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Athens, Greece,
Apr 29, 2022,
Registered user

They loot accounts

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Unfortunately this broker turns to a scambroker recently. The cases with looted accounts have been increasing and this happens with an arbitrary fashion.

The company just claims that a profitable trade is very risky and removes the profit.
It seems that they do this systematically even for peoplw who had a trade opened for a long time like many minutes or a couple of hours.

At the same time they welcome every trade that was lost in a matter of seconds or a few minutes due to high risk.
So Vantage is looking for losers and never pays the profitable traders.
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Athens, Greece,
Nov 27, 2018,

Fraudulent broker, looting accounts

I have to confess that everything said by the one star reviewers is completely true about this fraudulent broker.

I traded with them, despite the fact that their platform is completely problematic, mainly because they offer high leverage in specific stocks and my trading style is risky enough, using high margin when the Market is in panic mode etc.

I was mainly LOSING money for months, and everything was fine for the broker.
When I made some profit over my deposits and asked for a small withdrawal, I found my account looted, left with zero euros, the withdrawal canceled and an email explaining that I had abused the negative balance protection (which is potentially abused EVERYTIME that you use all your margin with high leverage for trading, so when you lose money under those circumstances, the rules are OK for them, but if you ever make a profit, the broker refuses to pay even your profit, using as an excuse the same rules with which you were previously losing!!
Total paranoia!!! Win - Win situation for this fraudulent broker!

A loss of time and money for sure and I am sure, reading all those reviews and checking their social media pages, that this fraudulent broker has built a whole advertising mechanism based on fake followers and reviews from insiders.

For example they have a Fb page with many thousands of "followers" but the views for the most of their posts, are under 30-40 (lol something really impossible), while they have no reviews as well!!

At the same time, all the forex sites and crypto forums are FULL with clients who lost ALL their profits by this broker who NEVER pays anyone who made any serious profit above his deposits.
Reply by Representative submitted Dec 19, 2018:
Thank you for your review. SimpleFX offers adjustable leverage from 1:2 to 1:500, feel freel to change it.

We've experienced some fake negative reviews recently, so we need to identify your account before we can explain what happened here. Please, contact SimpleFX Support Team ( and let us asist you.

SimpleFX Team

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Athens, Greece,
Sep 8, 2017,
Registered user

Decent broker!

Very good broker, with fast payments.
(it would be a five star review if they hadn't an issue in some fx pairs spread ''flash widening ''. Many times you see a buy value and you realize that you bought in a much bigger one in a blink of an eye without any news or something critical happening. If jcmfx fix this, I will give five stars!)

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Athens, Greece,
May 18, 2017,
Registered user

The WORST broker ever

Don't even THINK to open an account with this broker.
They make money from the losses of the Traders and they are going to find ridiculous reasons to cancel any payment.
Tragic broker.

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Athens, Greece,
Apr 30, 2017,
Registered user

Highly recommended!

I really cannot understand why there are so many negative reviews for Plus500.
I am one of the very first clients of this broker (for more than 6 years!) and I have to say that Plus 500 is really one of the best brokers out there.

a) the BEST platform, very easy to use, and very informative for every condition of the available trading instruments.
b) So many instruments available!
c) Usually good spreads and fair execution without requotes.
The opening price is holded no matter to which direction the market headed afterwards. This means that you can be profitable even instantly (while other brokers like Xtrade or Fxpro accept your order ONLY if you have slippage!! Otherwise they requote).
d) many deposit options, real negative balance protection and the last months even more fast Withdrawals (really much faster than before!, wtg plus500!).

Highly recommended.
Reply by Plus500 submitted May 3, 2017:
Hello "BlackViper",

Thank you very much for your comment, we are so glad to see that you are satisfied with the platform and service that we offer.

We will do our best keep offering the best possible service.

