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China, Taiwan, China,
Dec 21, 2020,
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This is a fraudulent company, please do not buy, absolutely fraud, you can

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Length of use: over 1 Year

This is a fraudulent company, please do not buy, absolutely fraud, you can not find them for after-sales!( SCAM SCAM)
I swear to God, this is a SCAM company (Scam me $600)

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Mar 20, 2019,
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You make money, they don't pay the profits, they don't even pay back the deposits. It's definitely a fraud company. SCAM SCAM!!!
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Mar 20, 2019,
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Tickmill SCAM is seychelles company

(This is a fraud company, they cheated me out of 20000 usd of my deposit, this is a gambling platform, he did not enter the market)
Tickmill SCAM is seychelles company
How do you do?
Your account 1265XX(If you need an account, please contact me) has been temporarily set to read-only mode and cannot be traded. According to the compliance requirements, we need to confirm that all your deposit is from your own bank account. Please provide the proof of all your deposit and the proof of the source of funds.
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Reply by Tickmill submitted Mar 21, 2019:
Hi Andylaudj,
Please note that as per our terms and conditions (
Before using any of our payment methods, please note the following important information:
We do not accept any payments made via a third-party source.
– You must only use payment methods that are under your name and lawfully belong to you.
– We reserve the right to require proof from you at any time. Failure to comply with this, will result in your payment to be frozen and voided.
Kindly contact our support team directly at with your account number for further clarification.
We remain at your disposal for anything else you may require.

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Taiwan, China,
Sep 26, 2018,
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In binary options, Olymp is one of the swindlers. Please do not participate in the trade without the supervision of CY
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li, Hong Kong,
Sep 20, 2018,

This is a fraud platform, please FBA strict test review. This MT4 platform changes the candle direction, very serious, cheater!!!!!!!!!Please do not participate in platform trading
Reply by Optionfield Rep submitted Sep 21, 2018:
Hi, Yue.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

As it is important for us to ensure every client's positive experience, we would like to address your concern. Do you have an account with us? Can you please provide more information?

In general, please note that each broker has its own liquidity and quote provider arrangements and as a result, we know that prices differ from broker to broker. This is also due to the fact that the Forex market is not centralized (unlike some stock markets) and each FX trading hub uses its own prices. Therefore if you are comparing our charts to the charts of another broker, there will be differences for sure. Additionally, in theory, even if the quote providers in 2 brokers are the same, one of the brokers being a Forex broker and the other one being Optionfield, the charts would still differ. The charts are formed by the Bid price and the Forex broker would have Bid prices which are different from the Ask price (there will be spread), while our Bid price is equal to the Ask price (there is no spread). Most commonly the price at a Binary broker who offers Digital options without spread (such as Optionfield) is the Mid price = (Bid + Ask) / 2.

If the above is the case for you, then we don't blame you. This is a frequent misconception among traders, especially news traders and short-term traders. For this very reason, we have included this information publicly on our website. Nevertheless, if we have misunderstood your review or if there is anything else you want us to check about a particular trade, please don't hesitate to contact our Support team through our Livechat on our website or email

Kind Regards,