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Have you ever wanted to know what is blockchain technology, what is crypto mining, what is crypto wallet, how different bitcoin is from other crypto currencies. More importantly, how to profit from trading in investing in cryptos. You find the answers to these and other hot crypto topics here.


Bitcoin Transaction Fee Bitcoin Transaction Fee

One of the benefits of Bitcoin is the ease of sending it to anyone anywhere across the globe as long as the person has a Bitcoin address. While there is no intermediary like banks or agents, you have to pay a certain fee for every transaction.

BTC transaction feeBitcoin transfer fee


Bitcoin Fundamentals Briefing, October 2020 Bitcoin Fundamentals Briefing, October 2020

October may end up being one the best months of 2020 for Bitcoin! Technical performance has been excellent, with all main indicators standing positive (hash rate, open interest, mining activity, transaction value, etc.). As a result of various factors, we have even had a major upside breakout over the 11-12K area, finally! Not only is …

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