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California, USA,
Aug 17, 2016,
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I have had accounts with them since july 2015, on july 24 2016 I put in a refund request. They have not sent me my money yet. I have emailed financial several times with no responds. I emailed the BOSS with no responds. I even got on live chat and now they won't respond. My account # 170901. On august 9 I tried to transfer money from account 459923 to that account and no action has been taken. On aug. 12 I in formed them that I was starting a scam alert, then they responded and closed out my account. They wired my money then canceled the transfer. It is aug. 17, I email them every day in all departments and chat with no response. (DON'T TRUST THIS BROKER THEY HOLD YOUR MONEY HOPING YOU WILL GIVE UP TRYING TO GET YOUR MONEY!).
Reply by Tom Aldridge submitted Aug 19, 2016:
It doesn't fall under company's responsibility when you keep an account with us and don't read the rules and regulations provided by the company on the website as you know that we do not accept any clients from the US at the first place and the company informs clients in advance of any changes in the terms and conditions. In the first week of January we have published on our website that we no more accept clients from the US.
We do understand the inconvenience caused but we cannot take responsibility for clients' lack of observation of changes in terms and conditions.
In cases of disputes or violations of company rules the refunds are made only once the litigations are settled and after the background check is verified.
Note: As per the account statements your refund has been made within the due time.