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Jan 19, 2017,
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Scam!! Stay away from this Company

-          On 10/18/2016, l opened a trading account with Rumelia Capital, deposited $250 and began trading.

-          On 10/24/2016, Brian Green called me and presented himself as my assigned account manager. He mentioned that he noticed that l had been trading by myself, and talked to me about the managed account services and their bonus program.

-          He mentioned that for the managed accounts, trades that are placed with the recommendation of the account manager are insured 100% against any loss up to $250,000.

-          About the bonuses, he said that it can be 100%, 200% or 300% of the initial deposit assuming an initial deposit of $10,000, $20,000, or $25,000.

-          He mentioned that funds can be withdrawn anytime by the account holder except for bonus account. He also said that it takes generally 2 trading days for the withdrawal to be available.

-          He also mentioned that if an account holder accepts the bonus offer, they will not be able to withdraw the money from their account until after 6 or 7 months after the day of the deposit and after having placed at 30 trades.

-          I agreed to have my account managed with an initial deposit of $23,000, however l told him l cannot afford to wait up to 6 or 7 months to make a withdrawal because I will need money to pay my credit card and other bills. He suggested that he can create 2 accounts for me, 1 will be the bonus account (that will qualify for a 300% bonus) and the other will be the trading account from which l can withdraw money at any given time.

-          I told him to deposit $13,000 in the trading and $10,000 (that amounted to $30,000 including the bonus) in the bonus account which he did.

-          On 10/25/2016, Brian called me and recommended I placed 15 “put” contracts (10 on the bonus account and 5 on the trading account) on Apple for $1,000 each with an expiration of 1 week, the expected payout was to be $1,700 per contract if they were to win.

-          On 10/26/2016, Brian called once again and asked me to extend all 15 trades, increasing contracts and the expected payout by 30% each.

-          On 10/27/2016, Brian called once again and recommended that I more trades, 4 trades on Amazon for $1,000 each (3 on the bonus account and 1 on the trading account) with an expiration of 1 week, and 4 trades on Google (2 on each account) for $1,000 each with 2 with 1-day expiration and 2 with 1-week expiration all with an expected payout of $1,700 each if they win.

-          On 10/28/2016, Brian called me and recommended that l extend the trades on Amazon, increasing the contract and payout by 30%. He promised to call me on 10/31/2016 for a training session on FOREX trades with 5 and 30 minutes expiration.

-          On 10/31/2016, Brian called around 8:30 am and scheduled the training session for 11:30 am. At 11:30 am, he sent me an email saying that he was called in to take care of a situation with their bank and we should reschedule for the next day 11/01/2016 at 10:00 am.

-          On 11/01/2016, I sent email to Brian to remind him that we had a session that did not hold but he did not reply, l tried calling him and not response.

-          All the trades we placed lost except for the trade on Google with a 1-day expiration.

-          On 11/02/2016, I received an email from Brian Green about a Non Farming Payroll (NFP) coming out on Friday 11/04/2016 which is an excellent trading opportunity. I tried calling him but did not succeed, I even sent him an email asking him to call me back to no avail.

-          On 11/03/2016, I sent another email to Brian saying that I will like to update my account so that I can take advantage of the trading opportunity (NFP) coming up the next day. Almost immediately someone else (I cannot remember the name) called me on behalf on Brian and told he was in a meeting. He said he noticed that the balance on trading account is $6,825 and that to be able to take advantage of the NFP, I will have to deposit more money in account to make it at least $10,000. When I asked about the refund on the trade that lost had been insured, he said he will ask Brian to give a call. Till date, I have not been able to communicate with Brian in spite all the efforts.

-          On 11/03/2016, I submitted a request to withdraw $5,000 from my trading and have not even received an acknowledgement that my request is been processed.

-          Every day I keep trying to call Brian and leave messages with no response.

-          I have sent an email requesting that account be closed and request a full refund of all my initial deposits because they have not held up to their promise.

                2 weeks ago l tried again to log into my account and noticed at had been closed. I called the merchant to confirm that they close account and they could provide me with a reference number for         closing the account. The lady l spoke with informed that my account was closed as a result of the dispute that l filed although she could not provide me with the notice of  cancellation.  And l am yet to receive my refund.