Kind Regards,

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Athens, Greece,
Apr 30, 2017,
Registered user

Extremely TRICKY

They are without any doubt CHEATERS.
They are calling you telling you that they provide anything a serious broker usually does (like negative balance protection, like scalping, trading news etc) in order to make you client and convince you that you can make a good deposit.

The reality of course is very different :
They don't offer true NBP for sure!
Have you ever seen any broker sending you email that you are excluded from their NBP when you have created a small negative balance (for just ONE time!) ?? LOL I had never seen that except ROBOFOREX and Admiral Markets.

The even funniest thing is that the negative balance had been made just because of Market volatility and NOT because of market gap after an extreme event during holidays or something!
Roboforex is very slow in triggering the stop out level, during news announcements for example, driving to negative balance the client account!
Aft this she exclude him from the NBP even for -20 euros and after this if the client is ever profitable in news trading , she is terminating the agreement with him accusing him of NBP abuse.
If he loses, she gain the money.

Very smart, don't you think ??

The biggest scam ever with the masquerade of a reputable broker.
Of course it's not a coincidence that ALL low rate reviews, are describing the same situation.
Reply by Manager RF submitted May 2, 2017:
Dear BlackViper,

Please specify your account number.

Sincerely, RoboForex

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Athens, Greece,
Apr 23, 2017,
Registered user

Fxpro is now an untrustworthy broker. Stay away

Once I thought that Fxpro is a reputable and trustworthy broker.
I had even left a five star review.

This broker turned to one of the most tricky and BAD brokers ever.
1) Their servers (maybe intentionally) got slower and slower during critical times for trading (like news or near market close), inflicting huge slippages with silly requotes, leading the trades to a catastrophe.
2) They use a very sinister spread widening strategy (BEYOND any logic), inflicting fake movements to specific trading instruments on certain times (I can present very analytical evidence). One example: they widen the SELL and BUY prices of natural gas, from 7 units -which is already a relatively high spread - to 10,20 or even 30 (!), every night, making it to go up AND down by almost 0,40 %, with no other broker doing the same thing!
3) They are lowering the leverage or even block the accounts of the clients who are profitable finding ridiculous excuses like night trading, NBP abuses etc.
4) when they notice that one client understand all the above, they block his accounts and stop responding to emails.

DON'T trust Fxpro.
From a client who someday trusted this company!

Aug 9, 2016 - 5 Stars Really maybe one of the most trustworthy brokers out there.
Extremely FAST withdrawals, real negative balance protection and many offered instruments.
They are always keeping you informed for every single change.
I have only good experience with FXPRO, blindly recommended!

Ps. The only issue: sometimes in very volatile moments, they could have better server response, but this is happening with many brokers who don't offer anything from the above in a decent way.

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Athens , Greece,
Apr 5, 2017,
Registered user

NO mobile trading anymore, WITHOUT any notification!!!

Hiwayfx was a nice broker, with fast execution, fast Withdrawals and seemed serious.
Unfortunately recently WITHOUT any previous email, they suddenly decided to NOT support mobile trading, making their Android mt4 servers not to work.
They hadn't even informed their online assistants.

Of course this means that if someone like me, had not desktop pc to login, could have suffered a massive damage in a matter of some minutes.
To be sincere I had no serious positions opened this day but the way that everything took place, is giving the image of a very bad broker.
And this got even worse, adding the fact that they didn't even responded to my emails telling them all this.
Finally, I could never cooperate with a broker who doesn't give the option to trade from your mobile device.
I am sorry for Hiway fx but they turned to a very bad and untrustworthy broker.

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Dec 16, 2016,
Registered user

Because the truth has to shine...

Just for the completion of this story:
You claimed that from my trading activity, you noticed that I use the negative balance protection as a risk tool, ignoring your warning (?) and that you made an exception by opening account for just 100 euros and not for 200.

