First Bribe Attempt of 2020

First Bribe Attempt of 2020


New Year
New Bribery Attempt


The Forex Peace Army does not accept bribes.

I was hoping to make it all the way to February before something like this happened.

The Bribe Offer

The message below was sent on January 18, 2020. Since it came in from a Gmail account, I have no idea if this guy truly represents the broker or if he really works for the online reputation improvement firm he claims to represent. Because of this, I am editing out some information in order not to unfairly damage the reputation of those who might not really be involved.



He included a screenshot showing some negative posts and reviews for the broker.

This was bad enough as a simple bribery attempt. Lxxx is worse than someone who only offers bribes. Several of the most recent complaints are from his fellow countrymen. Lxxx isn’t just unethical. He also doesn’t care what happens to his own neighbors. His loyalty is only to whoever is offering him money.

He’s also very determined to get this deal done. On the 20th, he sent a followup requesting a quick answer. On the 21st, he sent another request for a reply as soon as possible.


The FPA does not accept bribes.


I’m going to send my reply as soon as I get this posted. I will say…

Dear Lxxx

I’m in charge of the FPA’s forums and reviews. Please see the link below to find the FPA’s fee schedule for this service as well as some other information you need to see…

(Link to this blog post)

Best regards,
Bill K.
Forex Peace Army

My Answer to the Bribe Offer

Lxxx, I’m putting the full answer below so you and everyone else out there can read it…

Hello Lxxx and all FPA readers,

The Forex Peace Army does not accept bribes.

Some people seem surprised that the FPA doesn’t accept bribes to remove negative reviews. One SEO specialist I was talking to was stunned when he finally figured out that I was dead serious about this policy.  He was sure all online review sites did this.

The reasons the FPA doesn’t accept bribes are very simple. First, being ethical is one of the requirements of working here.  The FPA was founded to help clients get issues resolved and to warn against companies that treat clients unfairly.  Second, if I accepted bribes, I could make a lot of money for a very short time. Then real FPA members would notice the complaints disappearing and the site would lose all credibility. Long-time loyal members would leave. Advertisers would leave. Then I and everyone else here would be looking for new jobs.

Some advertisers have been surprised that they didn’t get special rights in the reviews. Surprise! An advertising campaign buys banner space. No special removals of bad reviews are part of any advertising package. Most advertisers understand, but a few decided to spend their ad money on sites that don’t mind hiding client complaints in exchange for money.

To help make sure that advertisers don’t get any special treatment in the reviews, the logins used by review moderators block the banner ads. I also can’t see who’s currently got banners running at the FPA. This helps make sure that moderation of reviews is as fair and unbiased as possible.

Even after all these years of coldly turning down bribe attempts, some people are still stupid enough to believe the Forex Peace Army takes money to remove complaints. I keep hoping after all the bribe offers that have been turned down that word would spread. Instead, there’s always some new idiot who’s sure that the FPA is ready to leap at the chance to destroy its reputation in exchange for a few dollars.

Many scammers were very angry when they found out that no one here at the FPA wanted their dirty money. Not as bribes and not even for advertising campaigns. Since bribery didn’t work, many scammers decided to try spreading lies. If they couldn’t hide the existence of unhappy clients, the could try to damage the reputation of the site that does the most to help those clients warn others. The simple fact is that no matter how many false claims they make, the FPA does not and never has accepted bribes. As long as the current people working at the FPA are here, the FPA will never accept bribes.

Bribes don’t work to control what’s posted at the FPA. Lies don’t work to keep potential clients from seeing complaints. Threats of violence won’t change how all reviews for all companies go through exactly the same moderation and screening process. Denial of Service attacks sometimes block access to the site for a short time here and there, but the FPA is always upgrading the defenses. Clients have a right to post their complaints and companies are openly invited to answer those complaints.

Lxxx, I promised you a fee schedule.  I’m going to keep my promise.  Here it is…

If you send me $1, nothing will be removed.
If you send me $1000, nothing will be removed.
If you send me $10,000, nothing will be removed.
If you send me $100,000, nothing will be removed.
Keep sending more and nothing will be removed.

So, Lxxx, the real cost is zero, because the FPA doesn’t sell what you want to buy.  If you or anyone else doesn’t believe me, please go ahead and send all the money you like and watch nothing be removed.   This will change your unethical bribe attempt into a test to show the FPA’s ethics can’t be purchased, so you will at least get a few karma points for your efforts. 🙂

If you really are working on behalf of the poorly rated broker you mentioned, please send them the link to this article.  Then tell them to come to the FPA and address the complaints left by their clients.  That’s a much better way to improve their reputation than trying to pay to hide client problems.

