Founding of a New Nation and a Special Gift to the World

Founding of a New Nation and a Special Gift to the World

Happy Friday everyone! Words cannot begin to express my joy. An announcement like this is such a rare and wonderful thing. Smaller countries may come and go, but larger nations don’t get founded very often. We are all privileged to bear witness to such a historic event. Just to make this even better, there’s a hugely generous gift from the new nation to the people of the world.

The New Nation

I am thrilled to announce that not only will the currencies of the USA, Canada, and Mexico unite as the Amero, but that the governments have all agreed to make a full political merger. One year from now, the constitution of our new nation will be signed, ending the over 224 years of the US Constitution, a debatable number of years of Canada’s (they’ve got a couple of “Constitution Acts” that throw confusion on the whole subject of how long any one Canadian Constitution has been in force), and 95 years of Mexico’s. Rising in their place is our new, greater nation with a new constitution. Yes, in one short year, I and many of my fellow traders will be able to proudly call ourselves citizens of the United States of North America, a new nation for a new millennium.

Let me explain how this all came about.

The idea of the Amero as a competitor to the Euro has been around for awhile. With other nations trying to unseat the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, adding the strength of the USA’s northern and southern neighbors to the currency was a sensible thing to do. This will counter not only the possible East Asian currency merger, but also the push towards replacing the dollar’s reserve currency status with “Special Drawing Rights” vouchers from the World Bank.

Inflation has eaten away at the value of all 3 currencies. Calls to stop producing the 1 cent coin keep coming in since it’s not worth the effort to produce them. The Amero is going to solve this little problem. One Amero will be worth more than 1 of any other major currency. The plan is that when the Amero becomes legal tender (spendable money), the value will be set to be equal to the sum of the value of a US dollar, plus a Canadian dollar, plus a Mexican Peso added together and then doubled. So, if you want an idea of what one Amero (A1) would be worth, just add the value of 2 US Dollars, 2 Canadian Dollars, and 2 Mexican Pesos. That comes to somewhere something over 4 US Dollars as I’m writing this. This reminds me of the good old days when the dollar was really worth something.

As negotiations on the Amero proceeded, all 3 sides in the discussions found that their common interests outweighed any differences, both in the realm of currency and of politics. During a conference call about progress on the Amero a few months ago between President Felipe Calderón, President Barrack Obama, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Calderón remarked “As long as we’re joining the currencies, why not just take the final step and join the countries?” After a short silence, Obama and Harper both said “Why not?” Obama is reported to have ended the conversation by saying “Gentlemen, let’s make history.

The plan for unification is intentionally very swift. If every tiny little detail were subjected to endless legislative debate by all 3 countries, the unification would never happen. The swift merging of the 3 countries will force compromises in the name of true national and continental unity. It also won’t give special interests enough time to try to push their own narrow agendas ahead of what is best for the people of the USNA.

Originally, the plan was to call the new nation the North American Union or the Union of North America. Because of worries that these names might cause some US citizens to reject the idea, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, managed to convince her counterparts to agree to a name that will better reflect the views of the largest population of the 3 nations that are uniting. For those of us in the USA, we can still say we’re from the United States even after the merger.

Since most USA federal and state government documents are already available in Spanish, it wasn’t too hard to convince the most of Canada to make theirs available in Spanish and the Mexican States to make theirs available in English. Still, other issues remain.

Quebec’s representatives have indicated that they may vote to succeed from Canada and refuse to join the USNA if there are not regulations requiring that all government documents be available in French versions. Whether the USNA will officially be a bilingual or trilingual nation as well as whether or not Quebec will be a part of the USNA are issues that remain on the table.

Another issue is that the United Kingdom is not pleased to be losing Canada as a member of the British Commonwealth. Personally, I’m betting that the Queen’s first reaction to the news as “We are not amused.” Too bad for Her Royal Majesty. Maybe if the British had taken better care of their colonies, there never would have been a United States of America to begin with. As it is, this is the second American Revolution, and this time the game isn’t for 13 little colonies on the coast, it’s for the whole continent.