Well, dear Sirs of Admiral markets, you know that you don't tell the truth :
1) you are speaking of trading activity and making conclusions, like I have made dozens of transactions with your company.
LOL this was my first and ONLY one which made a negative balance! So it's impossible to monitor that your client has cruel intentions and even more impossible that you had warned him before!
The only ''warning'' I had was a telephone from the rude account manager who called me after my email in which I asked if you truly offer negative balance protection or not, because I found after my first bad trade, a negative balance.
This rude manager, asked me to make a deposit of 1.000 euros...
(accept the truth because I have screenshot showing that I had only 3 transactions with your company and JUST one bad trade!)

2) The second big lie was that I traded huge volumes, abusing your NBP.
Yourself said that my deposit had been JUST 100 EUROS presenting it as an exception that you accepted so small sum ( but your very crediting system accepted the payment, so it was not my fault)!!
So how you accuse me for huge volume when my balance had been so small??
The negative balance after my first bad trade was just about -200 euros, not thousands or something.

3) There are dozens of other brokers who offer real NBP without counting the loss of their clients, with much larger leverage than yours. Something YOU do wrong.
If you accuse your clients of Npb Abuse after their first negative balance, for just a couple of hundreds euros, you should tell your assistants to not advertise that you offer it at all.
This is not NBP, this is scam.

Nov 15, 2016 - 1 Star I have all the emails from my registration procedure and your employees needed more than 2 weeks after many emails from me explaining something REALLY ridiculous, that the bill showing a THUNDER ⚡ and writing HELECTRISMOS in Greek language (the mother of all European languages) is ELECTRICITY and not something else.

Do not insist that I sent wrong bill or that they needed just a couple of days because you will get exposed at the end.
They were telling that they could not understand this because it was not on English language (while the very same document has been understood by DOZENS of other brokers even on Hong Kong, or Indonesia with languages much more different!!!

I have no problem to give you my account number to see that EVERYTYING is TRUE,
And that you refused to set the balance to zero even after my first ''bad'' trade, refusing to cover not -130 Thousands euros like your assistants were saying that you offer as NBP security for every client, but not even for a couple of hundred euros, demanding to make a thousand euros new deposit!

MY MT4 account number: 11061214

Sep 12, 2016 - 1 Star Extremely bad broker.

a)They needed about 15 days after many emails just to verify the adress documents.

They couldn't even understand which document is power or Internet bill.

b) They want 200 euros initial minimum deposit but their systems accept 50 euros as minimum payment. If you deposit 100 euros for example because you didn't notice the minimum 200 for opening, they will accept the money but they will block your account until you add more money!

c) Their representatives will tell you anything in order to make you client, for example that they offer Negative balance protection (I have email of them telling that they insurance their client's account up to -130 thousands euros).

The truth is that if you have even ONE bad trade making a negative balance even of just a couple of hundred euros, they will ask you for a thousand euros new deposit in order to restore your balance to zero (!).

d) They have extremely few withdrawal options

Of course all these are enough to understand that this broker is not serious.

Do not believe anything from them.

Reply by Josh Davis submitted Sep 20, 2016 Hello,

As an official representative of Admiral Markets, I wanted to clear the issue with you directly.

Below is a transparent process and an explanation for part a):

1) Client submits withdrawal request (documents will be verified only after the client submits his first ever withdrawal request)

2) Finance team will send an email to client asking him to upload the documents

3) It takes about 3-5 business days to verify documents and process the withdrawal

4) If the client doesn't upload documents in 5 business days then the withdrawal request is considered cancel and money is sent back to trading account.

5) If the client sends a document which is not clear or not acceptable, then finance team will decline the document and ask him to upload clear copies again.

In none of the cases it will take 20 days. It may take so many days only if the client did not provide correct and/or clear copies of the requested documents.

Below is the answer for part b):

Minimum deposits are a matter of Admiral Markets pricing strategy.

We work hard to make our services accessible in different regions at competitive prices/entry levels.

Below is the answer for part c):

Our Negative Balance protection policy helped many traders during the black swan event, we take pride in the program and execute on it adhering to the best FCA practice.

