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Pretoria, South Africa,
Dec 13, 2017,
Registered user

Update since told "normal services restored"

Hi, update on my withdrawals and a question no one at GDMFX want to answer even on the review channel.

1) I mentioned that my account never traded anything with the TRY currency before and still my withdrawals are affected greatly, I am bringing this up because they claim the source of the situation come from that in other review replies, and they mention the word 'accounts'. So why am I so affected?
2) After an update from their agents confirming services have been restored to normal, Two weeks later my withdrawals have not been process yet, in the review below I have stated my withdrawals dates.
3) In the first week of December while trying to get the status of my situation I was told by a different agent that GDMFX is still trying to resolve the issues and that the problem is not solved. NOW IMAGINE MY SURPRISE AND LITTLE TRUST I HAD BEEN TORN TO PIECES reason being I had agents conveying completely opposite information. SOLVED THEN NOT SOLVED.
4) When in need of real help my account manger replied to my first email but not giving an answer to the main question in the email, so I send the second email acknowledging the information he provided but insisted on an answer to the main question I asked, Now the conversation went cold (No reply).

I really hope I get my withdrawals before the 2 months lapses. During this situation I had hoped for better information and communication especially between clients and account managers as agents are often very generic. I am not trying to encourage anyone from not working or working with GDMFX as experiences are different, some are very happy some not so. This is my personal experience.

Dec 1, 2017 - No Rating Hi everyone, Spoken to an agent on the 30th November 2017 and they told me everything (services) is back to normal meaning all this trouble we been having should with our withdrawals should be solved in normal timeframe. Now I personally will wait 3-7 days from 30th and give them a chance to process my withdrawal made on the 25th Oct and 10th Nov 2017. Will keep an update my initial review till this issue is sorted out completely.

Nov 21, 2017 - No Rating 1000USD withdrawal made on the 25th Oct 2017 and another on 10th Nov 2017, To this day 21 November 2017 I still don't have my payments or an email saying they processed them at least. Live chat agent from GDMFX keep saying it will be processed "soon" for the past 2 weeks, Now I don't know how to take it because "soon" can also be 2 years. The review below submitted a their withdrawal request on the 26th October 2017 and luckily for them they eventually received their funds now why I am still waiting I do not know. Also the account have not been traded for over a month prior to the withdrawal and never attempted to trade any Turkish Lira pairs. This is worrying. Asked them about an alternative to get my funds, They have none.