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Jul 25, 2017,
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Stay away from them, i dont think this is a legit broker.

OK, looks like I am the first one who creates a review on TMS Europe broker. First of all, when I saw this broker, I came here straight away but did not find any reviews, so I thought, ok il try this one, because of the bonuses they offer. Not first deposit bonuses, but no deposit bonuses.

But the problem is when I create real money account and verify my address and identity and all that, I cannot trade those bonuses. They ask me to deposit some of my money to start trading. Then why it is called NO DEPOSIT BONUS, if you ask me to deposit my money to be able to trade those bonuses.

Second thing is- webinar and contest where you can winn if I remember right, money prizes and very expensive luxury watch.

I received emails from them saying that the webinar is "TODAY" but where is the problem? I don't remember what date it was when I received an email saying that webinar will start today at 19.00 PM, but at the same email, webinar date is NEXT DAY! OK, so I thought, they made a mistake, we all are humans, no problem, il wait next day. Next day comes, I open the webinar link 10 minutes before the start (email said to open it 10 minutes before starting) and wait. And all I see is "WEBINAR HAS NOT YET STARTED" so it's been almost 2 weeks now or even more, that webinar link still is working and when I open it it still says "WEBINAR HAS NOT YET STARTED"

So of course, no one answers my emails about that.

About contest- I received one and only one email about the contest when I opened an account with them. There was said it's not been started yet, but I don't remember the date when it should start, but after about 2 days, I started receiving emails where they were saying that contest will end in couple days and maybe I can register for it and still win. So I'm like wtf? I already registered and 2 days ago you said that it's not even started yet. Like WTF? What is happening there?

Another thing- commissions. I compared to other brokers and to one broker that I'm using now, no one, I'm saying, NO ONE has that high commissions.

When you start asking, about commissions and spreads and all sorts of money questions, they just ignore you.

And the last thing I wanted to talk about is that TMS NON-STOP thing. It's like a platform or something i don't really know, where you can see economic calendar news there and a bunch of other news about a lot of thing going on in financial and stock markets. All that is good that they offer something like that, but the problem is, that all that information is stolen from all the links, the same titles, everything. I would not say anything if they added that the news source is myfxbook or any other news portal who provides that news, but they claim that news is theirs and that they wrote them and that the analysis is created by them!