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Sep 20, 2017,
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Being successful at FX has nothing to do with leverage or understanding charts. Being part of a valuable team is key.

I have been trading FX for about 8 years, and I joined Maverick last year for a few reasons. First of all, it's true that they only have 50:1 leverage, just like anyone can get in the U.S., but as a Level 1 trader, I provided $2000 into an account, and the firm put up $8000, so that makes the leverage substantially better. Secondly, they have a great group of traders that meet with everyone several times a week to discuss the markets and upcoming announcements and events, and then they give out actual trade alerts to let everyone know what they are going to be trading. I've always done decent with my trading, but I was surprised how much I learned and improved with these guys. I was up over 3400 pips for 2016, which is great. And the last thing is that they have an awesome risk-management team that is always looking over your shoulder, just in case you do something stupid, and they are always available for questions or concerns. Can't say enough good things about the guys running this shop. Well done!