We greatly value all our clients and as a reputed broker you can definitely trust us. Please provide your account details so we can discuss more and fix your problems.

Reply by Josh Davis submitted Dec 2, 2016 Hello,

We regret to inform you that we will be unable to compensate your negative balance at this time.

We have already made exceptions to our terms and conditions when we decided to open your account, despite you not meeting the minimum deposit requirement. We strive to satisfy our clients and may modify our requirements to reach this goal.

However, it seems that you have misunderstood the purpose of our Negative Balance Protection Policy. This policy exists as a safeguard mechanic that should not be used as a risk management tool.

Your account history shows that you expected the policy to be the latter and traded large volumes despite our risk warnings.

We reserve the right to withdraw this service at our own discretion, and unfortunately, this is the case right now.
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Athens , Greece,
Nov 11, 2016,
Registered user


I am 100% sure that every positive review for PRIORFX is fake!

How can it be otherwise, when this company is inaccurate for almost EVERYTHING??

I lost the money of my two deposits because of THEIR mistakes on their site, I told them which are the faults in their contracts specifications description, and instead of telling me thanks and refund my 160 euros back, they ignored again and again my emails.

They say that their stop out is 50%. The TRUTH is that their stop out level is 75%!
They say that their indices have leverage of 1:200
They have mistakenly put a leverage of 1:2000!!!!
(YES you have seen very well the number, is 1:2000!!!!)
So WHY I have to lose my money when the broker is saying other things in their table and the client is facing other conditions??
Because when you open some indices positions calculating a 1:200 leverage but the leverage is in reality x10, the broker not ONLY should have refunded ALL the client's money back, but they should have asked sorry and thank him for his email trying to fix the mistakes.

Instead of this those guys tried to excuse themselves and afterwards they ignored my emails which were proving EVERY single claim of the above, because I have MANY screenshots of my MT4 PRIORFX ACCOUNT.

This company is a SCAM.

Review for

Athens, Greece,
Nov 5, 2016,
Registered user

Terrible Scam

XTRADE is using very unfair conditions in their platform.

First of all, there is a very big latency in the execution.
Near volatile events, an order may need even 30 SECS in order to take place.
Meanwhile their platform is using an animation (a cycle turning, with application like style) , frosting any other possible action giving you no option to cancel this situation that you could not even imagine.
And the nightmare doesn't end here....
The most TRAGIC of all is coming after :
If you ask to open a position (for example buy) a specific instrument, and you wait for all those secs, it's not even then guaranteed that you will have your position opened!!!
You may receive a msg ''the price has changed ''! That is happening if the market is moving favoring you!
In the case that the market had dropped in the meanwhile (going against you) you will find your order opened with a big slippage and your position suffering a big loss from the very beginning!!!

This is not happening with other brokers.
Either a broker has requoting, so he is asking for your affirmation to open the position on a different price every time , OR he offers no requoting, and he is opening every order to the asked price giving you profit or loss if the market went with your trade or against it!

XTRADE has a kind of ''selective'' requoting.
XTRADE is asking you for permission again if the price goes to the direction you wanted to (telling you that finally the price has changed) , pretending that she couldn't buy on the asked price.
But there is no requoting if the market goes against your asked position!! Then your trade is always opened, of course with a big slippage almost always!

It's really scandalous, that the regulators haven't taken more drastic measures against this company, because EVERYTHING from the above can be proved very easily, with a just 10 mins video and a few trading actions.


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Athens , Greece,
Nov 4, 2016,
Registered user


This company is clearly a SCAM.
They check if you are a profitable trader (after a couple of completed withdrawals usually) and then you find your new withdrawal rejected, any balance in your account looted (they set it to ZERO) and your account suspended (so consider yourself lucky if you manage to take any screenshots as evidence!).