Best regards,

P.S. Just in case you are still wondering, THE FPA DOES NOT ACCEPT BRIBES.

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AsstModerator FPA

AsstModerator FPA

Bill started off as the Assistant Moderator to the FPA's forums in December 2007. Not long after, he was promoted to being the forums administrator. Even with the promotion, he kept the same username, which led to some very amusing conversations with people who didn't know that Bill and AsstModerator were the same person.

Being blamed for everything people disagreed with in the forums wasn't enough punishment for Bill. A few months after becoming the forums admin, he started making suggestions to improve the moderation of the FPA's reviews. Now Bill is the person who gets blamed for everything people get blamed for in the forums and reviews.


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27 days ago,
Registered user
Very good! Keep FPA number one forum on internet!
anthony egbiwe
27 days ago,
Registered user
Thanks Bill, I wish the society will keep having sincere people that make up companies or governments like the FPA society would have been heaven on earth.
I must say thanks to you all there, making FPA credible place, and that is why I always refer anyone asking me to teach them Forex to the FPA. You guys are excellently wonderful, especially our great friend MASTER Sive.
God bless you all. Please keep up the good job.
Aaron Cliffman
27 days ago,
Registered user
Wow! I have chills and more convinced about FPA's credibility than ever before. This site is where I go in case I am contemplating about any trading website or broker. I have lost over € 22000 to these scammers, between 2016 and 2019, all because I was and still is a newbie in trading and ignorant, so they promised to trade for me so I could make some side income. Up till now, I have not made any profit, no not a cent, so I am not trading at all, until I have learnt and really understand what I am doing. I have really suffered in the hands of these heartless "human beings"
Really glad I found your site, should have done so earlier, you have really opened my eyes. Please Please, watch out for Luxembourg Offshore Banking, Ashfordinvestment, together they took about € 20,500 from me, and I did not get anything back. Luxembourg Offshore Banking (has other names) just closed down my account and disappeared with the money. I have also lost money to automated trading softwares like cryptotrixi, btradesignalpro etc etc.
ALL I think i need now is FPA . All the other review sites are not consistent in their reviews, and I know this since I have been misled many times by them. I guess they are brief.
27 days ago,
Registered user
Браво! Гоните их по дальше от нашего FPA. Эти бесы ни кому не дают спокойно жить и работать., их радость кому нибудь напакостить. В моей стране России, очень много таких людей мошенников и взяточников,вот почему мой народ страдает. С уважением к Вам Эдуард Эльте.
27 days ago,
Registered user
Simply BIG !!! These scammers are shameless. Thanks for your work
27 days ago,
Registered user
Thanks guys like everyone else I have lost money to these scumbag scammers I would like to call them something else but that would be lowering myself to their level. Someone told me about you guys and just as well I was just about to let myself be scammed again although in saying that some of these guys are pretty good at convincing people they are genuine I let everyone know about you if I'm asked.Please please, please make sure whoever you are considering on joining are regulated go to the regulater and check for yourself. BE CAREFUL once again thanks
27 days ago,
Registered user
Sounds like what my ex-account manager would do..
27 days ago,
Registered user
Thanks a lot for your Honest work!
Keep to do the same.
Tony Stark
27 days ago,
Registered user
With respect, I think the name of the company should be made public; because look at it from this perspective of what is a "scam", from all their experience gaining power and this is what they resulted in having "intentions" doing with it, and lastly "purpose". All three words gold priorities
26 days ago,
Registered user
keep up the good work and the impeccable ethics.
26 days ago,
Registered user
From France I want to congratulate you for ethic and your honesty , keep going in this path , the honesty . May the Force be wit( you 😌
25 days ago,
Registered user
Veri good job Bill, thank you very much..!!!
24 days ago,
Registered user
this is very good job welldone. i will sugest that the name of that company or that individual should be made public sothat innocent people must not fall preys to this scammers in the near future.
23 days ago,
Registered user
For those who have asked for the name of the broker, let me explain more clearly why I did not reveal this information.

Lxxx claimed to work for an online reputation management company. He wrote in from a gmail address.

I have to consider three possibilities...

1. He was trying to get the reputation management company falsely accused of bribery.

2. He was trying to get the broker falsely accused of bribery.

3. The bribe attempt was real, but he deliberately used a different brokers name while testing to see if the FPA would name a price for removing negative reviews and posts.

If any one of these is true, then naming the broker would be unfair.
7 days ago,
Registered user
They could always donate it to me. I'll make very good use of this. To help fight even more scams.