Avia from Manage.forex Real Account Stopped test

-42.42% WEEKLY · 10.9 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
-145 (Gross Pips: -1,581)
Average P/L per Week:
-42.42% (Gross P/L: -99.76%)
Maximum Equity used:
97.07% (May 7, 2021, 3:21:00 PM)
Test started:
Feb 25, 2021
Test Stopped:
May 6, 2021 (Tested 10.9 weeks)
Crashed & Burned
Description from product owner: Avia is considered to be a high-risk trading strategy that uses Martingale in overbought and oversold market conditions. This strategy performs best when the market is moving sideways rather than when the market is trending in one single direction. With that said, we have mechanisms in place that send us alerts when we detect that the market is indicating signs of a trending market. If we suspect that we are entering a trending market, we either hedge open positions or trim to reduce exposure to safeguard the accounts. In other words, we know the type of market conditions where this strategy performs best and when it doesn’t perform well at all. We seek to avoid using this strategy when the market is trending in unfavorable conditions which classifies this strategy as “high risk” but also manageable at the same time.