FAP Turbo Demo Account Stopped test

-0.80% WEEKLY · 85.4 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
-16 (Gross Pips: -1,450)
Average P/L per Week:
-0.74% (Gross P/L: -49.42%)
Maximum Equity used:
12.37% (May 9, 2012, 8:32:00 AM)
Test started:
Feb 8, 2011
Test Stopped:
Sep 28, 2012 (Tested 85.4 weeks)
Multiple Statements Available

We appreciate FAPTurbo.com providing a copy of their EA for ForexPeaceArmy.com testing!

11.15.12 Test stopped. EA hasn't traded since 9/28.

04.25.12 FAP Turbo is upgraded to version 56 
03.19.12 FAP Turbo is upgraded to version 55 
06.08.11 FAP Turbo is upgraded to version 53
02.07.11 FAP Turbo Demo test restarted on new account due to expired demo...

11.30.10 FAP Turbo is upgraded to version 52 - installed with recommended settings + added new EURUSD pair... we found all settings on fapturbo site - so you can see our settings below this text...

03.18.10 FAP Turbo is upgraded to version 50 - installed with recommended default settings + added new GBPUSD pair

See also FAPTurbo v.50 test maintained by fapturbo.com team. Another recommended broker is used for this test and no lower versions of EA was used to trade this account here >> ( It looks like the Game "Tweak the Settings" is very popular and developers like to play it too... :)) )

01.25.10 We apologize for FAP Turbo being inactive for a few days because of the expired license.

11.27.09 FAP Turbo EA is very sensitive to spreads. So FAP team constantly on the look of the broker that works best with their robot. You can see our old tests with Alpari US and PFG Best in drop-down menu on the right. Not bad, but now FAP team recommends to trade their expert advisor with IAMFX.
Let's see how it works!
Attention- non-default settings:
LotRiskReductor for pairs: USDCAD=20, EURCHF=15, EURGBP=7 USDCHF=20
MaxSpread=7 to avoid missing trades
TradeMicrolots = False

09.10.09 FAP Turbo is upgraded to version 48.
There is a whole "conspiracy theory" going about the test settings of this no doubt the most popular trading robot. We receive dozens of emails every day accusing us in all sorts of misconfiguration issues.
Attention to all those who inquired: There are multiple sites looking for the grail and charging hundreds of dollars monthly for the best FAP Turbo settings. Here at ForexPeaceArmy.com our goal is to show you what you get "straight out of the box". All the settings are default unless stated otherwise, period!

07.27.09 New test is set it up now with a broker recommended by FapTurbo.

Robot was successfully trading on demo account 03.04.09 through 07.17.09 averaging 50 pips (2.9% equity growth) weekly with custom low risk settings by FAP Turbo Team explained below. The statement can be found in drop-down menu along with the current one.
It seems interesting to test this robot now with the "recommended" broker and see how this affects the performance.
For this test we installed the latest version for MetaTrader build 225, we used all the default settings assuming that they would be the best. As before EURGBP, EURCHF, USDCAD M15 charts are used with the EA.

---- Old Test Log ----
06.14.09 Metatrader platform updated to Build 224, FAP Turbo version for 224 replaced 223 one.

05.22.2009 Several changes:
- MT4 dated to Build 223 (Build 224 is available, but Alpari US doesn't offer it on their site yet, normally it means that they are still testing compatability)
- Fap Turbo updated to new version Fapturbo47_build223
- FAP Turbo Team send us custom pre-set files. Attention! Non-default settings.
1. FAP Turbo guide, page 13 "short term... strategy works on... GBPCHF" vs FAP Turbo support email: "and no gbpchf". GBPCHF removed.
2. FAP Turbo guide, page 13 "advanced FAP strategy works... on EURUSD... M1" vs FAP Turbo support email: "We do not use Long term strategy on EURUSDm1". EURUSD M1 removed.
3. Setting changes: Scalper_LotsRiskReductor=34 for EURCHF; Scalper_LotsRiskReductor=8 for EURGBP; Scalper_LotsRiskReductor=15 for USDCAD
Scalper_OneTrade=1 for USDCAD and EURGBP
also EURGBP trading hours are 20-24 with 35 stop loss
Please contact FAP Turbo support team for all the questions regarding the best settings for their robot.
03.22.2009 New version 37 uploaded, license key updated.

03.09.2009 Received email reminder to update GMT offset parameter reflecting daylight savings shift.

03.04.2009 Installed and configured with default settings. As per manual recommendations Short Term Strategy is used with 3 currency pairs: EURGBP, EURCHF, USDCAD on M15 charts and Long Term Strategy with EURUSD on M1 chart.
Additionally EA requires setting of the GMT offset parameter and periodical Activation KEY updates.
Purchase, download, and software installation are easy, manual is complete. I didn’t like the amount of the personal information requested with the product purchased.

Current settings:

Scalper_EURUSD_StopLoss=69  all other settings default...