The next major round of negotiations will be on standardizing as many of the national laws as possible between all 3 countries (soon to be the 3 primary regions of the USNA) over the next year. The plan is to have the larger part of those details as possible worked out before the Constitution is signed. Due to the enormity of this task, there may be some provisions that will have to be phased in or out for some of the 3 regions over a longer period of time. Health care and retirement benefits like Social Security are reported to be on top of the priority list.

The benefits are enormous. Illegal immigration between Mexico and the US is about to became a non-issue. Starting within a few months, any recognized form of government issued identification will be sufficient for citizens of any of the future states/provinces of the USNA to cross the internal borders between the 3 nations. Work on upgrading border security between Canada and the USA as well as between the USA and Mexico is ending. This will free up a vast number of border control agents who will be reassigned to other areas. Some will improve handling air and sea entries to the USNA’s territory. Many others will also be reassigned to security along Mexico’s southern border. America, as in North America, will have properly secure borders at last.

Legalization and taxation of Mexican region workers will greatly reduce the strain on the USA region’s Social Security System. Throwing open jobs in both of the northern regions and providing proper wages to all workers will greatly benefit the Mexican region. Merging the better aspects of the Canadian region and USA region’s healthcare systems will finally resolve lingering issues that have vexed politicians and taxpayers.

Note that I say “primary regions” a few paragraphs back. Central America can easily be considered to be a part of North America, as can the island nations in the Caribbean and the island of Greenland. Belize has already applied for membership, and there appears to be strong consideration to joining being given by Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Most of the Caribbean seems poised to make a decision after seeing the final status of Puerto Rico. Voters in that US Commonwealth will be given a final choice between becoming a full state of the USNA or an independent country. Similar votes will be implemented for any remaining non-state external territories of the former USA over the next few years.

The small, but annoying issue of Washington DC’s status will be rectified. For those who don’t know, voters who live there are not considered to be inside any of the USA’s 50 states, and thus can only vote in city elections. They can vote for the president, but their votes don’t truly count. Giving full statehood to a single city that will soon enough cease being the nation’s capital would be silly. Instead, the territory will revert to the original owners, the states of Maryland and Virginia.

Most of the USA negotiating group pushed to have the USNA’s capital near the center of the USA region (Topeka Kansas and Omaha Nebraska were reported to be the leading contenders), but this point was bitterly opposed by Canadian and Mexican negotiators. Taking a page from Chinese history resolved the issue nicely. At some points, Imperial China had 2 capitals, one in the north for summer and one in the south for winter. The USNA will also have 2 capitals. The Winter Capital will span the old US-Mexican border. The Summer Capital will span the old US-Canadian border. Both capitals are planned to have more than twice the area of the government district in Washington DC, but with one major difference. Only elected or appointed officials who are registered to vote inside their home states will be able to reside inside the USNA governmental district of either capital. Government civil service employees and others wo make their permanent residences in the capital area will be required to live within the territory of one of the adjoining states. This will prevent another Washington DC type situation from ever again interfering with any citizen’s right to vote.

The whole plan is set to move forward just slowly enough to avoid causing chaos, but more than quickly enough to prevent anyone or anything from causing it to lose momentum. There is one big side effect of this. The USA has 2 major political parties. Canada has 4 parties represented in their House of Commons, and Mexico has 3 major political parties. It will take quite some time for the citizens of the new nation to become familiar with all the new options open to them. Because of this, the existing members of the national legislatures of all 3 countries will be merged into a unified congress for a period of 4 years, with redistricting and the next congressional elections scheduled for 2016.

Combining legislative bodies is one thing. Combining presidents is another. There really can be only one president. One the other hand, corporations have made it plain that there is no reason that there can’t be more than one vice-president, as long as there’s a clear line of succession. There was discussion of giving each of the current leaders 2 years as President of the USNA, but that plan wouldn’t provide the stability that a new nation needs. It was finally decided that Calderón and Harper would each spend 3 years as Vice-Presidents, with Calderón being the Senior VP for the first 3 years and Harper being the Senior VP for the second 3 years. One year from now, Barrack Obama will go from being the final man to serve as President of the United States of America and will begin a 6 year term as the first President of the United States of North America. The first national election for a USNA President will be in 2018.

