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Dec 20, 2017,
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I started searching a broker with fixed spreads and no overnight fees and google guided me to CMS. After opening a demo I got a call from Matthew Parker and had a very good long talk to him. He was asking what I'm searching for and how long I trade. After that he sent some signal examples via email and 2 of 3 were todally right. I joined a few days later with a very small equity of 500€. After that my account manager (Chris Miller) contacted me and told me to get a training in technicals and fundamentals. We had one phonecall a day and also an uncomplicated contact through the day with WhattsApp. He offered some possibilities and we opened a few positions. This guy is a real pro and all positions hit takeprofit over night. The account growed for a week until I made a big mistake by my own and opened two positions with a different instrument. These two went against me and I lost my profits again. For me this was an eyeopener to do more practice and switch back to demomode. After I told Chris why I want to get my money back he didn't complain and after a short explanation he understood very well and withdrawed my 500€ back. I mean, he spent so much time for me and helped me alot and I was running away. He was also some kind of "psychologist" for me when I was freaking about my money and was always very kind. Talkings to him were like a cure for me as a beginner and the results we had together spoke for themself. Soon I will be back with real money after practicing in demo a few months and then I want Chris miller to be my account manager again.