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Duba, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 16, 2017,
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scam artist.. you will never get your money out

I opened an account of 5k $ and asked for an experienced trader to trade on my account which the account manager arranged for me. In the first 3 weeks everything was good and my account went up to 7k. Suddenly i noticed that a lot of bad trades were being made and closed at huge losses. my account was being deliberately wiped out. The account manager Sam Price could not be reached and it took me 5 days for someone from Stox market to get back to me and freeze the account. By that time my account was down to 3k out of which 1k was the so called bonus. I then found out that my account manager was terminated and the the scam trader blocked. The new account manager terry smith told me he couldn't get the money refunded but promised to help me make some good trades to recover the losses. His idea of help was sending me forex tutorials. in anyway i tried to start trading on my own and to my astonishment my account was traded by someone else again. This time i was completely wiped out. after a month of complaints and threats i was finally credited 3k into my account. However, here's the kicker.. I wont be able to withdraw that money unless I recover the whole 5k through trades. its highly unlikely i will ever see my money again.. Please don't risk your money with firm.. in fact do not risk your money with any firm you can't physically be at.. The most stressful time of my life and i wish to save u anyone thinking of investing online from it.