A Special Gift to the World

As if all of this isn’t good enough news, let me share the icing on the cake. Not only will the USNA Amero will be replacing the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, but the USNA government wants to make sure that as many people as possible see this as a very good thing. Getting familiar with the Amero is one part of this. A generous gift from the USNA will both introduce people to the new currency and show all the people of the world that the USNA is truly ready to fully embrace its roll as the world’s greatest nation. Let me share this plan with you.

Not only citizens of the United States of America, Mexico, Canada, obut also people from any other nation may participate and receive this gift. All existing rules of currency transfer between nations will not apply because of the way this special gift will be delivered. The USNA government is going to offer every person in the world a chance to have 1000 Ameros (A1000) for the price of printing one page (in color) and mailing it to an address in North America.

Here’s how it will work. You are printing out the front side of the first A1000 note. This note commemorates the founding of the USNA. One word of warning: DO NOT TRY TO SPEND IT – YET. It isn’t valid yet. This is why you have to mail it in. The National Bank of North America will be printing the back side of the note for you. The back side will have the serial number, metallic security strip, several nano-RFID chips (radio frequency identification chips – can verify the authenticity of a bill and can track it whenever it is within a few yards/meters of a scanner), and a few other security measures to prevent counterfeiting. They’ll also apply a clear plastic protective layer to both sides of the note to prevent the ink from smearing or fading. Even then, it still won’t be valid until the new constitution is signed.

You just need to print your note (in color!). Underneath it, print or clearly write your name and the address you want it mailed back to. Even after the bank upgrades your note, remember to not try to spend it until after the new USNA constitution is signed at the beginning of April next year. The only limitation is that the rule is one free A1000 note per person, and that your envelope must be received before September 1st, 2011. Since the note won’t be legal tender yet when it’s sent back to you, the 1000 Amero note can be sent to you even if you live in one of the countries currently restricted from receiving money from the USA, Canada, and/or Mexico.

It is hoped that this gesture of friendship and generosity towards those nations not currently on good terms with the nations that will comprise the USNA will improve the chances of a new start in relations with the new USNA. It is hoped that sending these notes to citizens of nations already on good terms with the countries that will form the USNA will further strengthen those bonds of friendship while showing them that they can remain secure knowing that North America is the source of the world’s reserve currency. It is hoped that sending this gift to those about to become USNA citizens will show them that they can have full confidence in their new government and in their new money.

The Design of the A1000 Note

I have mixed feelings on the design of the new A1000 note. It’s more colorful than current US currency, but I was still hoping for something a little more modern. This specific design is just for the Amero Gift Program. The regular A1000 note will be issued on the founding day and will look a little different on the front (but will use the same back). I do like how the designers cleverly left room on the map to make it easy to add Greenland. One prototype version I saw did have Greenland included. This makes me think that there are very active negotiations going on to get Greenland to join the USNA. There’s also room for Caribbean and Central American countries to be added. I believe the Amero symbol of the circled A with 3 stars is a prototype. I’m fairly sure that the final version will be an A surrounded by a triangle – one side for each major country.

Regarding the portrait, I’d have gone for having the President looking off to one side. When you look at the A1000, it almost looks like he’s staring back at you, watching you closely. I also think the caption should have said First President of the USNA, but I can see that the designers were a little short on space. Maybe USNA Founding President would have been better.


And now, what you’ve been waiting for, Right-click it, save the image, and print it at 100% size. I’ve also attached a PDF version to this post that you can download and print.

From what I’ve been able to learn, Amero bills will be issued in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 Amero denominations. The addition of nano-RFID chips to each bill will make money laundering and other illegal uses of the currency very difficult. This, combined with some other security features, will also make it extremely simple to detect counterfeit notes.

There’s more good news. The bills won’t all be exactly the same size and color. Each denomination will be slightly different in size and will have a different predominant color on the front. This will be a major step forward for assisting those with visual difficulties. The US currently is the only nation that has all bills the same size and essentially the same color. I’m glad that our new nation will put this anachronism behind us. There will be complaints from the vending machine industry about difficulties having different sized notes in circulation (the same industry that doesn’t want the $1 bill changed since that would require upgrading equipment designs from the 1960’s), but most other countries have overcome this problem long ago. I’m sure some good old North American hard work will get us back up to speed.

