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Review for XM.com

Feb 14, 2018,

$10 Commission Per Lot? Dream about it! It's $0.40


This is an honest XM.com review, trust me.
I have generate over 2,000 lot with them, and they pay around $0.40 each lot.
Which is 95% differences from their claim.

1985.66 lots, earning $976.85 = $0.4915
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Feb 16, 2018:
Dear Axel,

Without having your affiliate ID, I cannot transparently follow up with my findings.

Now although I cannot know specifics of your particular case since I do not know your affiliate account ID please find some key points below:

Commissions granted to affiliates per Lot is not fixed for all instruments.

For example Stock CFD’s pay less, Gold pays more e.t.c.

So if you would like me to follow up with a detailed analysis please follow up with your affiliate ID.

Thank you,

Review for Exness.com

Feb 14, 2018,
Registered user

Feeling disappointed.

To be in short, during a low liquidity market(a Japanese Bank Holiday during Sydney Session) the market price spikes, extending the normal spread value from 1.1 pips to 3.3 pips+, all my position stop out.

By default the ask price shouldn't be more than 1.22959(what recorded from data window) + 1.0 ~ 2.0 = 1.22969 to 1.22979.

It went over that, my account went $0, sounds like stop loss hunting. I mean I should've right with my trading because since after the spike, the price moves 60 pips below.
Reply by Georgii Bartenev submitted Feb 19, 2018:
Dear rapidace,

Thank you for your feedback.

We would like to review your case from our side (You may send your account number and order number to forums@exness.com)

However, we would like to inform you that the wide variance of different quotes received in a short period of time (hence the long wick) from our quote providers caused this price movement. Such situations do occur from time to time for some instruments for short periods of low liquidity or availability of news with high importance and are real market situations, and so are the prices.

We will review your case again to check for any abnormality and will report back to you with all order details and explanations.

Review for HiroseUK.com

Home, Malaysia,
Dec 28, 2017,
Registered user

I made a $100 profit, no problem withdrawing, what's the angers around here.

I'm not sure why are people came out with least evidence and claim they are sh*tty company.

For me, I don't trade on their MT4, and it is my first Binary Option broker I'm trading with, with tons of bad reviews I have heard of Binary Option scammed your money, I did started with them, for they offering $10 welcome bonus without deposit,
"D1000023269 2014/11/10 14:10:17 UTC Deposit Adjust MT4 - 14000345 10.00 Complete Open an Account Campaign"

I then deposit $20, and withdraw $25.82, I reached their requirement like trade x10 times right? And lost $4.18, pretty scary for me when money comes and go that quickly. Repeatly, I deposit money and withdraw and deposit when they are having promotion. I did a total of $150 deposit and withdraw around $250 to my Skrill account, that's roughly $100 profit. Their Payment history is a mess, you need to first transfer the fund to your MT4 and then request a withdrawal, so I assume $250 is the amount I have withdrawn.

I decided to rejoin again and win some buck, I'm afraid I couldn't get my cash out though, still Binary Option has been rumor to be a big scam, I'm trying to make another $20, and see if I can withdraw $200 this time. Bad thing is that, they offer less pairs to trade.