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iom, United Kingdom,
Dec 24, 2017,
Registered user IS A SCAM

I signed up for the app then I must have had 25 misses calls from them when I answered an American woman asked me about my trading but I was busy at work and couldn't be bothered answering the phone to them but they did seem real and I had no idea that online trading apps are such an unregulated scam. so then a few days later I foolishly put $100 on and had a go at trading. I spent a few days trading and made and lost but then all the markets wouldn't let me trade and when I tried to withdraw my money it just stayed in my useless account. they won't answer emails and the live chat has been disabled for my account.
this is a total scam. they offer 300/1 leverage if you deposit $1000 I feel sorry for people who do this . I can't understand how Google play allow these people to put their scamming app on their site.