The vending machine industry does get some good news too. Amero coins will come in 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0,50, 1, 5, and 10 Ameros. There is even some discussion of issuing a A25 coin for general circulation. That would be equivalent to a $100 coin. You’ll be able to buy a lot more from vending machines using the coins in your pocket than a bag of potato chips.

The design for the USNA flag is still being hotly debated. The current leader is a sea-blue field with a map of North America in green. Above it, 3 large white stars. This leaves room beneath for smaller stars for any of the other North American nations that choose to surrender their independence to become states in the greater nation of the USNA.

Remember, the envelope your A1000 note is in must be received before the September 1, 2011 deadline. If it’s late, your envelope goes straight into the shredder. You must include your name and the address you want your A1000 mailed back to (just write it below the note on the same sheet of paper). If you are worried about whether or not it arrives, make sure to require a signature and return receipt on delivery. Send it to:

USNA National Bank
Amero Gift to the World Program
Government Square
Summer Capital
United States of North America

Your upgraded A1000 note should be returned to you in 4-6 weeks. Then you just need to wait for the Constitution of the USNA to be signed before spending it.

Once again, let me express my awe and excitement at this amazing historic accomplishment. I look forward to being able to proudly call myself a citizen of the United States of North America.

The United States of North America
A New Nation for a New Millenium

One People
One Continent
One Nation

United North America – an organization dedicated to the peaceful merger of the USA and Canada.

Wikipedia article on the North American Union

Wikipedia article on the North American Currency Union and the Amero

Amero Prototype Coins – Kind of interesting, but expensive. I’ll wait for the real ones next year.

Other proposed designs for Amero bills – These are more modern looking than the A1000 note above.

P.S. April Fools! If you’ve already printed your A1000 note, see if you can use it to convince a friend this story is true 🙂

P.P.S. If you still don’t know what April Fools’ Day is, click here.

P.P.P.S. Really, it’s a joke. You don’t need to mail the bill in. If you do, you won’t get it back. The Amero remains as just an idea. Obama will have to run for reelection in 2012 if he wants to remain president for an additional 4 (not 6) years. People in Washington DC really can’t do much in national elections and not too many politicians seem to get the concept that it would be a rational idea to put the land of Washington DC back inside the borders of the states which used to own that land, at least as far as voting rights are concerned. The people of Puerto Rico keep splitting their votes between statehood, independence, and keeping their current sort-of-in-between status so that no one choice ever gets a majority. There is no USNA, but if there ever is, I expect each and every one of you to vote Pharaoh for USNA President.

P.P.P.P.S. If you still aren’t convinced, check out what was supposed to happen last year. Did you remember to buy a few tons of zinc? Personally, I invested every cent I had in Swiss Chocolate.

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10 years ago,
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Founding of a New Nation
and a
Special Gift to the World

Thanks a Lot! Just closed all euro, aud and so on positions except cad to be ready to buy MORE Ameros! :)
P.S. Think a minute and sold cad too...
10 years ago,
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I got concerned for a moment!
10 years ago,
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April fools

i remember something like this last year, if my memory serves me right i think it had to do with something about gold or something like that, didnt get me this time nice one though
10 years ago,
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Your piece is exciting though I'm not fooled this year:)

You caught me last year with your April fool piece but no more AGAIN!

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Happy April's Fool.
10 years ago,
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Pharaoh No More

A plan is in the works to unseat you our dear esteemed Pharaoh...:D
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I am in of midst of planning my next 7 years and plan to move to Ecuador or Nicaragua.

I nearly fell of my chair - damn you LOL

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Cool - lol
10 years ago,
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April Fools Day

The North American governments will probably take this seriously and run with it!
10 years ago,
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does it come in any larger bills? you know to cover all the pips i made with your advise.
lovin it ,it takes imagination to survive in this world and you have a good one!
(am still trying to option my loonies from last year but no takers)
10 years ago,
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Happy Fools Day!
Jon Dempsey
10 years ago,
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Come come, Pharaoh, you can do better than that!!:)

Will Amero coins be made of tungsten carbide. That would make it the world's strongest currency!!

Boom boom........

