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Review for Fauzaanu.com

Vancouver, Canada,
Jul 3, 2018,
Registered user

He knows what he is doing and he is very honest person. He treat people like a human being. My project was completed in a matter of hours and I was very surprised to have my EA on the same day,

I recommend him to anyone.


Review for GDMFx.com

Jan 24, 2018,
Registered user

Gdmfx is not paying my withdrawals

I withdrew $600 from GDMFX about two week ago and I have not received my payment from them . I was told that it will take only seven working day to get my money. Seven working has past still no money in my account.

Anytime I contact them I keep getting this information from them.
Your withdrawal is not processed yet. We are experiencing issues with the payment processors, which is leading to delays. We are fixing the issues and will complete the withdrawal procedure as soon as possible.

I think I am being scammed by them I will not see my money again. Reading from other peoples comment who have not being paid for the past four months, it signify that this broker is a scammer. I do not know what to do getting my money back.
here is no dispute about any of the trades.....they simply fail to give me my money back.
I am also reading many similar stories on their facebook page.

It is worth noting that, although domiciled in New Zealand, they claim that they do not need to be registered with the financial authorities. Whilst this may or may not be true, the bottom line is that they are no more regulated than any of the bucketshops located in any other lawless jurisdiction.

I will survive their theft of my money, but I will take them down since online reputation is the only thing that such a company has going for it.

I am registering a domain gotscammedbygdmfx.com where I will build a website in the coming weeks. If you have had an issue with these thieves, there will be a facility to contact me there in due course.