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Zagreb, Croatia,
Oct 23, 2019,
Registered user

Updating my review ,

Service use: Other

Length of use: over 1 Year

I will be as unbiased as I can in my review of Philip. Although to be honest it is not possible after my experience with him.

I had initially made a bad review , after I have given up on getting the full versions of what I paid him to do ,

After I made a review. ,he contacted me , told me he will send me an ea free as an apology. But then I should change the review.

I thought that he is back on track and I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although I had lost a lot of money. I changed the review and gave him a better rating.

But that was a mistake on my part.

Absolutely nothing changed , here is a full list of what to expect when working with Philip ( and if you wish for more details , you may contact me )

1. His prices are way above the normal for developers. Anyone can make an ad for a developer for 100 dolars and find great skilled developers who will finish in a matter of days. I paid only for 1 ea , 450 dollars in advance , and to this day I don’t have it complete. I even decided to forget about it.

2. You can expect to hear that he is sick and has emergencies. I have even read the reviews of other clients. And found that he used that same excuse with others. With me , he told me he was sick over 30 times , and more than 30 emergencies . Over the course of a year. I have the utmost respect for people who have medical issues. But lying about this just to avoid working. Is shameful.

3. The code he uses and inputs are complicated , he was the first developer I had worked with , at the time I didn’t know better. The inputs were confusing at times.

4. He doesn’t concentrate on the description, just one example of many , lately I asked for him to fix a problem on one of his eas , I didn’t want to complicate it , so I said , I will state the problems one at a time.

After the 3rd mail , he answered me asking to be specific , so I sent a fourth mail explaining the same problem in the same words I used before.
He will blame the user for not explaining well , not that he doesn’t read the descriptions.

5. Deliver times , I waited OVER 6 MONTHS for one of the eas to be done. And till this day it is not done.

6. He is disrespectful, he has no problem sending mails saying words that are disrespectful, when I was explaining the last problem. I received a mail saying not to bother him with this nonsense.
How is fixing the eas that I paid for nonsense ?
He also will ask for extra money to fix problems. That should be included in initial price

Over all. I made a mistake giving him benefit of the doubt and thinking he will make things right.

DO NOT MAKE SAME MISTAKE I DID. , do not waste your money and time , there are so many skilled. Decent and respectful developers out there that do great work. This business of forex has so many traps to fall in if you are not careful. I fell in most of them. I just write this review. So a new trader doesn’t do the mistakes I did.

Philip might have been a good developer at one time
But to be in any business. There are rules and guide lines. Which he does not follow.

The most important three aspects of a developer are.
1. Price. ( he asks for advance money , and from what I have seen , it’s 3 to 4 times the price of what you can pay for another developer in an ad )
2. Delivery time ( you can wait months and months for him to finish , and he will not refund your money , I tried )
3. Patience and respect , that he can read the description , understand it and have patience with the client , not all of us are good in explaining, but that Should not be an issue.

In one of his mails , he is telling me not to bother him with nonsense , that nonsense was me explaining a problem on his ea that needs fixing.

And there were many others.

Ofcourse now I will fix them else where. Even though he was paid in full on advance. And he was supposed to fix all issues and give me correct versions.
Everything I have mentioned here is In his mails , and messages documented , I see. I reason to post all that here , but I will if anyone needs to see it , or if anyone made the mistake it also paying him money and not getting what he paid for.

Like I said in my first review which I should not have ammended.

Maybe at one time he was a good developer.
But now , please avoid at all costs. You will loose your money and your time. And your nerves.

Thank you for reading my review.

Sep 25, 2019 - 4 Stars Updating my previous review.

I was contacted by the developer , he apologized for the previous problems.

He made up for it by offering a free ea , he mentioned he had personal issues that prevented him from working.

That now he is back on track and all will be good from now on.