I'll get my coat!!
10 years ago,
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I was 'happily' fooled.... and I think it would be a good move.
The good people of this world should work towards creating
a "One People, One World" Club.... which promotes "We are
united as humans...We keep our race, religion, and other
such "*#*^+" ugly things at home. Not to forget that
..if I may quote "there is enough for everybodies need BUT
there is not enough for anyone's greed"... how true.

The only action the people of the club should do is to just express
their condemnation of any and all "evil doing" against loudly, boldly
... nothing new right? but NOT enough... we need a good leader
badly actually... and I still think President Obama is the one. now you
know why I was fooled... lol
10 years ago,
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That was just wrong.....

I fell for it.... and yeah I wouldn't give em ANY ideas!
eltoro oyus
10 years ago,
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This seems very interesting and but seems not possible. It should be more believable if this came out on feb 14 not April 1. What do you think?
10 years ago,
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Figured it out after the first paragraph...:p The Zinc trade was a lesson from last year..Lol ;)
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Ok...I was fooled...haha...

Now everybody let's print A1000:)
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LOL Love it
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Oh shucks!...there I was busy calculating how much my usd account would be worth when converted to Amero currency....and not to mention started painting a portrait of Obama looking off to the side...
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I was almost done in here, but after the first 3 paragraphs I got to know it's one of Pharaohs antics. I was thinking hard about how California was going to inherit drugs with the present condition of things.
Happy April Fool's Day!!!
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Close my mouth now!

I thought the New World Order was about to trample us under foot while we weren't looking. Now I do feel an April Fool.
Cee Jay
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A Hot One

That thread can sweep somebody on both feet. I was almost caught but for the fact i waited to read down! But April fool is not professional!
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I did lough (and will cry)

I did get a laugh out of this. Good idea for April's fool. But it should remain just that. I will reverse to "cry" if it ever succeeds!!!
10 years ago,
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Very good news. To promote AMERO brokers are giving negative spread for scalping. It will be much easier to trade when the spread works in your favor.

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Ah Pharoh you're a Baddy!

I WAS SO TIRED this morning getting set up for NFP and covering some old trades and capital,,,, THEN,, just before I called it quits till NFP a.m. I read this. MAN,, eyes weren't slamming shut now but pop'n. I kept going through this for the next bunch of minutes now doing three things at once! Just saying over and over "I knew it" I KNEW IT".. then I also (just reflex action of a trader aye) also started doing the math on my margin,,, whoo eee. But then wondered and got bothered and thought maybe really should go look up some options or ETF's on brass and lead mining stocks (heck with zinc right, hehehe) ......................

.......................................THEN....................................... I make it to the bottom.................................

..................... I start starring up to the ceiling.......... OMG .......HAD!

So you want to know what I did????????????? Passed it around to some of my friend's email boxes and posted it up on my gun club Hehe HahA on them next..............

OH MAN ...... I owe you a Pizza,,, I have had a rough couple days till then. I went to bed all cheerie aye.

Good writing! Hope everybody had fun. went on to earn the rent on NFP later this morning,,, thanks again.
Rachael A
10 years ago,
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Nice one Pharoah, considering you're originally from Egypt.
Happy April Fools day :mad:
Paulo Melo
10 years ago,
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You got my attention...

You got my attention for at least 5 minutes before I realize it is April 1st today ;)
bod riley
10 years ago,
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damn yoou.. I was starting to sweat.
10 years ago,
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Almost Got Me...

Good Job...I got half way thru it and finally woke up..This will teach me to pay attention to what I am reading....Thanks for the Heart attack at 76...Ed
10 years ago,
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Go Amero Go

:) I like the Idea!1 Lets start a revalution for it. JM:):)
10 years ago,
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My biggest worry writing this was that the governments of the US, Canada, and Mexico would pull the ultimate April Fools joke on me and make a real announcement along the same lines.

Then I'd get arrested for trying to get people to print counterfeit currency. :p
10 years ago,
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it seems that ....

It seems that someone has a very SICK sense of humor and way too much time
on their hands.
10 years ago,
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> It seems that someone has a very SICK sense of humor and way too much time
on their hands.

Yeah. I think the best thing to do with a guy like that would be to saddle him with the Presidency of the USNA. That should keep him too busy to play sick jokes for April Fool's Day.
10 years ago,
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I'm late to the party , REAL late but this is still a great post,

Love it, thanks