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Pretoria, South Africa,
Jun 26, 2018,
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eMarketsTrade Scam Artists

I have the exact same situation as allandw with this company. Started dealing with them in December 2017 of last year and they only ask for more and more money ...

The amount of successful trades on your account is minimal (Actually, the successful trades is not worth mentioning because the money lost far overshadows any trade closing in "profit").

Your broker keeps on asking for more money so as to be able to move your account to a "department" with more benefits and the "promise" of higher profits. This never happens!

They will open trades motivated by web sites flashed in-front of you describing how the market is moving in the direction of the opened trade, and then the market does exactly the reverse resulting in the loss of your money, and guess what? Yes, they want more money so your account does not go into a "Margin Call" and you loose your money including the so called bonuses!

This unfortunate circle continues with you hoping to get your money out of the account, and this never happens!

Stay away from this company! They are shameless scam artist and liars devoid of any truth and to my great shame I was caught in this scam.

Please do not loose your money as I also did!