Meanwhile they try to excuse their decision as they send to you - like to any other client like you - the same email (copy paste) with a clause of their agreement including ridiculous generalities:
Time and price abuse and server lag abuse.

What time and price abuse DOES mean? lol
Someone who buy after a panic at the very lows or before the market close is a price and time manipulator! It would be better to inform their clients that trading is prohibited and only deposits as a gift to X90 are accepted!

This monstrosity of the most brokers out there wanting all the loosers as clients and finding silly reasons to take the money from the profitable ones, has to stop.

Stay AWAY from such brokers!!

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Athens, Greece,
Sep 29, 2016,
Registered user

No response to just questioning emails!

I have sent them more than 10 emails from two different email accounts asking a couple of questions from July till September (to their email) and noone has ever asked.

I had problem in registering to try their services.

Terrible support.

Just imagine their speed answering when they should pay your profits.


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Athens , Greece,
Sep 23, 2016,
Registered user

Yadix doesn't want profitable traders.

If they see that you made a nice high risk trade on a big event and you had some good profit, the company is sending an email describing that your trading style is very dangerous (even if it had been your very first trade) so they make your account ''read only '' to make you unable to trade again. They fear of experienced traders or those who have good information for special events.

The ridiculous side of all this: Yadix is claiming that all trading strategies, including news trading and scalping, are welcome. (but she has problem if you used high margin on a good trade).

Yadix is claiming that she is offering negative balance protection (but she has problem even in the idea that you may go negative in your next trade so she is banning you before you need any negative balance cover lol).

The most ridiculous of all:

Yadix managers are calling you everyday when you first register, in order to persuade you to make a deposit, ok? This happens with some brokers... BUT :

When I had expressed to them my concern that Yadix had a big minimum unit margin requirement for some indices (for example 160 euros) and I was going to deposit just 180 euros, so it would be very dangerous for intraday trading, the managers were trying to tell me that it's almost ok and I should try them because they have good spreads.

When I finally decided to do it, but to trade on a specific event making some good profit, I found my account closed with silly explanations like that I used almost all my margin and it was very dangerous!

If I had done randomly intraday trading, having lost the money on a blink of my eyes, everything would be fine for sure!! Even with the high margin usage!! Besides, that wasn't what the Yadix managers wanted from the beginning??

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Athens, Greece,
Sep 7, 2016,
Registered user


Fxdd is maybe the only broker out there that when you check their site you see the (nice, NBP usually providing ) risk disclosure ''you may lose even all your investment'', when you are asking their representative, indeed he is assuring that they provide real negative balance protection restoring your balance to zero, but when you are opening your real account, after they are asking you for Iban, analytic bank account info to connect it with your account, they make you accept a different risk disclosure in the end, where ''YOUR LOSSES MAY EXCEED YOUR DEPOSITS '' and many sections describing situations linked to this, with the client owning money to the company and the company having many demands on him.

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Athens, Greece,
Sep 7, 2016,
Registered user

They will find reasons to make profitable traders leave

Unfortunately, my good experience with Xm didn't last.

I had invited my best friend of to their company, and after they noticed that he had 3-4 good trades in this year, they decided to make him go away, lowering his leverage 9 times and cancelling any available bonus that the company is offering in every deposit.

The ''reason '' was that he was trading news announcements, abusing their NBP (?).

But the fact is that he traded only the nonfarm payrolls in the last five months (1 time a month is abusing????) and he had been simply profitable.

My self has traded much more times news in the same period of time but everything is OK (obviously because my deposits are much higher than my withdrawals!!).

The most hypocritical of all was that the very same person who was speaking with the most delicate way to my friend (I had been in front of my best friend when this manager had been calling him at his first months in the company and hear them speaking), now he was cold as ice, giving as de facto the decision of the company, based on the known ''explanations'' of abuse during news trading...

So XM is not so serious after all...

I now know that what will happen to me too, and to everyone, when we will make some money.

The company wants only the loosers as customers.

