FxHighYield Real Account

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+11.12% WEEKLY · 12.5 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
+441 (Gross Pips: +5,513)
Average P/L per Week:
+11.12% (Gross P/L: +273.62%) Including Net Withdrawal of 3,338.26
Maximum Equity used:
66.93% (Mar 12, 2023, 12:15:00 AM)
Test started:
Jan 2, 2023 (Running 12.5 weeks)
Description from product owner: Intra Day trading Strategy based on Neural Network models with a wide range technical inputs to cover ranging and trending markets. Very Low risk with relatively high yields consistently. This is a Market Structure Intra Day Trading Strategy with great emphasis put on limiting draw downs and achieving profits in all market conditions.