How to add or remove the grid in MetaTrader 4

How to add or remove the grid in MetaTrader 4

The grid refers to the numerous horizontal and vertical lines that form small boxes within the MT4 interface. By default, the grid is automatically loaded whenever you open a new chart. The picture below shows the grid loaded onto a 1-hour chart of the EUR/USD.

 grid in MetaTrader 4

TIP: The grid can be used to calculate the risk-reward ratio quickly. For example, if your trading style implements a 1:3 risk to reward ratio, your Stop Loss (risk) can be placed at a distance of 1 grid from the entry price, and your Take Profit price (reward) can be set at a distance of 3 grids in advance of the current price.

There are four main ways in which you can load the grid on to a chart:

1. Pressing CTRL + G (quickest way).

2. Click on the “Charts” tab located on the top left side of the screen, then click on “Grid” in the drop-down menu as illustrated in the snapshot below.

Add or remove the grid in MetaTrader 4

3. Right-clicking on a chart and clicking on “Grid” as illustrated in the image below.

Add or remove the grid in MetaTrader 4

4. The longest method is a multi-step process which commences by clicking the F8 button.

When you press F8, the pop-up window shown below will open, allowing you to edit many preferences in how your chart displays.

Add or remove the grid in MetaTrader 4

Click on the “Common” tab, then either check or uncheck the box next to “Show Grid,” as shown in the picture below.

Add or remove the grid in MetaTrader 4

Clicking the “OK” button completes the process.



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