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Bitcoin Fundamentals Briefing, October 2019 Bitcoin Fundamentals Briefing, October 2019

Breaking the Mid-Autumn Slumber. October 2019 All summer, the Bitcoin market was primed for big shifts. The headlines were mostly promising, looking forward to Bitcoin options, a Bakkt futures launch, institutional investors entering with new money, and so on. There were also many reports about blockchain and cryptocurrency applications in spheres beyond trading, as well as optimistic …

crypto regulations


Bitcoin fundamentals – August 2019 Bitcoin fundamentals – August 2019

August 2019. Exhale! The market was quiet in August compared to the June-July period. Investors were waiting with bated breath for breakouts as big projects like Bakkt, Libra, and crypto Hedge funds were close to launching. It seemed as though the tiniest push would be enough to open a new era in crypto. But not …

crypto regulations


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