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Oct 14, 2017,
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Stay away and do not take any investment advice from freir representatives

I dealt with their Russian speaking desk, first it was Anna Novikova. Then Zhan Rusov, who was pushing me so hard, advising me to TAKE A CREDIT IN A BANK AND HE COULD EVEN RECOMMEND A BANK - what a scam. His point was that after I deposit $1000 I would be able to withdraw this deposit within a week - maximum 2 (GUARANTEED) and then trade with what I would had left on my account. Also both of them, Anna and Zhan, said that there would be just one condition for me to be able to get profit - NOT TO OPEN ANY TRADES ON MY OWN! That was the condition. Of course I would not - I know nothing about trading whatsoever! So after I deposited $1000 i was assigned Aleksandr Nazarov to be my account manager. 3-4 lucky deals under his 'supervision' then my account went to deep minus. They changed my account manager - Alexandr Antipov, who said if i deposit more money he would do his best to recover my account - never happened too. I then deposited $300 not to lose what I had locked. Then I spoke to my friend who is a solicitor in this field and if you have been in the same situation I recommend to read this letter (below) and take what you can out of it. So I submit a letter to their compliance department asking them to return my deposit - they reinstated my account with virtual money to sit the draw down until price goes back to where I opened it (never happened it was EURUSD I had a sell at 1.08 something and it never returned to this level) so I lost it at the end.

Overall it was a long and stressful story. Just read it and take what you can out of it. If you had been given a fraudulent investment advice - find a solicitor in this field, complain to FCA in London, even if you are not there - it costs nothing to file a complaint there, but it costs a lot to a broker. Keep all recordings that you were given (emails, record telephone calls - also THEY DO HAVE RECORDED TELEPHONE CALLS, so if you were in the same situation as me, you or a FCA can request them. They might give you many many reasons why they cannot have an access to them, but when they need it - they find it within 5 mins - personal experience).

Also, when you ask your account manager WHY he gave you wrong advise, which happened every single time after i filed a complaint, they think it is fine to call you back and start screaming his a** off at you and then put the phone down.
It was a VERY bad experience with this company.
Letter(main part):
ON Monday, the 8th of May 2017, I received a call from Aleksandr Nazarov who told me that I need to deposit another $2000 to be able to trade commodities and where I can earn 'real' money. He also offered me to borrow this money. I refused. Then we opened a first EUR/USD deal, I got some profit. Then another 3-4 deals were profitable. On the 12th of May he tells me to open a $50 000 EURUSD Sell trade. Which I did. It went to $-220, then $-400, $-700 and so on, now it is $-1400. I was emailing him each time it went more in minus, he would say to wait, wait, wait and that it should go down soon. So I waited and waited as was advised by Aleksandr.... until my equity shrinked. Now I only have $100 equity. Positions still opened - you charge me fees every day to keep them open and he said I need to wait until he calls me and not to do anything about it. I am still waiting....

Now I have three positions in my account and my LOSS is locked there. And yesterday Alexander called me, saying that he has spoken to analytics and they came to a conclusion that I need to deposit more money in order to save my accont from the state that HE got me into! This does sound like a scheme...

My complaint:
You are neither authorised nor qualified to give any investment advises. Your company is a broker, not a financial advisor. You do not have any license for giving finincial advices. I have no knowledge of FX markets whatsoever and you abused your position by pushing me with fake promises to deposit money, then to open the trade, which was initially not in my favour, as well as pushing me to take the maximum leverage since the commissions are higher (for beginners there should only be a leverage of maximum 1:25 and at no point 1:400), Now I have 3 positions opened where you charge me fees daily but no one tells me to close them, as you get your fee daily on them - very dishonest! I have our correspondence with Alexander where he 'advises' me to keep the trades.
I want you to reimburse my deposit of $1000 either to my account, so I can withdraw it or right into my bank. If you do not do so, I and my solicitor in London will report you to Financial Ombudsman in London, FCA, CROFR, Naufor and CySEC and any other institution we find relevant to this case. We will start with CySEC as they still passporting a financial service from Cyprus to the UK And you still broker to the Financial Authority Code of Business.
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