Aug 2, 2019 - 1 Star I started working with him a few months ago, at first he delivered a few eas I asked for , I did notice that sometimes concentration on what I described is not good , that I had to repeat the description several times , but that was not a big issue , the real issue started after he repeatedly said he was sick and has emergencies , that was after I paid alot of money for a large ea I wanted , I waited now for over 3 months , every few days he sends me a message saying he will deliver today , and then nothing , after a few months , he sent me a version that was no different than the initial version he sent that was not working well , I gave up on asking him to send me acorrect version , the excuses don’t stop and if I were in your place , I would find someone more responsible to work with , and if you do decide to work. Pay after he is done not in advance. He is not professional and he won’t refund you money if he doesn’t deliver. Maybe he was once ok , but currently. Avoid or you will end up losing money or time.

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Zagreb, Croatia,
Apr 22, 2019,
Registered user

My honest review of pips alerts.

I do not recommend this signal service for many reasons.
I have been with them now for 2 months.
I started with investor x , which performed good in the beginning.
Then I upgraded to Midas bundle. Which include all their signals.
Then I started to see the problems.
Which I will list as detailed as I can.

1) first problem , is how they manage the profit and loss , they do it in a way that has a big risk of ruin ,
If you traded with them for a while , you will notice , as soon as the trade enters profit , they will send a mail recommending to close half the trade , and set the stop loss to brake even.
Now , that alone is a good strategy , if the same is mirrored when it comes to loss.

But , when it comes to loss , they don’t recommend to you to start closing part of the trade.

As a matter of fact , they do a big mistake when it comes to losses , they repeatedly send mails recommending to shift the stop loss a bit further , then a bit further.

I am not very experienced , but to my knowledge , that is a big mistake , shifting the losses further and further , expecting the market to go as you plan.

There was this one trade , when they asked to shift the stop loss three times , and at the third time , it still was stopped out.

So , they close partial trades when it comes to profit , but let the losses run full trade , even extending them , this system is a guaranteed loss overall.

2) second problem I saw , they sometimes hedge against each other , you will see this if you are subscribed to all the signals.
You won’t see it if you are subscribed to only one of them.
Sometimes I receive a signal buy an asset and another signal sell the same asset. And the ranges are not different , it’s not targeting different time frames.

3) during news releases , They always perform poorly. And they take more trades , they don’t avoid it.

4) the pip count on their website is not correct , it’s true that they sometimes fix when someone complains , or blame it on system , but that should not be the case , they should show an honest count , specially when they advertise honesty so much.

5) they tell you , use our signals as tools.
And they even have a video , why not to use our signals.
Which I think is just marketing.

If they really wanted to use the system as tools , they wouldn’t send step by step instructions to each trade , and they would not for example advertise hard when they have a big win.
This plays on the emotions of traders , if you wanted your signals to be used just as tools.
It needs to be done differently , just announce the signal , and let each trader manage it his own way according to his or her system.

6) subscribing to anything beyond investor x and venture x , maybe jaguar for gold is a waste of money.
Because the rest , just send you the same assets all over again with different entries , or they hedge against each other.

On many many occasions , you can get 4 different signals , all to buy gold for example , all at different entries , why would you quadruple the risk on one asset , and if you won’t , then why pay extra money for this ?

Bottom line , I do not think pips alert is a bad company , and I was actually excited about their service. But my advice , if you use this company , be sure to use your own management system , do not listen to closing part of the trade in profit but letting your losses run , and do not trade with them during strong news events , and just limit it to one , investor x or venture x. And that should be not so bad.

It has the potential of being a good signal source , but it needs a lot of managemt from the trader.

Thank you for reading my review.

Good luck and success to all.
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Zagreb, Croatia,
May 15, 2018,
Registered user

Cms are theives

They are theives , beware of Jospeh , he calls himself an account manager , but he is just a theif , this company stole 3000 dollars from me , and wincharge back can't help because it's less than the minimum they need. I'm tracking the money with my bank and trying in any other way to expose them for what they are , theives