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Mar 28, 2018,
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My trainer would always give me FOMO all the time and always ask me for money

When CMS trader contacted me, they told me that if I deposited $2000 they would trade for me and I would have the money back within 2 weeks. They gave me a trainer who then asked me to add $10,000 to my account. I told him I didn't have that amount. His name is Alex Cooper. I would also trade for myself. In November when bitcoin was around $19k he encouraged me to trade more than one bitcoincoin to make more money. He always talks to you as if you are about to miss out a once in a lifetime opportunity. Afterwards bitcoin sunk. He then advised me to borrow money from friends or from a bank. He was proposing that I borrow $20,000 and he said that he was 110% bitcoin was going to jump up and if I don't get this money soon I will be missing out on a very big opportunity to make $100,000. I obviously did not listen to that, I ended up just avoiding communication because he was very pushy and really demanding of money all the time. It turns out that bitcoin fell down even further so I would have lost more money if I had listened. I am yet to withdraw my money and I do not have any hope that it will be easy. I was not impressed with his requests and actions. They were very unproffessional. I suspect that they give a client a demo account and maybe use their trades in personal trades as I cannot understand why someone would encourage you to lose money so quick and easy.