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Florida, USA,
Mar 12, 2018,
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I’m a current live member of positive traders and have been for a year now. My first month with positive traders, the mam lost 13%. Most people are unaware of this because David changed the dates on myfxbook to cover it up. Then he wants to claim he’s a transparent trader but he hides the fact that he lost so much. The next few months he wasn't very active. From march to about august there were hardly any daily webinars or signals. He would sometimes spend more than 2 weeks without posting anything in the group. Apparently his dad was sick, as a paying member thats no excuse for not delivering the service we’re paying for or at least updating us on when he’ll be back. I personally stopped following his signals in september and i'm glad I did because he was breakeven for 6 months until the large 20% loss on 2 trades (at least he was honest about that). I really think David just doesn't care and I don't believe he has ever been a profitable trader. There is no proof of that and based on the way he trades it doesn't seem like things will change. In October, David announced that he’ll be releasing training videos for the members. Its now been 5 months and no videos have been released. He keeps making excuse after excuse. I can't understand how after 5 months your videos still need updating. I doubt they’ll even be worth the wait. He also increased the membership fees because of all the new “content” which doesn’t exist. I doubt this company will exist in the next 12 months and if it does there will probably be very few naive members left.
Reply by davidshinkel submitted Oct 11, 2018:
Thanks for your review Bloodhound 774. While it is true there were a few slow months and missed webinars for 6-8 weeks while I handled personal matters, I still came back. Sometimes life throws curveballs and I was never expecting to have to take a short break. I've been running Positive Traders since May of 2016 and that is the first time ever I missed daily webinars and giving signals. If you would have stuck around (CHECK OUR MYFXBOOK), all the losses were made back and everything is winning. Matter of fact we're currently 400+ pips up on a trade as we speak (CHECK OUR MYFXBOOK).


The problem I find with people like yourself is you lack the long term vision of Forex. I'm in this for the 10-15 year compounded returns, not what happens in 1 or 2 months. We're now over 350 members strong and better than ever, I hope to earn your trust again in the future!