test by ForexPeaceArmy
  • Currency:
  • Date:
    Mar 19, 2020

Closed Transactions:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PClose TimePrice CloseCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
504897632019-07-10 04:13balanceAutotrf 10512747/fr 83497250.000
505652562019-07-11 09:00sell0.01usdjpy108.00109.03107.002019-07-11 15:00108.10-
506036212019-07-11 19:30buy0.01gbpusd1.251991.248711.261992019-07-12 04:151.25340-0.070.00-0.091.4114
509503952019-07-19 01:30buy0.01gbpusd1.252681.242061.262682019-07-19 13:151.25357-
511698312019-07-23 20:45sell0.01gbpusd1.245241.249441.235242019-07-24 04:451.24307-
512422172019-07-24 21:15buy0.01gbpusd1.248531.242141.258532019-07-25 13:151.24911-0.070.00-0.310.586
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670153262020-03-03 01:45sell0.01gbpusd1.276961.285581.266962020-03-03 03:161.27630-
670211952020-03-03 03:45buy0.01usdjpy108.04107.35109.042020-03-03 09:00107.93-
670368292020-03-03 09:15sell0.01usdjpy107.98108.63106.982020-03-03 13:30107.91-
671010152020-03-03 19:15sell0.01gbpusd1.283901.284121.273902020-03-03 19:151.28412-
671187582020-03-04 01:15sell0.01gbpusd1.282951.284921.272952020-03-04 02:041.28225-
671941482020-03-04 21:00sell0.01gbpusd1.286531.286771.276532020-03-04 21:001.28677-
672793762020-03-06 02:00sell0.01usdjpy106.27107.79105.272020-03-06 03:10106.18-
 Closed P/L:43.91 

Open Trades:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfitPips
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 Floating P/L:0 

Working Orders:

TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPrice OpenS / LT / PMarket Price 
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Deposit/Withdrawal:50.00Credit Facility:0.00  
Closed Trade P/L:43.91Floating P/L:0.00Margin:0.00
Balance:93.91Equity:93.91Free Margin:93.91


Gross Profit:105.81Gross Loss:61.90Total Net Profit:43.91
Profit Factor:1.71Expected Payoff:0.31
Absolute Drawdown:1.00Maximal Drawdown:8.08 (57.76%)Relative Drawdown:12.63% (8.08)
Total Trades:142Short Positions (won %):76 (71.05%)Long Positions (won %):66 (68.18%)
Profit Trades (% of total):99 (69.72%)Loss trades (% of total):43 (30.28%)
Largestprofit trade:5.52loss trade:-8.08
Averageprofit trade:1.07loss trade:1.44
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):11 (6.06)consecutive losses ($):4 (-1.69)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):14.99 (9)consecutive loss (count):-8.08 (1)
Averageconsecutive wins:4consecutive losses:2


Trading Instruments

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, 57.76%

Recorded on Mar 6, 2020 3:10:52 AM Broker Time

Average trade length: 5 hours, 18 minutes, 21 seconds

Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 0/2/11

Trading Days of the Month

Trading Days of the Week

Test Log

2019-09-26 GBPAvenger 2 started with help of Investor Access on an account of

The FPA appreciates sharing their EA performance on a LIVE account with traders community!

Please address ALL questions regarding the settings of this EA to support. The FPA is monitoring this EA using the investor password and has no access to the settings being used.

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