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Cairo, Egypt,
Apr 17, 2020,
Registered user

Think market is a big scam broker

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Don't deposit any investment in that broker , they are a big scam .
At the beginning they profe that they have certified from FCA and AFCA.
And when you any problems and try to complain against them , they will state that your contract not regulated to those and you registered in Bermuda.
So you will lost all of your money

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Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted Oct 5, 2020:
Dear Mohamed,

After carefully reviewing your case, we can confirm that the reason for your complaint is over-leverage. You have had several positions open into the time of rollover and a virtually warranted increase in spreads after the NY close into the illiquid trading conditions observed in New Zealand trading hours. You had 4.05 lots of short GBPCAD and 0.75 lots of long GBPCAD open and the account was approaching a stop out. Furthermore, there were 3 lots of buy GBPCAD pending as an attempt to hedge, reduce the overall exposure and avoid the stop out. Even though stop outs cancel all pending orders, this is not the case here as the pending orders were deleted approximately a minute before the actual stop out.

MT4 performs a margin check when opening hedging positions - the orders will be filled only if the resulting new free margin is non-negative. In this case, you had several pending orders and were close to a stop out (which implies negative free margin), and the margin check for each resulted in a negative new free margin. Had you placed one pending order for 3 lots or, better yet, one pending order for a complete hedge (3.3 lots) instead, the resulting free margin would have been non-negative and the order would have been filled.

Kindly understand that the ability to use margin has its limits and using all of your available funds is a great risk regardless of your positioning and hedging. We sincerely hope that this explanation is satisfactory. No financial regulations in either jurisdiction have been breached - on the contrary, those stop out rules are integrated into the MT4 trading platform in order to protect clients from overleveraging.

Kind regards,

The ThinkMarkets Team

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Cairo, Egypt,
Apr 15, 2020,
Registered user

They are not ownest in there trading system

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

They closed my pending order before activation point which lead to lose my trading money.

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