Aug 9, 2016 - 5 Stars True Negative balance protection.
Mostly tight spreads and many leverage options
No restrictions on trading strategies
Fast withdrawals
Excellent bonus system

I really cannot find anything bad on XM.
(Maybe they could offer higher leverage in some indices!)
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Oct 17, 2016:
Dear BlackViper,
You have left a claim without sharing your MT4 ID. I kindly ask you to follow up with your MT4 ID to initiate an investigation and transparently present the full data of your claims.
Kind regards, Andrey - Official Representative of XM (Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.)

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Athens, Greece,
Sep 7, 2016,
Registered user

News announcements high margin, no indices

Exness would have received a 4 star review by me, but recently the company decided to make all the news traders clients go away, increasing the required margin around the news announcements(almost every hour lol) x10 times (!).

Dear Sirs, your company doesn't offer indices trading (which are the most dynamic instruments) and this was a big minus, you now don't offer forex trading during serious events (of course the margin required is TOO high) which is the second most dynamic trading opportunity available . Better close the company at all after that, you are going to lose all your clients.
Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Sep 9, 2016:
Dear BlackViper,
Thank you for the review. I really appreciate that you shared your opinion here.
I would like to point out that the reason behind the introduction of the rule was making it possible to reduce traders' risks if the market situation develops unpredictably during significant economic events.
Furthermore, the rule is in place only for 20 minutes around a high impact news release, from 15 minutes before the release till 5 minutes past the release. Outside the 20-minute period the margin is calculated according to the leverage set by the client and the actual equity at a trading account.
Apart from that, I am grateful for your suggestion regarding indices trading. Please rest assured it will be considered.
Thank you again for your valuable review.

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Athens, Greece,
Aug 9, 2016,
Registered user

A surprisingly good broker!

I haven't been much time with AAFX Trading but until now I am really impressed.

They offer real negative balance protection.
They have really tight spreads (with only exception some European indices like Spain and fra40 which have extremely high spreads, I don't know why).
They offer the choice of fixed (and again relatively low!) spreads in fixed account.
And at last but not least, they provide really FAST withdrawals without any issues.
I was a little skeptical about them because it's not a well known broker, but I can say that I would recommend them as they are much more decent in comparison with many well known brokers who don't deserve it for sure.
Reply by AAFXTRADING Support submitted Aug 15, 2016:
We appreciate your support. Thankyou

Review for ( (.eu)

Athens, Greece,
Aug 9, 2016,
Registered user

Stay AWAY. This is a completely untrustworthy broker

A very tricky broker, trying to provide an image of trustworthy and serious but the reality is much different. For example spreads seem nice but in the moment you need a new position many times the spreads are widening too much. They say they have leverage 1:400 but when you are profitable they will lower your leverage to 1:100 or even 1:25. They say they provide negative balance protection, but if you ever go negative even for a few euros, they will ask you to sign a form accepting that there will be no negative balance protection from now on!! Or they will ''punish'' you lowering your leverage to 1:25 again. lol, this broker is really a bad joke, they try to push you from all sides. Stay away!!

Feb 24, 2016 1Star BE EXTREMELY careful with Activtrades. This broker doesn't really provide negative balance protection. If you have a negative balance after even a single bad trade, your balance doesn't automatically return to zero. You have to ask them to do it and if they do it, they will decrease your leverage to the lowest level so they turn your account almost useless. The very same thing happened to my best friend who trusted this broker too. This broker is totally untrustworthy

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Athens, Greece,
Aug 9, 2016,
Registered user

They cancel any profits with ridiculous explanations. Clear SCAMMERS

Beware of this broker. They will look for reasons to cancel your profits using crazy reasons. (without any bonus money usage!!) Like '' our liquid provider cancelled your trade ''. Of course only after they see you made a profit. If your position has been proved as a bad trade, their so called.. liquid provider will of course let the outcome of your trade as it is!! Pure scam. Be extremely careful.